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Today, any new product or service is verified either on browsers or one of the social media platforms. Everyone gets information through media and if a company wishes to share its client’s brands or products adhering to its mission, then gaining traction in media is very important. Here, Public Relations come into the picture which is the main pillar of today’s marketing and advertising industry. Although numerous companies have been serving in this industry, only a few have maintained their status. With the sole focus on earned media and client success, TenXPR is one of the distinguished companies that are remolding the PR industry.  

Power of Knowledge and Experience

With the goal of building a PR company that focuses primarily on broadcast media for brand building and recognition, Samantha Jacobson established TenXPR in 2020. Prior to this business, she served more than 20 years in PR and production arranging shows for CBS, CBS News, CNN, OWN, and many other big brands.

The idea of starting a new PR business struck when Samantha’s friends in the industry began hiring her specifically to get their clients on Television, which was her niche. She started using the power of her knowledge and experience to help various brands and experts improve their recognition. Additionally, she began marketing her business as a broadcast PR agency that strictly focused on national, local, and streaming TV platforms.

Exclusive Services  

Providing excellent services is at the core of TenXPR. While other PR agencies spread themselves too thin by dabbling in print, online, TV, and radio, Samantha chose to explore her niche by narrowing her focus to broadcast PR. Discovering the niche allowed her to differentiate the business from the competition and become unique in the industry. This also allowed her to focus on the aspects of PR that she loves the most. In addition to broadcast PR, Samantha also focuses solely on getting her clients earned media. The company does not target any specific industry. From CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to founders, celebrities, brands, and experts, TenXPR seeks thought leaders who deserve the spotlight.

Iconic Mastery

At the helm of the company, Samantha’s primary roles and responsibilities are to ensure her team’s success, thereby ensuring her clients’ success. Along with the team management role, she spends a considerable amount of time communicating between networks, clients, and other industry leaders in PR. Regarding her experience in PR, Samantha shares that she spent three years as Vice President for the iconic furnishing brand, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. There, she led seasonal strategy and key branding initiatives. The methodology is grounded in brand building and deep connections with the clients. Samantha is an award-winning journalist and in her early years in the entertainment industry, she earned 5 Emmy nominations as a producer.

Strong Team: Cornerstone of Organization

A solid and well-trained team is the foundation of any organization. TenXPR, under Samantha’s leadership, always tries to inspire and motivate the staff and inculcate quality and accountability in the team. The company currently has two full-time account executives. In order to ensure quality services for clients, she holds her team accountable through daily team meetings. Each morning, the team undergoes the status of each client and undergoing projects the company is working on. Later, Samantha delegates tasks to each team member for the day. Moreover, the team is communicated regularly through Slack, a great way to streamline team communication.

Optimum Clientele Satisfaction

Catering to every requirement of clients and being the reasoning behind their success on Television, TenXPR has maintained valuable clients. Samantha believes in frequent and honest communication. In the first meeting with clients, she discusses strategy and the importance of adaptability. Unless and until the company and client come up with an appropriate solution, they try different angles. Moreover, it is important to set up reasonable expectations for the clients and this can take a few months before a pitch gets actually picked up.

The only way to guarantee media time is to pay for it, however, TenXPR does not let its clients spend much. Instead, the company focuses on free, earned media which takes time to build. This has resulted in customers earning trust in the company’s services. They know that TenXPR is a reliable organization and produces better results. It is both professional and authentic. It also truly believes in the power of storytelling to help businesses grow and thrive in their respective market.

Trends Driving the Future

The PR industry is already in boom and is expected to take a huge leap in the coming years. Influencer marketing is a big trend driving the PR industry right now and it works as people want to know about others’ successes, stories, and formulas. Thus, having someone endorse any particular product makes a huge difference. As this trend is growing and evolving in the near future, Samantha recommends investing money in influencer marketing.

Global media is another trend that has grown tremendously in the last two years with the pandemic realizing the fact that anyone can make videos from anywhere across the world. This has expanded the opportunities for broadcast PR and thus companies should learn how to tap into a global market rather than focusing on small regions.

Streaming is a major trend these days as people move from traditional TV media to watching everything on their phones, iPads, and computers. Whether it is live or pre-recorded, streaming gives people the instant gratification they are looking for in the media.

Future Plans

With the success mantra “You are only as good as your last booking,” TenXPR has helped many of its clients grow their businesses. It now has planned to launch new services in the upcoming years. As streaming has become very important, Samantha has decided to add podcast appearances to offerings in the future. The overall focus of the company remains to raise clients’ brand awareness and teach them how to amplify their brand across multiple platforms.    



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