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As the business landscape is moving from a people driven economy to a platform economy, the Managing Director of Aparajitha Group of Companies, Nagaraj Krishnan, says, “Indian businesses need to make the transition from throwing people at problems and leveraging arbitrage to designing innovative solutions and solving problems.” By means of Aparajitha, he is not only finding ways to make this shift, but also spearheading this transition. Based in Madurai, Tamilnadu, having Pan India operations and establishing foot prints in APAC region, Aparajitha Corporate Services is India’s No 1 GRC Solution Provider specializing in Employment & Industrial compliance service. Its self-powered coherent solution—Compfie, has broken the grounds with capabilities in monitoring compliance status of an organization seamlessly while adapting the changing environments.Compfie is one of the few strategic initiatives of Aparajitha to evolve as a dominant global Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) player.

Compfie, Simplifying Compliance Control by Utilizing Technology

Powered by India’s leading compliance solution provider, Compfie is a cloud-based compliance tracking system that enables continuous monitoring of compliance status irrespective of the location of the corporate entity. This tool has enabled Aparajitha to change the paradigm of compliance management, by truly leveraging technology. Moreover, backed by decades of serious work in compliance management, Compfie comes with a lean design and promises the simplest installation process even in the cases of the organizations with most complex data. In addition, it seamlessly adapts itself to changes in business, technology, and regulations, resulting in boosting user’s business output.

Nagaraj, who is leading Aparajitha since its inception, considers it as his key responsibility to bring forward all the expertise and decades of experience in compliance management to the new economy. At the same time, he wants to make Compfie an organization staying agile and nibble like a startup. Moreover, while acquainting on how he wishes to take Compfie ahead, Nagaraj states, “It is imperative that Compfie stays a learning organization as we push boundaries and expand rapidly to newer markets.”

Catering a Huge Client Base with Innovative Offerings

The renowned Compliance service provider has its operations in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. Currently, it delivers services across industries such as Automobile, Retail, FMCG, Chemical, Iron & Steel, Garment & Textiles, BFSI, Construction & Infrastructure, and Hospitality. With more than 1200 core employees, it is serving over 1000 clients all over India. Moreover, its client base consists of most of the leading entities in respective industries; some of them are IKEA, Cigna, Bosch, TATA Communications, ICICI Venture, Bata, ITC, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, Shell, Cadbury, Godrej Properties, Goldman Sachs, YARA Fertilizers, Walmart India, Pepsico, Ford, Airtel, Reliance Communications, FedEx, SoftBank, Microsoft, and Oracle.

With empowerment and accountability across their operations, Aparajitha’s team ensures that their services exceed customer expectations every time, resulting in customer delight and long-term associations. Moreover, continual innovation has always empowered its team to deliver customized and client aligned best practices.

Emphasizing Employee Growth to Elevate the Business

Employees are the building blocks of an organization, and in many cases, they are even the face of it. Considering its team as the most important asset, Aparajitha highly believes in its team and focuses on employee growth, which ultimately helps the business prosper. Moreover, the people focused organization tries to maintain an environment where people can thrive and that resulted in low attrition rates and a domain expert workforce. In addition, Aparajitha credits its team for supporting in achieving an excellent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). Furthermore, the illustrious organization’s employees are also the reason behind its most popular offering—Compfie; they have built it ground up by bringing their operational and technical expertise to fore.

The Leadership teamof Aparajithastrongly trusts that “people make a company.”Nagaraj wants to instill this “people-focused”approachin his colleagues so that everyone will contribute their best and proud to be the part of Compfie’s growth trajectory.

Procreating Global Knowledge Hubs to Conquer the Growth Challenges

Aparajitha with its best-in-class solution Compfie is striving to enhance its global footprint and rapidly expand in new markets. The global expansion comes with a challenge of dealing with both national and international laws and regulations. While a general startup’s growth determinants would be its technological and marketing capabilities, Aparajitha knows that in case of Compfie, its growth variables would be slightly different. At one end, while it rapidly expands to newer markets, in parallel it would also need to establish Domain Authority in each of those geographies. As a result, the company predicts to face an obstacle in achieving “Authority at scale.” To deal with this challenge, Aparajitha is creating Global knowledge hubs with teams from Compfie and the specific geographic location integrating regulatory and technical frameworks thereby building authority.

A Focus on Millennial to keep up with the State-of-the-Art

As technological advancements are altering the business world, workplaces are becoming more tech-oriented. As a result, the demand for a technology-friendly workforce is arising, while millennials being digital native are culturally the best fit for a platform driven economy. Currently, running with around 60% of the millennial workforce, Aparajitha plans to attract more millennials into its field. Aparajitha’s team believes that Compfie’s value system would further help them to attract more millennials. Because, contrary to their earlier generations—the millennials today look for purpose and meaning at work and strive to create an impact.

Similarly, Aparajitha’speople-oriented agenda and corporate ethical imperatives are tuned to create environments encouraging people to experiment, thrive, and create a meaningful impact on business and society at large.

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