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The market and technology driven society have completely changed the definition of operating a business. Digital technology has designed newer, more effective and rapid ways of improving, maintaining and growing business. Business applications are the latest software that enable professional users to perform various functions on a single platform effortlessly. Large numbers of companies working in the research and development (R&D) sectors of technology, offer services to design unique applications  as per the requirements of the customers. Use of these technologically enhanced platforms will thereby increase productivity, financial gains and sustenance in the industry for a longer time.

The APEX R&D company provides high end, custom-made IT services and innovative solutions for managing business data and processes, which are based on Oracle technologies. The objective of the company is to deliver assistance to its customers in facilitating, improving, and accelerating their business. APEX R&D is currently located in Belgium since its inception in 2014.  The company also creates their own commercial products; the most popular being APEX Office Print (AOP), the most integrated and easiest to use print engine for Oracle APEX.

Pathfinder of the Company

Dimitri Gielis is the Founder & CEO of APEX R&D, one of the leading solution provider companies in the world. Dimitri’s mission behind starting the R&D company was to provide products and extensions for Oracle Application Express (APEX) itself and to build pharma and healthcare applications. By building great products, he hopes to do good for the world thereby making a difference.

As an Oracle Ace Director, Dimitri is a first-hour fan of, and expert in Oracle Application Express. Dimitri, an ex-Oracle employee, is very passionate about Oracle and APEX. He strongly believes that APEX based tools can help people in establishing their successful business ventures. Under Dimitri’s leadership and management, the company observes and understands the issues, in turn delivering easy to use and effective solutions to their trusted and retained customers. APEX R&D believes in sharing its passion and knowledge with the community by providing specially designed tools and softwares for their respective businesses.

This vast experience and his innovative approach make Dimitri an inspirational thought leader in the industry. Dimitri advises the younger generation to follow their passion. Instead of focusing on money, APEX R&D founder recommends to share their knowledge for the betterment of the society and personal growth.

APEX R&D’s Sky High Mission

The APEX R&D team consists of dynamic enthusiasts, each with a unique set of skills, competencies and background to provide a perfect fit for each project in terms of expertise, flexibility and creativity. The Oracle solutions provider company believes in following set of values.

  • Integrity: The company’s approach to business and customer relationships is based on honesty, fairness, sincerity and maintaining long-term working relationship.
  • Passion: The entire team is committed to meet and exceed the customer expectations by using their talents and strengths.
  • Excellence: With the in-depth knowledge and expertise, the company aims to deliver best-in-class results.
  • Innovation: As technology advances, APEX R&D embraces new developments and technologies in order to provide state of the art solutions.

Expert Services & Solutions

APEX R&D provides a wide range of services and solutions for small to large companies.

  • Research & Development: The company strives to become their client’s IT partner right from conception of an idea to its implementation. APEX R&D operates by suggesting new ideas or improvements in the existing one, followed by calculating its worth in the market through a survey and lastly, its introduction and implementation of the entire solution in a secure and scalable manner.
  • Capture, share and visualize data: APEX R&D provides a cloud-based (or local) service to easily capture data, share it with others and get insights by using reports and charts.
  • Custom Application Development: The leading Oracle solutions provider company takes a problem, conducts research and designs a simple solution. With the development tool Oracle Application Express (APEX), the company can provide applications that make the client’s business easier, faster & better.
  • Coaching: The R&D company extends its valuable expertise to customers who are interested in enhancing their existing concepts.
  • Training: The company arranges training programs, offering better and current insights about Oracle and APEX for people who have a basic knowledge about the business application.
  • Consulting: APEX R&D provides experienced people for short to long missions. The team is available to answer any of the questions, give demos and proof of concepts or just enforce the client’s team with additional experienced architects and developers.
  • Mobile Enablement: The company strongly believes that mobile is the next big thing and should be taken seriously. Hence, most of their applications are mobile friendly and responsive.

Tools & Technologies

The Oracle database and Oracle Application Express (APEX) are its parent technology enhanced platforms. They deliver following advantages.

  • APEX is a rapid application development tool, which perfectly fits into an iterative design and development process.
  • As a database-centric technology, Oracle Application Express is perfectly suited for handling big data and managing complex processes.
  • Advanced security features and a cloud based architecture keep the focus on business objectives.
  • The technology enables responsive and easy to use, clear mobile designs.

Future Challenges and Plans

Owing to the popularity and growth, APEX R&D wants to keep giving the best possible support in order to achieve its goals. To continue with the revenue generation, the company is planning to introduce  some new applications that can help the larger APEX and Oracle developers worldwide.

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