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The travel & hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and largely contributes to the creation of jobs, driving of exports and creating prosperity across the globe. In the 21st century, there are two aspects which can be termed as most interesting, namely the increasing number of young travelers with more disposable income, and the exponential influence that technology is having on the industry. The travel & hospitality industry further needs to continue working to understand the changing wants and needs of these new customers and practice everything to stay relevant to them. Additionally, technology is a great opportunity for companies to stay competitive and thrive in this growing market.

Incepted in 2015, Climber is democratizing Revenue Management (RM) to independent hotels and small chains through connectivity and customer focus. The RM software provider company believes that large luxury hotels should not be the only ones benefiting from intelligent RM solutions to help optimize hotel yield management strategies. Climber’s international team consists of people from 9 different nationalities with bundles of Revenue Management, data science and hospitality experience and knowledge. Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, its client partners stretch from UK, Europe, to the USA and Azerbaijan as Climber’s cloud-based Revenue Management Software (RMS) can be used from anywhere around the world.

This RMS solution takes historic data from users’ PMS, combines it with their competitive set and the city demands, thereby clearly reporting the status of users’ hotels in real time. Moreover, its machine learning takes all of the above and recommends optimal, dynamic prices for each of the users’ hotel room types, eventually turning data into opportunities. RMS has been designed in a way that it can be used across all levels and departments of user’s hotel, regardless of their level of revenue management expertise.

Climber’s clients have varying business challenges that can range from growing hotel chains that need to consolidate their RM practices to clients who wish to receive a quick RM overview of their business. The highly skilled team of the leading RMS solution provider company has worked with clients who fear their pricing decisions are not optimal, and hotels that are fearful of losing market share to multinational hotel groups and wish to react to their competition in real-time. Through its excellent RM software, Climber has indeed offered a successful solution over these issues.

Change-savvy & Passionate Leader

Mário Mouraz is the Founder & CEO at Climber. Mario studied hospitality management and has always been passionate about the industry as well as awed by the immense potential of technology. He has previously worked at the Four Seasons, Starwood Hotels and collaborated on building sustainable hotels in Iran. After his fulfilling experiences in the hospitality industry,  Mário started his first travel-tech company and soon after that launched his second company. Fortunately, after witnessing the initial failures from these startups, Mário got better equipped about the existing market needs and requirements. This is where he realized that the hospitality industry was dominated by large, expensive and complex revenue management solutions, with a huge gap for a company that was accessible to those independent and small chain hotels that were just starting to adopt yield management practices. Mário along with João Feliciano (Co-founder & CTO) launched Climber and today  their main job is to build a strong team and provide them with a common vision. Both the dynamic Co-founders’ are very hands-on, and completely involved in all aspects of the business, at the same time, they give individual members of the team ownership and autonomy over their aspects of the business.

Ensuring Strong Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction

It is understandable that not every piece of technology is suitable for every hotel. Most RM technology relies on integration with hotel’s PMS and channel manager. With the exception of a few companies, now the RM solutions are gradually getting commoditized from features perspective. Currently, Climber is integrated with 30 major PMS softwares and will continue expanding its connectivity to be able to serve all small chain and independent hotels looking for RM solutions. Like its clients, the team of Climber is also 24/7 available and do their utmost to assist and inspire their clients.

Standing Tall in the World of Hotel Landscape

Climber is the most accessible RMS solution in the market. However, according to its estimates, 96% of worldwide hotels do not make use of the software solutions and instead, are using MS Excel or other tools to organize data and make revenue and pricing decisions. On the bright side, the hotels which are adopting the RMS are saving their time, refining price accuracy, mitigating biases over pricing decisions, increasing their ability to act upon revenue opportunities and ultimately establishing themselves solidly in the hospitality market. For Climber, its milestones involve scaling of its team and number of clients, as well as offering more functionalities that help making hoteliers with revenue management practices in an easier way.

Mário’s Key Message to Potential Customers

“A growing number of hotels are increasing the RM culture of their organizations to become more competitive within their market. We would like to tell Mirror Review’s readers magazine that we think there is a great RM tool behind every smart RM decision and that Climber is your trusted RM partner.”

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