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With products for each requirement, Oracle is a strong competitor in the market to provide the full stack solution to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for all level of enterprises. Oracle has a huge portfolio of products in the cloud which seamlessly integrate and collaborate with users and systems. These products are continuously expanding besides technological improvements like autonomous patching, self-performance tuning, and automatic security updates. Many Oracle’s cloud products are part of the PaaS portfolio where other cloud providers mostly provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Therefore, the gap between IaaS and SaaS is filled by PaaS that provides the platform with pre-installed products to develop and run the user’s own applications.

The DOC B.V. (The Dutch Oracle Company) is an organization that mainly focuses on these abilities of Oracle technology. The company provides its customers with the best fitting solution for their needs and acts as part of their organization to improve and grow their business solutions. It assists the clients in infrastructure and (custom) applications including maintenance and 24/7 support. This dedicated support enables customers to focus on their core businesses.

Evolving as the Technologies Evolve

Since its establishment in 1999, The DOC evolved from a technology driven company towards a solutions provider but still focused on the Oracle technology. In the past year, the company further extended its offerings from a technology solution provider to a customer solution provider. It works with customers’ organizations by advising and supporting them on business process level coupled with technical solutions. This results in a trustworthy partnership with their customers. The prime goal of The DOC is to help clients grow their businesses without letting them worry about their IT systems. Moreover, complete customers’ infrastructures are managed by The DOC based on trust, loyalty, focus, communication, quality, and flexibility.

Expanding Services with CEO’s Contribution

The CEO of The DOC B.V., Guido Leduc started his journey as an Oracle developer in 1998. Working as the CEO, Guido’s role changed from pure technical into team lead, project manager, and operations manager. Today, at The DOC, he mainly plays a business-oriented role and focuses on the customers in functional, technical, and commercial matters. Besides being responsible for ‘running’ the company, Guido is still involved in company projects as a solution designer, project manager, and business consultant. In addition, he is always ready to facilitate his team members who need some form of support in their challenges at The DOC. Guido also enjoys spending his time out in the field visiting customers and prospects. As a trusted solution partner, he advises and supports his clients in their line of business with their goals. This approach of maintaining customer trust helped The DOC in expanding its customer partnerships.

Fulfilling Growing Clients’ Demands with Technology Improvements                         

Speaking of today’s business environment, Oracle business is becoming more difficult and the IT departments must improve with changing business trends and clients’ requirements. Today, it’s hard for the most IT departments to follow the changing pattern of businesses because they are mostly focused on standards and procedures rather than focusing on dynamically changing environments. Understanding this varying scenario, the main goal of The DOC is to keep a balance between business and IT. It has branch and customer focus teams, who act on the fine line between business process and IT, providing a stable solution for the data systems. It offers solutions like data analysis and visualization tools which can be used by the business on their required level and timing.

Learning from clients’ needs, The DOC serves the following offerings:

  • The One Stop Shop for Oracle

As a full-service provider, Oracle’s knowledge and expertise are deeply rooted in The DOC. The leading Oracle solutions provider has all the facets to advice clients’ organizations in the entire Oracle spectrum. Also, it works as an extension of customers’ organization.

At The DOC, clients find a culture that values cooperation and entrepreneurship which always strives for service and quality at the highest level. The DOC’s One Stop Shop is characterized by six collaborating Business Units, from which it helps customers to look for the most suitable solution.

  • Cloud Services

The cloud is expanding; working in the cloud creates huge opportunities for
organizations as the cloud offers enormous flexibility, scalability and reliability to
guarantee that crucial systems will always be available and future ready.

Working in the cloud is transforming the entire organization’s direction. Collaborating
with the right partner is of crucial interest for achieving one’s cloud success.

From its Cloud Solutions Center, the team of The DOC advises how to set up and implement the best fitting cloud solution by offering cloud packages and Proof of Concepts based on a track record of successful cloud implementations and migrations.

  • Professional Services

At The DOC, Professional Services is about assisting the customer on a project basis. These services stand for inventory, advice, development, construction, and implementation. Clients’ organizations have challenges and The DOC solves those challenges in-house. It interviews clients, sparring, and brainstorming with them. This helps them to come to the right answer and develop it as a customized solution.

  • Managed Services

Initially, the client’s Oracle environment is in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Managed Services is the service where the management of the client’s Oracle environment is transferred to The DOC. The leading Oracle solutions provider monitors client’s Oracle environment 24/7, even in combination with Application Support.

  • Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the future. If a customer orders an article via the internet, then the person gets additional advice on other products that may be of interest to the consumer. The factory, or the supplier, continuously monitors all available data from different angles. Patterns are recognized and mapped. Different dates are merged. Business Intelligence and Analytics is applicable within all organizations and at all levels. From reports to dashboards to predictive analyzes and data visualization.

Following the same procedure, The DOC stores the data and uses it to be predictive and guiding. It examines data, adds together, discovers patterns, visualizes them, and comes to advice that is important to clients.

  • Product Solutions

Product Solutions are the logical combination of various activities into one solution. For a large municipality, The DOC has developed a product from Professional Services to detect housing frauds by applying Business Intelligence. That was a great success on several fronts. In the financial field alone, the municipality saved many millions. Subsequently, the customer entered into a management agreement (Managed Services) with The DOC for the maintenance and management of the solution. Additionally, in consultation with the customer, the company developed this program into a product that detects address-related abuses and can be used by all municipalities or other government bodies. Further, it can also be used to track subsidy fraud or abuse of student finance.

Loyalty with Customers as the Key to Success                                   

Following the culture of loyalty, The DOC serves quality solutions according to clients’ requirements. The CEO, Guido believes that this is the key to grow a successful business. Furthermore, the dedicated team of The DOC is always happy to work for the development of new products to assist the company in expanding its solutions. The technology specialists at The DOC work pragmatically and connect seamlessly with the customers. With passion, craftsmanship, and flexibility, the highly trained specialists of The DOC deliver tailor-made solutions to the clients. The solutions are fully tried and tested.

The DOC constantly trains its employees and it has a competence development program that everyone needs to follow. Such programs enable the company to improve its customer support and advice. The team of The DOC believes in teamwork and its team members are the biggest assets in the company’s growth. This team is built upon core values like respecting each other and accepting that no one is perfect in everything. This empowers the team members to work with their full dedication and strengths.

The DOC B.V. Building Trust among Clients with Specialized Oracle Services

With continual support and improvements in clients’ services, The DOC has built a reputation among its customers. Today, customers’ requests for The DOC services are exceeding. To provide customers with quality solutions, the company has implemented customer focus teams, who can help them on business process as well as technology level to improve their businesses.

The market is focusing on organizations, who are specialists in their business instead of working with companies who just assure to do all possible activities without knowing the core technology. As a specialist in Oracle technology, The DOC stands out from other solutions providers. Utilizing The DOC’s Oracle Cloud, clients’ can create great opportunities for their organizations. The Cloud offers ample flexibility and reliability to ensure that users’ crucial systems are always available and their organizations are ready for the future.

Working in the Cloud transforms the entire business. The right partner for this transformation is therefore crucial for successful Cloud implementation. The DOC’s Cloud Solutions Center helps users to make a framework of the optimal design and do the successful implementation of their Oracle Cloud. The company offers consultants to look together with clients for perfect alignment and also provide targeted advice. Such support enables the client’s organization to take full advantage of the extra possibilities from the Oracle Cloud.

The DOC B.V. The Secret of The DOC’s Success

“It’s all about focus and commitment and building effective teams. Meet The DOC!”Guido Leduc

The DOC B.V.

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