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Change is the only constant thing and it is vitally important for businesses to keep pace with it. Over the past few years, the world has seen several advances in technology and communications along with huge growth in data. This change has empowered global consumers and made them prime decision makers in product or service purchase.  This eventually forced businesses to shift towards customer centricity. Businesses, who espoused the transformations often, have undoubtedly prospered in an unexcelled manner and set examples for others. One of them is AOPEN Solutions, a major global electronics company today, which traditionally was a hardware business. The organization embraced the frequent shifts, and rose with the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), to evolve into solutions business.

AOPEN has recently created the meldCX platform, and spun it off as separate entity to accelerate its focus and to offer IoT as well as applied IoT software platforms to its clients. AOPEN Solutions combines the meldCX software with devices to offer an entire solution so that customers have a plug-and-play solution and they don’t have to rely on developers to build the infrastructure. Using meldCX, they can build a custom experience using the tools, or leverage one of AOPEN’s partner apps, any CMS, or use existing web assets. This enabled its customers to simply use some of the out-of-box experiences and tailor to rapidly build, deploy, and harness the power and capabilities of IoT.

Moving Ahead with a Systematic and Customer-Centric Approach

By 2022, there will be about 29 billion connected devices worldwide, and because of increased demand for smart devices, 18 billion of them will be related to IoT. Moreover, B2B spending on IoT technologies, apps, and solutions is forecast to reach US$267 billion by 2020, while spending on IoT applications alone and IoT analytics is expected to generate US$64.1 billion and US$21.4 billion respectively. However, with an escalating market demand, IoT space is marred by proprietary single-point solutions that do not consider flexibility across multiple value opportunities for the customers. Hence, they are being implemented in isolation often being outgrown. Similarly, the same development work is being conducted at various quality levels, just to enable use cases, leaving minimal budget or scope for the actual experience.

Seeing this expansive—360° view of the sector, with the experienced challenges, mistakes, learning, and success of years, AOPEN decided to research and build flexible solutions. AOPEN solutions are developed in such a way that they take these challenges away in a controlled and certified fashion, allowing the customer to either consume existing use cases or build use cases. Furthermore, the firm has enabled its traditional partners to eliminate wasting time—for example, tailoring, securing, and deploying multiple operating systems into a single service enables users to maximize billable effort delivering to customers a greater experience that is also more efficient.

Solutions Transforming Businesses

In its efforts to meet altering market needs, AOPEN is actively developing solutions on the meldCX platform in response to current and future market demands in applied computing and smart vision products. This approach helps the company to rapidly empower AIoT and machine learning applications in a variety of industries such as QSR, smart retail, smart manufacturing, hospitality, and transportation utilizing analytical data and increase revenue of clients’ businesses. Apart from that, AOPEN also serves application solutions like Digital Signage, Smart Vending, Interactive Whiteboard, Smart Vision, POS, Smart Surveillance, Smart Kiosk, and Background Music across a wide range of operating systems and through partners.

A Major Innovator in Retail Sector

Though it is a renowned entity, AOPEN considers itself like a startup within a large organization. Strategically placed within the Acer Group, AOPEN is nimble enough to innovate and cut through red tape for customers and propose solutions that adopt technology across the whole group. Its board and advisors include industry specialists like founders of large retail brands. Moreover, having retail as a particularly key vertical for it, AOPEN covers many different industries and verticals, from healthcare and hospitality to finance and government.

Supporting Customers to Embrace Challenges

Many business organizations face significant challenges in moving beyond proof of concept to full deployment and implementation of commercial applications and IoT solutions for connected devices. For them AOPEN’s meldCX can accelerate their business by reducing the cost and complexity of development, simplifying deployment, flexibility, scalability, reducing costs and time to market. In addition, the team of AOPEN also offers advanced capabilities such as enhanced situational awareness, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, which enables its customers to rapidly and easily harness the latest and most powerful technology without getting the assistance from internal developers.

A Leader Empowering Growth in the Business World

Stephen Borg, the CEO of AOPEN Global Solutions is a veteran personality who has worked across most commercial sectors including telecommunications & ICT, finance & insurance, FMCG, food retailers, large retailers, and government. Notably, in recent times, Stephen has helped in creating the concept of Chrome for commercial devices while working closely with Google executives. As commercial Chrome has been widely adopted in the kiosk and signage space and the range of devices are the fastest growing within the group, AOPEN is still the only provider of commercial Chrome devices.

Having devoted immense contribution to various industries, Stephen’s vision is to democratize IOT and digital transformation by providing tools & services for easy adoption and use. By leveraging AOPEN’s global expertise and through the meldCX platform, he strives for ways to provide access to a community of customers and partners. A key milestone to achieving the vision is also to ensure that any solution or service provided through the AOPEN Solutions team is a building block for growth with open integrations, flexibility and designed to unparalleled standards.

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