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The internet is comprised with millions of websites. Every company has thousands of competitors, most of them are already trying to expand their online presence, and others are on the verge of starting their online venture. To help organizations explore and utilize boundless opportunities present on the internet, numerous web service providers have emerged to help companies build their online presence. However, finding and employing an authentic and reliable web partner that is able to maximize the return-on-investment is tricky. Comrade Web Agency, based in Chicago is one of the most admired web agencies, which acted as a catalyst for numerous business transformations.

Believing in – Any company (regardless of size) with a good product or service can compete and win against larger enterprises, Comrade revolutionizes brands by helping them to reach their potential clients.

Integrated Web Agency Offering All Web Services

Comrade Web Agency is an integrated web agency. It offers all the services needed to build a website and take it to the valuable customers. These services include web design, development, and digital marketing. This IT solution provider has the ability to create visually stunning and lead-generating sites, often from the scratch. After building a complete responsive website, they utilize the most advanced digital marketing and SEO tactics (as well as personalized strategies) to help strengthen brands and increase customer conversion. Along with providing consistent management, the team of Comrade Web Agency, pioneered by Ivan Vislavskiy and Stan Bogdashin, keeps updating of their clients’ website performance and optimizes it to meet changing industry demands and trends.

Brief Journey of Comrade

As aforementioned, Comrade Web Agency was formed in 2008 as the brainchild of Ivan Vislavskiy and Stan Bogdashin, two schoolmates who had met during their universities years. Steaming with young entrepreneurial spirit, both of them merged their love for technology and business to create a modern, forward-thinking agency to tackle web design, development, and digital marketing challenges. The two-man operation moved to the US, and slowly but steadily initiated to work on their vision of an integrated web agency.

Today, CWA houses 2 teams of over 20 individuals, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Over last 10 years, Comrade Web has completed more than 400 web projects in multiple industries and sectors, from healthcare to real estate and even delving into the startup world. The company emerged as one of the leading digital web agencies in Chicago, earning several awards, national recognition, and partnerships along the way.

Ivan Vislavskiy, A Creative and Passionate Entrepreneur

Along with the journey of this IT Service Provider Company, Ivan Vislavskiy has been one of the strategic heads of CWA. He managed client relationships as well as oversight of staff processes, and company direction, which in turn assured the success of his company. Ivan has been always passionate towards computer science and technology, which allowed him to continuously follow and implement industry trends and tactics. Born leader Ivan with his creative approach has helped Comrade grow from a 2 person stint to a successful, full-fledged agency. His passion for unique and creative work is the foundation of the company’s culture, where ambition and out-of-box thinking are consistently encouraged and executed on all levels.

Camaraderie in Comrade

Ivan credited the success of the company to his team. “Every member of our team is an integral part of CWA,” asserts Ivan while referring to the passionate and honest hard-work of his subordinates. Innovative leader further shared that just like their company’s name; there is a strong sense of camaraderie within his company. Everyone brings unique traits and skill sets to Comrade. “When you share and expand on those qualities, you foster a very tight knit and functioning work environment,” he added.

To help organizations understand various aspects of digital presence, the team of Comrade provides a variety of IT related services, including IT consultation. Additionally, they offer web application development, mobile application development, and software integration and optimization.

Wise Words from Ivan

Ivan Vislavskiy understands that the world of digital marketing, web design, and development is subjected to constant change and growth. Trends and technologies are continually being replaced and upgraded. As a digital marketer and the technology provider, Comrade has the responsibility of staying alert and ahead of the curve to understand and embrace these coming changes. The tech geeks and enthusiasts present in the Comrade Web Agency makes it possible for the company to lead the competition while adopting and completely rewriting methodologies whenever needed.

Referring to aspirant businessmen, who are planning to step into this market segment, Ivan advised that they should never try to hop onto a bandwagon and ride the wave of trends; this will lead them to ultimate failure. They should do the things they are passionate about and not step into any business segment due to initial sparks of interest and excitement. However, when somebody is certain about his passion, he should never quit. “When you do find what you love, work tirelessly and consistently on it. Don’t take shortcuts and remind yourself that each failure is a benchmark closer to success,” he added.

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