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The burning of fossils has been one of the major contributors to environmental degradation. It not only emits toxic gases into the atmosphere but also results in the eventual extinction of fossils from the face of the planet. Currently, the idea of the clean generation of energy is being encouraged as an alternative to fossil fuels. This has resulted in the emergence of several companies with unique approaches and services for energy generation. Envisioning to provide sustainable solutions to energy reliability issues across emerging markets, Arnergy offers solar-powered solutions as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. It delivers energy solutions for productive use through products, services, and systems that power business operations while improving economic outcomes for clients. 

Arnergy is the brainchild of Femi Adeyemo (Founder and CEO), who instituted the company to provide real solutions for dependency on fossil fuels. After working as a consultant in Oman, he moved back to Nigeria where he was dejected with the perennial energy deficit affecting the economy and image of the country along with that of Africa at large. Adeyemo decided to solve these problems by being the change he wanted to see

Like every business, Arnergy commenced with the basics such as understanding the scale of the challenges, the market, supply chain, and others. Although the company was incorporated in 2013, it began its full operations in January 2014. Within the 7 years of its establishment, Arnergy has overcome several hurdles such as the poor acceptance for Solar energy, abysmal customer appreciation of the technology, and challenges in terms of sales and business growth. With a culture of grit, business model, and product innovation, the company overcame all the challenges and propelled its business. 

Reliable Energy for Productive Use

Arnergy improves businesses and economic outcomes by emphasizing reliable energy for productive use. Its products range from Commercial and Residential SPS (Solar Power Systems) to rural telephony systems—designed specifically to bridge the energy reliability gap experienced in Nigeria. Arnergy’s rural telephony system was developed during the pandemic, with close to 100 deployments, enabling Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and TowerCos to connect unserved and underserved customers. The SPS is standardized, portable, and has load capacity between 5kW & 10kW stand-alone systems. Arnergy has deployed an excess of 500 units of the modular 5kW units with an installed capacity of more than 3MWp and storage capacity in excess of 10MWh. 

Guided by an Impactful Visionary

Remarking on his leadership style, Adeyemo quotes, “My job is very interesting but straightforward and thanks to the leadership team of the company who have been of immense support.” Being at the company’s forefront, he ensures that all the company’s promises and commitments are delivered to all stakeholders. He has invested time in its growth and market expansion while recruiting the right team required to build a great organization. 

Adeyemo wears several caps and genuinely cares and supports various business and/or functional units of the company. He integrates with several units of the company to help with the business operations. He also mentors and coaches the young workforce along with the company’s executive team. 

Broadening the Company’s Cause

Arnergy is particular about its employees as it wants to include people with shared values and entrepreneurial mindset willing to make a difference with little or no guidance. The company’s DNA is entrenched in its values which helps it attract, hire, and retain people who are motivated to be a part of Arnergy’s cause. 

Arnergy helps people stay loyal to its cause by offering several opportunities such as rewarding initiatives, company-wide celebrations of success, and many more. Arnergy upholds a culture of employee psychological safety to keep a check on employees’ mental health and operates with an experienced and diverse leadership team to provide the right support, mentoring, and clarity. 

Philanthropic Initiatives

Along with providing sustainable energy services, Arnergy also practices various humanitarian approaches. It took initiatives to mitigate climate change impacts eventuated by the global pandemic by partnering with Hospitals, Government Agencies, and other private sector players. It successfully installed systems powering COVID-19 test centers at little or no installation cost across the country. This not only increased the number of people getting tested daily but also ensured the prevention of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Tackling Climate Change Impacts

With changing scenarios, the emergence of green-tech companies is not just fast-paced but innovative—especially around business models in emerging markets. Several startups have greatly contributed to this continuous and steady growth of the global green tech space. 

As an organization, Arnergy has embarked on tackling climate change by ensuring reduction of over-reliance on diesel generators for the powering of cell base stations—with its RuralBase telco product. Arnergy targets deploying about 5000 units of up to 400W 100% off-grid systems, which amounts to a reduction of about 18.7 tons of CO2 per day, over the next few years. 

Harboring Sustainable Practices

Adeyemo states that the CapEx required to facilitate the transition to low carbon energy in industries was prohibitive. Several millions of dollars in research grants and rebates were made available by the Western and Asian governments. This led to improved technology with plummeting costs further resulting in grid parity in several economies. 

Speaking of the incorporation of sustainable approaches in the industrial domain, Adeyemo states, “I believe that sustainability begins from within. Small steps such as buying recyclable plastics, separating waste and using energy-saving appliances, dumping fossils, and switching to a cleaner source of energy can go a long way in creating a sustainable environment for all these and other sustainable standard practices if enforced globally would have reduced the rate of climate change compared to what we have today.

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