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It is safe to say that the world has entered into an era of perceptive and quality content—structured according to the users’ requests. When efficient content is implemented to curated software products and services, it drives growth for several brands. This factor has forged the breakthrough of Rocketech Software Development and its products into the digital domain of the internet, social media networks, and targeted advertising.

With the brand motive of helping clients with adding life to their innovations, Rocketech has been helping several individuals and organizations in building digital products. It curates complex IT products for customers and provides a full range of services starting from pre-project studies to development. The Singapore-based company was initially registered in Ukraine and Russia where it initiated its processes in HR, marketing, and development for companies. With time, it gradually began software development from scratch.

Leveraging 5 years of industrial experience, Rocketech has currently established a process which leads its customers to easily scalable products. It has implemented more than 70 projects with customers from various fields including banking, FinTech, hospitality, e-commerce, and others. The company works on its client’s projects diligently and provides solutions that serve the desired purpose while adhering to the clients’ business logic for the project.

Igniting Dreams

Rocketech was established by co-founders, Alex Borisov and Alexander Rocket, in 2015. The duo was driven by a goal to help founders and product owners build IT products and services. Under their supervision, the company rapidly scaled and became a trusted tech partner for various enterprises and startups. Prior to establishing the company, Alex was involved in his family business where he continuously studied and worked on startups, while Alexander worked on a cybersport-based IT startup with a small team of developers. As the duo recognized the potential of their combinational work, they decided to focus on the industry which justified their expertise—development from scratch. With the inception of Rocketech, Alex and Alexander were recognized as the ‘Dynamic Duo’.

Comprehensive Services

Rocketech has expertise in key areas of technology. These include Frontend Web Technologies, App Programming Interface (API), Mobile Apps, Digital Product Design, DevOps, and many more. With an arsenal of services and technical experts, the company has cemented the value proposition of its capabilities.

Rocketech has developed a unique set of innovative solutions to fit its customer’s requirements while aiming to build long-lasting partnerships. Presently, the company has experience working within a variety of different industry verticals that include streaming media platforms, FinTech, FoodTech, blockchain solutions, CRM, Internet of Things (IoT), to name a few.

Over the years, Rocketech has tested different workflows, aided the launch of multiple startups, and helped numerous businesses with innovative ideas. Presently, the company continues to deliver quality with transparency and organized internal processes.

The ‘No CEO’ Philosophy

Rocketech has successfully paved its path to success in the past—the reason being its versatile leaders. Throughout the course of its journey, the company has had no serving CEO, instead, the co-founders have been fulfilling dynamic roles at the core. Moreover, the growth of the company has been directly proportional to the evolution of the roles of the core members. Presently, Alex’s responsibilities involve spearheading daily work along with the process of development, sales, and marketing. “We are different and complement each other, leveling weaknesses and making better decisions together,” asserts Alex.

With the No CEO policy, every individual at Rocketech is accountable for the quality, performance, appreciation, achievements, or errors made by the company. This philosophy has truly helped Rocketech become more vigilant and agile as a team. Its talented team of professionals is dedicated to delivering quality services while emphasizing software development. As every individual at the company is in charge, the team members remain more motivated.

A Celebrated Partner

Rocketech has an agile mindset for developing, delivering, and sustaining products in a complex and fast-paced environment. It ensures that the clients get qualified developers who develop exceptional quality content. Within a few years subsequent to its establishment, the company has been frequently recognized for its skills and capacities. Recently, it was honored with prestigious titles. These include the ‘Top Web Development Companies in Singapore’ by GoodFirms, ‘Top Web Development Companies of US’ by SelectedFirms, ‘Top Ukraine Custom Software Development Companies’ by Clutch, and many more.

Striving for client satisfaction, Alex adds, “With us, the founders get more than just developers—knowledge on setting up development processes correctly, HR, transfer of knowledge from one team to another, financial management, and lawyers.” He further added that the company focuses on adapting to the latest tools, product business logic, and consistent improvement—often being recognized as a ‘lifetime strategic partner’ by the clients. Rocketech upholds a clientele portfolio of several satisfied clients and has also maintained a noteworthy online presence on various digital platforms. Additionally, the clients have also mentioned Rocketech with high regard. For instance, Irina Siraeva, Operation Support Manager at Hays, praises the company by quoting, “Rocketech’s accommodating mindset helped foster a positive partnership. They are communicative, deadline-oriented workers.”

Creating a Legacy

Currently, Rocketech works to enhance its understanding, verify, and segment the audience while seeking opportunities to showcase its services and advertising message. To enhance the services in the future, the company further aims to develop technologies that will help it enhance its performance and provide better service to the customers. Additionally, Rocketech also plans to market its developed tools to other rising firms with similar objectives in the future.“We have a system that will be unbroken and continually growing—this company is a legacy in the making,” assures Alex.


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