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Talem Home Care

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The senior Care industry is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing healthcare industries in the world. Moreover, the population is aging around the world and increased patient preference for value-based healthcare are anticipated to further fuel the market growth of the industry. As senior care becomes increasingly accepted and encouraged by physicians, it has opened up several franchising opportunities as well. Seizing on these opportunities, Talem Home Care & Placement Services is providing exceptional care to its clients and rewarding opportunities to its franchisees.

Incepted in 2013, the Broomfield CO-based senior care service provider strives to provide effective, quality, and innovative community-based long-term care and support programs for its  clients and the communities they serve. The company develops partnerships with elite franchise partners that are family and community-minded, and share its philosophy, values, and partnership approach. With multiple service offerings that encompass all aspects of senior care, strong training and support programs for new and existing franchise owners, and a commitment to helping people improve their quality of life, Talem Home Care is building a better franchise model for both entrepreneurs and the communities they serve.

Comprehensive Suite of Care Services

Talem Home Care aims to empower people to take control of their health and lead them through the complicated healthcare system so that they can achieve their goal of staying independent and healthy at home for as long as possible. While some brands only offer Home Care Services or Senior Placement Services, Talem Home Care is one of the first companies to offer both under a single franchise fee. The company provided a comprehensive suite of care services including In-Home Care Services, Personal Care Services, Homemaking Services, and Senior Living Placement Services.

Unique Franchise Program

Leveraging over 70 years of combined experience, Talem Home Care strives to create a new franchise model that will lead the industry for years to come. The company has put together a unique franchise program. Its franchise package increases brand reputation more than any other brand by offering —Largest protected territories by far (up to 625,000 people per territory), Industry-leading training and support program, unmatched support program for the community, and Veterans’ program.

Making Communities Better

Jake Rankin (Founder and CEO at Talem Home Care) is at the forefront of the company operations. Being the CEO, he oversees the growth, training, and support of its franchisees. Additionally, he spends time in doing research and learning. He always looks for ways for the company to be more competitive, have smoother operations, lower expenses, and learn as much as he can about the senior care and franchising industries. His goal is to be very involved nationally doing his part to find ways to make the communities better.

New Opportunities in Franchising

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused several disruptions in the franchising industry. In the beginning, it put everything at a halt and deals were put on hold indefinitely or they were lost. Moreover, depending on the industry in franchising, the pandemic has either offered new opportunities or has brought new challenges.

Talem Home Care saw an increase in the number of people inclining towards franchising. “From people having time to research their dream of being a business owner, to people who have stopped working due to the pandemic, we have seen a spike in people wanting to explore franchising,” asserts Jake.

Talem Home Care

Unmatched Support for All

During these unprecedented times, it is essential for any business to keep their employees motivated and productive. Talem Home Care’s motivation mantra – empowering others to experience the full joy of living –has not changed due to the pandemic. Thus, while the pandemic caused problems for the other companies, Talem Home Care took it as a motivational challenge to find ways to help. The company emphasized on helping its community, clients, and employees to find ways to live a better life during the crisis.

In the wake of the pandemic, Talem Home Care altered some of its operations. The company changed the way of employee recruitment, generated leads for its clients, and most importantly, created new programs to better support its clients, employees, and caregivers. Moreover, as the pandemic caused extra stress and  problems to many people and the company worked hard to change the way it delivers care. This enabled its clients and communities get the support they needed, particularly in the areas of trying to combat fear, depression, and loneliness.

Upgrading the Franchise Model

As an emerging brand, Talem Home Care focuses on being innovative. The company is trying to change the franchise model in the Home Care industry with regards to the way service is delivered and the way training and supportis  given. It is also introducing a more franchisee-friendly franchise offering. While increasing the territory size, the company is aiming to reduce the “nickel and dimeing” of fees as well. “We are always asking ourselves if I was a franchisee, what would I want or expect,” added Jake.

Key to a Successful Franchise

Having established a successful franchise model, Jake believes that the ability to listen and be teachable is the most important asset for a franchisee to be successful. Moreover, he affirms that before buying or partnering with a franchise, three factors are important including,

  • Experience of Leaders and Coaches: There are several leaders and coaches that have not done the work a franchisee is about to do. Thus, Jake adds, “If I were buying a franchise, I would want to learn from someone who has been in my shoes.”
  • Bigger is Not Always Better: Larger brands often seem too big, and , franchisees are often times treated like another cog in the wheel for them. Thus, Jake believes that one should look for a brand that takes a personal approach to training, support, and success.
  • Follow Your Passion: Jake suggests the future franchise owners to find something to be passionate about. “Without passion, it will be hard to be as successful as you possibly can,” he concludes.

Talem Home Care

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