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Traditions can be the last refuge of the stubborn and rigid mind-sets. As technology breaks down new barriers, and opens boundless horizons for businesses, some traditional approaches continue to halt progress. An example of this development is the archaic business model in the real estate sector. Previously, the real estate industry relied on trust, and close associations to achieve success. As a result, commissions grew without accountability and stopped progress (like a worldwide reach) without transparency in dealings. Today, technology-driven real estate ecosystems like promise to transform the industry forever.

Building Vision with Accountability 

The company Founded by Ken LeBlanc and his partners is one of the biggest private home sale networks in North America., established in 1998 drew inspiration from the success of Hotmail to take the conventional sector of real estate to its virtual destination. Today, the company boasts more than 88 franchise locations across Canada, and over 100,000 customers impacted. Due to its growing success, the company launched a revamped version of its web portal with a vision for a transparent future for buyers, and sellers, just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Ken, this change is a must for the modern real estate sector. Ken notes, “At, we enable customers to sit securely at the center of every transaction. Hence, they gain more control, and transparency, along with the expertise of a team of experts on their side.” This business model has been the need of the hour for the real estate sector for a long time. Despite the rising interests of investors worldwide, the North American real estate sector has remained far behind in the adoption of virtual technology. Furthermore, growing features like virtual tours are hard to ignore, as they reduce efforts for potential purchases significantly, while offering the best properties at buyers’ fingertips.

Driving a New Bargain for Consumers’s business model promises to modernize industry pricing into the future. The company has adopted a standard flat-fee model with different customized packages catering to the various needs of sellers with solutions like marketing, photography, legal, and everything in-between. Ken notes, “This pricing model allows us to provide hands-on, and hands-off service as private sellers require.” As home sales continue to move online, it is clear to many sellers that they need to invest in a one-stop solution that helps them take control of their real estate transactions.

Ken believes transforming the outmoded real estate sector is not a challenge to be taken lightly. He states, “Going up against a multi-million dollar traditional sector is not for the faint-hearted. We continue to face many challenges in breaking traditional barriers, and introducing buyers and sellers to a smarter way.” Getting over the ancient mindset is a key challenge for most people. The real estate sector has operated without a transparent structure for hundreds of years. The company still faces a barrage of, “that’s the way it’s always been” challenge. However, Ken and his team find increasing hope in virtual disruption around the world. As consumers continue to flock towards more convenience, flexibility, and value – the world of real estate promises to undergo a sweeping change of tide in the near future.

Investing in Expansion With a Solid Foundation 

Due to its laser-focus,’s franchise brand continues to expand in new regions. Ken believes expanding to new areas like the US and encouraging more franchisees to come on board is a key priority. He notes, “We regularly outline what we will accomplish in the short and long term future of the organization and communicate that to our franchise partners.” He also advises aspiring entrepreneurs to study the business culture of any franchise before making an investment. He encourages them to ask questions like, “Do you believe in the value of the business model, and for prospective franchise hopefuls – do you believe that the traditional real estate model is broken?” He continues to challenge prospects throughout the franchise awarding journey and pushes them to dream of the business model beyond ‘another ordinary job’.

The franchise model continues to draw attention from various corners of the world. Recently, the company launched new master franchises successfully in the USA, as well as South Africa. As the business grows, and conquers new heights, Ken recommends that his partners look toward the future. He also expects them to put consumers at the centre of their strategy much like their core service offering.’s leadership team believes that each location finds everlasting success in turning consumers into raving fans.

Driving Growth Amidst a Challenging Economy

As the COVID-19 pandemic looms large, the team marches on. Ken states, “The reality is that many people will need to buy, and sell houses regardless of the health landscape. Whether it is to downsize or move to a new city with more space for their family.” Many people also continue to migrate to new areas to escape the waves of the pandemic and find new opportunities. Ken believes has a special role to play amidst the looming uncertainty. He says, “We take our market position very seriously in that we can help all of these people take control and get the most out of their real estate transactions.” Acknowledging his dedication, and unfailing leadership, is registering resounding success even amidst a challenging year worldwide. The company maintained much of its success due to system and remote onboarding tools already in place and is looking forward to expanding the business well into the future.


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