Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye XDR: The X-Factor in Cybersecurity technology

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Securing an organisation against the growing threat landscape is an overwhelming task for many organisations, no matter their size. Taking on such a monumental task, business leaders often do not know where to start, what initiatives to implement, and how to execute an effective cyber defence that doesn’t require the amalgamation of multiple vendors and products. “In our experience, previously, our partners and clients often relied on multiple security products across multiple vendors to protect their organisation from cybersecurity threats. However, the downfall of this strategy is that it leads to significant integration efforts and substantial costs,” comments Adam Bennett, the Chief Executive Officer of Red Piranha.

This is where Crystal Eye XDR comes in. Red Piranha developed their CE XDR platform from the ground up, focusing on providing a holistic suite of threat management and prevention products and supporting services—that ensure advanced protection, threat detection, and incident response from a single platform securing the organisation from the endpoint to Cloud.

What is XDR?

Leading Analyst Firm Gartner defines XDR as “A natural evolution of endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms…The primary value of XDR products are to improve security operations productivity and enhance detection and response capabilities by including more security components into a unified whole that offers multiple streams of telemetry, presenting options for multiple forms of detection and concurrently enabling multiple methods of response.”[1].

Crystal Eye XDR integrates directly into their CESOC (Crystal Eye Security Operations Centre), automatically pulling threat intelligence feeds for predictive protection and detection linked to network and host-based intrusion detector sensors. All are correlated in a central data lake—where attack information is used to deploy predictive intelligent protection alongside the highest detection and visibility level across the entire organisation.

The integration of the managed security services provided by Red Piranha incorporates directly into Crystal Eye, allowing for rapid response to incidents and 24/7 access to their Security Operations Centre. It includes:

  • Integrated Packet Capture Analysis
  • Integrated Incident Response to reduce dwell time
  • Integrated Vulnerability Management
  • Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence
  • Integrated Compliance (IRM) including eCISO
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First Truly Integrated XDR Platform

While other competitive organisations have been making acquisitions to merge incompatible technology stacks in a race towards developing a product that may resemble an XDR platform, Red Piranha has engineered their Crystal Eye XDR technology from the ground up. “Our Crystal Eye XDR 4.0 is at the forefront of the XDR wave; we’ve taken the original and industry-leading XDR platform that is currently available on the market and added a suite of more new features that place it miles ahead of our competitors,” comments Adam Bennett.

Red Piranha was the first to develop the concept of integrated security services in such a way, which has evolved into the market segment now known as XDR. Recently other major vendors have made significant acquisitions to move into this space. However, this comes at considerable risk, as they may still be missing critical integrations or components that would make them an effective XDR. “This is a massive validation for our model and our platform first created in 2014,” comments Adam. Crystal Eye XDR was the first truly integrated XDR platform engineered from the ground up, incorporating all the different components of a holistic security system that can easily communicate across the multiple endpoints of an organisation’s structure, security operations, and service delivery network without interfering with other systems.

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Advanced Protection from Cybersecurity Threats

Crystal Eye XDR does away with firmware upgrade requirements, instead offering rolling automatic updates and upgrades, ensuring the clients are always protected and running on the latest technology. It is all part of the service.

In 2013, the team at Red Piranha integrated the threat intelligence management system DNS. Insure into the development of the Crystal Eye XDR platform’s early stages, allowing for advanced protection from cybersecurity threats of all persuasions from the endpoint to cloud for organisations of all sizes.

The organisations SOC and Threat Intelligence Teams work tirelessly to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats around the clock whilst continuously updating the various systems, databases, and predictive detection technologies to provide their customers and partners with the best defence against malicious characters. “We process over 20 million IOCs a day, which are then fed back into the Crystal Eye XDR platform. Providing us with a unique insight into the attack trends utilised by the cybercriminals and the technology advancements required to defend our partners and clients,” adds Adam.

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Expanding the Portfolio

The company is expanding rapidly, and they plan to continue supporting its existing global customer base; they have had strong interest from partners from around the world. 2021 will see them expand their sales and customer support and expand their market share within APAC, Europe, Middle East, and the USA. “We also plan to continue our focus on expanding our global educational partnerships; in 2020, we partnered with North Metro TAFE, Edith Cowan, an iconic Western Australia educational institution, and Gannon University located within the United States as well as additional universities across Europe,” explains Adam. “We want to expand our focus in 2021 on training students on the latest threat detection and protection techniques, and Crystal Eye XDR allows students to get a new view on how to manage cybersecurity programs.”

Red Piranha believes that overcoming cybersecurity challenges isn’t about deploying technology just for the sake of it. It’s about solving real business issues relevant to each organisation based on their required level of assurance. “We’re passionate about working seamlessly alongside our partners’ and customers’ security teams to achieve real security outcomes,” adds Adam.

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