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Automation facilitates the reduction in errors, improvement in quality, and elimination of time consumption. Document management software is no different.  Automated workflows post scanning offers incredibly efficient gains. For one, document management software cuts out costly paper handling by automatically indexing, routing, signing, retrieving even sharing digital documents at a mouse click.  Even the need for photocopying, hand delivery, and repetitive drop offs is archaic by todays standards.  By centralizing documents digitally, and then automating the typical paper handling workflow, the user now has their own processes and logic built into the software. Meaning, the work is done for them instead of by them. VistaSG is on the forefront of this technology and is delivering it today.

VistaSG, Digitizing the Document Cabinets

Vista Solutions Group, also known as ‘VistaSG’ is based in Austin, Texas.  They are a full-service, document management and workflow automation solutions provider that delivers an exclusive, high-touch service level to both their public and private sector clientele’.  They start by centralizing documents; either converted from paper or digital formats into their software.  The process of digitizing data and business processes including imaging, annotating and editing helps their clients improve their own digital and automation process footprint. Because the company offers relatively affordable solutions compared to their competitors, like Laserfiche and OnBase, more users have more accessibility to these great technologies.  The company is proud of its ability to deliver their solutions timely, on-budget with high reliability and a smile on their face.

Leadership Behind VistaSG 

Michael Hundley is the CEO of Vista Solutions Group.  Ask him how VistaSG has become so recognized and successful and he will emphatically give all the credit to his managers and the staff.  One thing is for certain is that Michael has his work priorities straight.  His role in the workforce is to ensure the overall well-being of the company, but also to ensure it thrives and perpetuates.  Michael also makes clear that happy employees are what leads to happy clients.  He sees the employees as just one group of customers he services.  However, make no mistake.  He is a catalyst for larger client deal making.  When talking to him, you’ll note that his enthusiasm is contagious, but he says he is more practical than his personality is portrayed.  And the results show it. The culture he has created is one of education, client focused and fun.  Professional awareness, and encouragement for independent thinking is dosed with accountability.  Michael also demands proactive-productive behavior.  Michael believes that it starts with him so if you want to spend time with him, you’ll need a lot of energy to keep up.

Saving Clients from The Hassle of Paper

VistaSG sees itself as a consultant more than a software developer.  In every case, their relationship with clients begins with an evaluation of client needs, pain points, and where they want to go. Digitizing their paper files and records, as well as making them document management solution ready is the easy part. While the company offers services to provide digitizing, their expertise is getting imaged records and files put into their document management solutions, so all the work can be done on the computer.

Once files are in digital formats, the company further provides automation solutions to eliminate manual processes.  This includes the use of Bots, or Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which nearly eliminates typing index fields, or even redacting sensitive information.  The company position is clear about technology.  The goal for automation is not to eliminate staff.  It is to prevent them from time wasting on menial tasks, so they can focus on bigger more important ones.  “It is very easy to show gained efficiencies when manual work processes are contrasted and turned into automated ones,” states Blythe Storrar Dougherty, VistaSG’ s Managing Director of Marketing.  She goes on to say, “Everything from time stamping, to automatic redactions, review queue’s, supervisor queue’s electronic signatures, OCR driving auto-population of index fields and reporting are available to the clients in one delivery, or a al carte…they get to decide!”

Once clients get their digital footprint and automation in place, there is one more step. The company can install powerful CyberTools allowing protection from both external and internal threats.  Whatever the client needs, from end to end, VistaSG gives its clients access to custom-tailored solutions to achieve their goals.

Things That Set VistaSG Apart from The Hurd

VistaSG has its specialty, it simply knows how to engage clients. They act as if they were employed there and are stakeholders in their client success.  If VistaSG does not have a solution, they already have partnered with other companies to make sure the client gets what they need.  To serve the clients properly, the company insists its employees learn client processes and offer better ways and solutions.  Sometimes that is in keeping some manual processes, but mostly those can even be augmented with automated ones. All it takes is careful listening to what clients need, desire to accomplish, or the requirement for them to be successful. Most of all, the client gets a custom-tailored type of solution at an affordable price, meaning there is no better value than what VistaSG delivers.

Handling the Huge Clients With Finesse

VistaSG has a large list of clients including the State Agencies and large Corporations.  The company touts how they love these projects because sophisticated clients are on the forefront of how the company develops its software.  In doing so, this technology can be shared by not so large agencies who still really need it, but don’t have the budget for it.  Because of them, their volume and the sheer number of users, the company gets incredible data that matches the needs of the middle and micro market customers.  In result, the company can cross-pollinate both internally and externally all its solutions.  By doing so, it also allows the company to be more lean, efficient, and cost-effective when delivering their solutions to prospects and clients.

Future Endeavors

VistaSG is predominantly a government services provider of software solutions that make electronic files workable and automated. They have further expanded into the B2B market with new automations using Bot & Machine Learning solutions.  Additionally, the company is working on delivering more Cybersecurity and Geographical Information solutions to clients, while also developing voice command technologies. The later would translate work requests to completion without ever even touching a mouse, keyboard or screen.

Advice on How Entrepreneurs can Stay Ahead in the Race

According to the CEO, Michael Hundley, to ensure success you must see a need, validate it with prospective buyers, then make a goal with plans to deliver it.  Set high expectations of yourself. To scale up, hire only good, caring client focused people to be stakeholders.  Skills can be taught, but the willingness to work hard comes naturally, so find those people.  Then set high expectations for them as well.

Also, formation of real relationships with clients and prospects, no matter what size company or agency is critical.  You helping your clients be invaluable to their organization is the best way to operate.   And do not be afraid of hard discussions.  Failures and negative feedback are stepping stones to success.

Finally, when you have your plan, execute it, be accountable to it, and take risks.  If you fail, adapt and go at it again.  Never give up and never let a former predecessor determine your direction. There is a reason you are taking their place.  But build on their mistakes of the past by using your own experiences to lead the company the right or better way.

Always celebrate success and give credit where credit is due. The little things and the big things both matter in business.

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