CMPG Risk Solutions: Simplifying Clients’ Risk Management Strategies With Configurable Solutions

cmpg risk solutions

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In any organization, the right tools for risk management can make a big difference. As the latest technologies are introducing new risks and challenges, risk management is becoming an essential aspect of every company. Since this risk information is being integrated into decision-making,robust risk intelligence is essential for leaders to make quick, well-informed decisions.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, CMPG ­Risk Solutionsdelivers comprehensive solutions that simplify risk management, increase savings, drive financial growth, and deliver better ROI. CMPG has proven solutions like VendorInsight® and Procipient®, which are designed to address the current complex business problems.

Developing Advanced Risk Management Solutions

When it was founded as a consultancy firm in 1998, CMPG primarily specialized in strategic sourcing for banks and Fortune 500 companies. Over the last 20 years, CMPG’s expertise and experience has grown, and its service area has expanded. With its continual improvement, the company analyzes the market’s demands and crafts its solutions accordingly.

To simplify the management of clients’ vendors and support its consulting engagements, CMPG launched Vendor Insight®. With this solution, the company started providing a full range of software features and outsourced services related to risk management, vendor selection, contract management, vendor monitoring, vendor reviews, and business continuity planning. Currently, this innovative SaaS solution offers advanced features for vendor risk assessment, policy compliance, automated vendor monitoring, and questionnaires.

In late 2017, CMPG launched Procipient®, a SaaS solution designed to manage and overcome the challenges posed by traditional ERM-GRC platforms. With Procipient®,clients can easily manage all aspects of enterprise risk with real-time insights and instant success. These solutions are designed to allow users to seamlessly configure them on their own, though many clients choose to partner with CMPG consultants for a quick, personalized implementation.This allows organizations to be fully implemented with a specialized risk framework as quickly as 90 days. Procipient’s intelligent risk assessment, intuitive document management, helpful audit tracking, and integrated issue remediation functionality simplify risk management and all of the associated reporting.

These days, organizations must be prepared for everything from cyber-threats to natural disasters.With the variety of threats facing companies today, it is critical to protect an organization against future threats and prepare for recovery from the worst.To tackle sudden interruptions, CMPG has BCP Insight™. This highly configurable solution is cost-effective for managing users’ business continuity planning.It has some major benefits like regulatory compliance, improved risk management, and better loss avoidance.

Consulting and Offering Configurable Products to Clients

To understand client requirements, a company requires a strong workforce having the relevant background in clients’ industries. CMPG employee teams with strong knowledge of industries including financial services, manufacturing, and engineering. This helps the leading risk management solution provider to develop versatile software solutions that can be configured to increase efficiency for a wide range of industries.

Moreover, customers need consultation in selecting the best solutions according to their company needs.In such cases, CMPG already has the heart of a consulting firm. It starts with understanding clients’ current approach, what challenges they are presently facing, and what their future goals are. Based on this understanding, it provides relevant insights through its extensive experience and diverse perspective. The leading risk management company believes in configurability and intelligent design. Due to the solutions’ configurability and user-friendly interfaces, clients can easily implement Procipient® and Vendor Insight®. This flexibility also enables the solutions to be quickly adopted by users for different industries, companies, risk methodologies, policies, and regulations.Likewise, CMPG takes the time to address its clients’ unique program needs. As a result, it consistently receives a 100% customer satisfaction rating in its annual customer survey.

CEO, Striving to Satisfy Clients with CMPG’s Caring Approach

With his skilled team, the CEO of CMPGRisk Solutions, Grant Karnes,has been working hard to build trusted and outstanding software solutions. When asked about the key advantages of using CMPG solutions, Grant asserted that CMPG’s solutions offer all of the key features risk management professionals need. Its software enables customers to achieve 100% compliance with the latest and most stringent regulatory requirements. Customers select CMPG Risk Solutions because its team listens to and understands their clients’true business needs,even going on-site, if needed. Such measures ultimately improve clients’ program outcomes. Additionally, the key reason behind CMPG’s complete solutions is its attentive and caring approach towards its customers. At CMPG, Grant and his team value all their customers and strive every day to demonstrate their expertise and contribute to their clients’ growth.

Diving Ahead of Competitors with Configurable Solutions

CMPG’s unique approach to simplifying risk management and strong focus on customer care are the two major reasons behind its success. These two features are hard to find in a single product, and CMPG’s range of solutions offers both features for clients. Additionally, the company has eliminated the complexity of implementing and updating risk management solutions with its focus on configurability. This leading risk management company has also built extensive expertise in developing effective solutions based on the users’ perspective. Clients can easily personalize CMPG solutions without the need to write code and perform testing.

Developing Next-gen Solutions Focused on Client Needs

In the upcoming years, CMPG will follow a customer-oriented approach and consequently develop next-generation solutions. CMPG will continue to connect with clients in both formal and informal ways. It will also strategize upcoming products and services with customers at the center. Along with its expert team, CMPG will introduce new products and services according to industry compliance and regulatory standards.

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