Dynamsoft: Acing Document Management Services with Digitization


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The Document Management Services industry (DMS) has been helping businesses around the world with document management and organization solutions providing utmost security and has flourished as a large industry. With digitization as a core factor of the industry, it is essential for companies providing document management services to harvest its potential by understanding its prospective.

Leveraging potentials and future possibilities of digitization, Dynamsoft offers a suite of enterprise-grade document management and imaging solutions for developers which are highly customizable and easy to integrate. Established in 2003, the company has always set out to provide application developers with helpful tools to make their development easier and more efficient.

Holistic Approaches in the DMS Industry

Dynamsoft plays an important role in enabling digitization and management of documents with its vast holistic approaches. It provides application developers with multiple related cross-browser, cross-platform software development kit (SDK) solutions and supports capturing documents through various mediums such as traditional scanners, mobile cameras, and webcams on a desktop. This includes web-based, mobile browser-based, and desktop applications.

The company offers various image editing features for editing after capturing the image. It also supports various file formats for local and network storage enabling easy and quick integration of these capabilities. Dynamsoft’s powerful add-on features such as OCR and barcode reading further reduces development time and costs for an enterprise-grade application.

With years of experience and a plethora of exclusive portfolios, Dynamsoft’s solutions have been pioneering in the DMS industry with continuous adoptions by several organizations. The company has received tremendous acclamations from large as well as small enterprises and is also a recognized gold certified Microsoft partner. Dynamsoft has worked with ‘Fortune 500 companies’ that include prestigious brands such as IBM and Intel. With years of experience in TWAIN imaging, the company has been catering to businesses and organizations to transform their workflows and improve efficiencies at a reduced cost.

Vast Array of Services

Dynamsoft offers a wide range of services to amplify the document management experience in the DMS industry. It provides four core SDKs and eight add-on modules. The core SDKs include:

  • Dynamic Web TWAIN: It is a browser-based document scanning SDK that can be used to develop robust document capture and editing capabilities for document management applications with a few lines of JavaScript Code. Being an associate member of the TWAIN working group, the company helps shape the TWAIN protocol for the entire DMS industry. Enabled with disk caching, it helps in managing voluminous documents for scanning and saving, as it supports batch scanning thousands of pages, while offering advanced security such as data encryption, SSL and HTTPs uploading and downloading, and much more.
  • Barcode Reader SDK: It allows developers to efficiently embed barcode reading functionality in web, desktop, or mobile applications. It decodes multiple barcodes from images, PDFs, and video streams and supports multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and much more along with customizable scan settings such as zone, orientation, module size, and many more.
  • Dynamic .NET TWAIN: It is a desktop-based document-imaging SDK based on TWAIN and DirectShow standards. It provides robust, efficient, and easy-to-implement APIs for scanners and webcams. It also offers full customization of image properties such as resolution, contrast, and much more. Robust imaging features include TWAIN scanning, DirectShow webcam capture, and more added advanced features, It also supports the company’s SDKs for barcode decoding, OCR technology, and PDF modules.
  • Dynamsoft Label Recognition SDK: Being a first-to-market solution with no competitors, this SDK accurately reads alphanumeric characters and standard symbols. It can be used to interpret such content from physical labels with varying background colors, font, or text sizes, such as on price tags in supermarkets, inventory labels in warehouses, VINs on cars, vehicle license plates, ID cards, and much more.

Leveraging Potentials of Digitization

Being a core concept in the DMS industry, the aspects of digitization are no longer limited to capturing and saving an image of a physical document. It now also offers an understanding and categorizing of the data to further use to improve workflow. Dynamsoft leverages digitization to provide customers with the most advanced tools to build better applications by regularly updating codes to keep up with evolving programming languages. It can employ smart recognition technology if applicable to understand the data once it is captured and can use optical character recognition to convert text inscribed in images to usable word-processing text—which can be used to auto-populate forms or verify identification documents.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Dynamsoft has incorporated 17 major upgrades and feature enhancements for customers adopting its solutions, which are targeted towards achieving and ensuring customer satisfaction. The company offers one year of free maintenance alongside its perpetual licenses, to allow its customers to enjoy upgrades to the latest releases without added costs. The company offers unlimited free upgrades to those who are on a subscription-based licensing.

Furthermore, the company also maintains regular contact with its customers and guides them through upgradation processes as needed. The friendly and responsive technical support team works for prolonged hours every day to attend to customers’ queries via emails and web meetings to resolve issues in a timely manner. It also offers chat and phone support options.

Strategic Approaches for the Future

Hailing from a promising industry which is predicted to grow extensively in the near future, Dynamsoft expects a transition to a mobile-first world even with digitization. The company believes that supporting capturing documents with mobiles and uploading to a server while allowing basic editing will be an essential feature of the DMS industry. The company continuously evolves, innovates, and provides solutions specifically built to solve document management problems. The DMS industry retains a positive outlook on document management application growth, which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dynamsoft has forecasted an increase in adoption of its SDKs and has planned to grow throughout 2022 while embracing digital transformation across all industries. It has further planned to develop a content analyzer SDK to analyze the content of semi-structured documents such as invoices, receipts, and many more.


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