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QSS Technosoft: Building Products To Match Clients’ Business Goals In Targeted Market Segments

qss technosof

The Co-founders of QSS Technosoft Pvt. Ltd, Pankaj Wadhwa and Sanjay Pandey are the two major drivers behind its success. In 2010, the CTO, Pankaj and COO, Sanjay Co-founded QSS to offer end-to-end software development services for IT, non-IT ventures, and entrepreneurs. Interestingly, due to its quality of services, 99% customers choose QSS for long-term projects.

Presently, the company provides industry-specific and niche technology solutions in terms of Web Application Development, Mobile Apps Development, Product Engineering, UI/UX Services, Testing Services, etc. In 2018 – 2019, the quick adoption of such novel technologies has enabled QSS to generate revenue of over a million USD.

Co-founder Duo, Leveling-up QSS Technosoft with Committed Work Culture

In the current business scenario, software development is a fast-evolving industry because of its high demand and existing gaps in the market. The competition is extreme and there are many companies trying to develop their own solutions to get a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, a lot of dedicated efforts in software development are unsuccessful due to wrong foresight, poor execution, budget and resource constraints, and incorrect functionality.

Coming from IT background, both the Co-founders of QSS Technosoft were aware of these pitfalls and unfailingly strived towards selecting the right development process to better serve their clients. Presently, as the CTO, Pankaj is responsible for the company’s technology direction, corporate and global deliveries and employees skill up-gradation. While Sanjay heads Sales & Marketing, provides inputs for technology direction, finds new market and drives customer engagement for QSS. Bearing the lucid vision about organizational goals, customers’ satisfaction, and employees’ welfare, the Co-founder duo has grown a team of over 100 skilled professionals. Every professional at the company follows a culture of excellence and a continued commitment which helped it to deliver excellent software solutions to its clients.

Best Design Practices and Blending Technical Expertise

For software projects, both web and mobile apps, impressive design has a key importance. And, first impression, when visiting a website or mobile app, matters a lot. When a client accesses a website or mobile app for the first time, regardless of the screen, he or she makes a split-second judgment about the design. QSS Technosoft has a dedicated UI/UX team who fabricate excellent designs for websites, portals and mobile apps. UI/UX team works directly with the product owner and after capturing the business requirement, creates the user interfaces keeping in mind the end user of the application.

QSS team has been developing native as well as cross-platform apps using multiple frameworks like Phonegap, Ionic, SenchaTouch, Titanium, Xamarin, ReactNative, etc. QSS Technosoft is one of the early adopters and ahead of its competitors in trying upcoming technologies. Working with native app development and most of the cross-platform frameworks, has given them competitive edge and they are in best position to recommend best technology/framework to be used for customer needs.

Additionally, it is keeping up with the latest trends of technologies like IoT, Chatbot, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. It also utilizes AI-based technologies like automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), visual search and image recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) to automate customers’ business needs.

Fulfilling Customer Requirements from a Wide Range of Industries              

QSS Technosoft has expertise across multiple business domains. They have developed several web and mobile based applications for industries like Healthcare, Telecom, Law Enforcement, Biometrics, Social Media, GIS, Education, E-commerce, Sports, etc. Working in different verticals has enabled them to create domain specific understanding and are able to help their customers with industry specific business and technical inputs. Application development for sensitive areas like healthcare and law enforcement needs more attention and security standards to be followed. Bearing in mind the current healthcare needs, QSS’ expert team of developers design and create mobile healthcare apps that simplify examination and treatment for surgeons, physicians, and nurses. Moreover, these apps are HIPPA compliant and offer complete data security to its clients. The team of QSS also develops web and mobile applications for the sports industry. These apps offer live updates of data, statistics, sports facilities bookings, promotions, and numerous other features. In the logistics industry, QSS’ customized and seamless logistics solution helps customers to complete activities like handling, inventory, and packaging.

Further, to automate clients’ business process, QSS Technosoft has a series of workflows. The company replaces the manual and time-consuming business process with configurable business rules. With geospatial data, the Co-founders of QSS and their teams deliver excellent mapping solutions across verticals. Such expert solutions from QSS helps the clients to increase customer loyalty, optimize cost, operations support, and enhance productivity.

Practicing Agile-flavored Product Life Cycle

QSS Technosoft follows agile methodologies for most of the projects and product development. It uses all the required project management tools and softwares to provide the highest transparency and visibility to its customers that help the company to gain their trust. The founders and their skilled team members provide custom designed and proven project lifecycle for executing projects with a straight and comprehensive approach. This keeps the leading application developer to keep on the same platform with customers and helps it to mitigate risks and achieve project milestones in the specified time limits.

Marching Ahead by Building a Positive Attitude in Employees

Employees are the greatest assets of any company and good employee collaboration has some key benefits in improving a company’s market position. As a well-served employee has the ability to bring a well-served client, an organization must focus on employee development. The managing team of QSS Technosoft believes in this approach of employee growth. They consider weaknesses of their team members and provide a full scope of improvements. With its unique employee-oriented strategies, QSS Technosoft opens up boundless growth opportunities and offers frequent exposure to cutting-edge technologies. Pankaj and Sanjay let their team members to work with advanced technologies, which in turn gives them exposure to learn, work, and enhance their skill sets.

Making the team members versatile and dynamic, QSS’ founders encourage them to plan their work according to the project. Moreover, the employee caring organization has five days a week working schedule that helps its teams to spend quality moments with their families. Such provisions greatly enable QSS team members to balance their work with personal life.