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The current landscape in supply chain management is continuously evolving and giving rise to new challenges like cyber threats and the risk associated with the Vendors contractual credentials and compliance. The raised concerns about cyber insurance and information in supply chain should also be assessed in the supply chain industry. Ed Baldwin, Founder and Head of ProfileGorilla has over 15 years of experience in the insurance, education and defense industries. He managed the on-boarding and credentialing of vendors and sub-contractors. Using his experience both in operations and system and after years of frustration with the lack of good solution, Ed Baldwin decided to venture out and offer latest solutions.

Incepted in 2012, ProfileGorilla was created to help simplify the on-boarding and on-going contractual compliance management of vendors in the Supply Chain. It has leadership team with over 20 years of experience in Vendor Management. The company ensures all required credentials are submitted, verified, and updated. It also offers bulk discounts on verification checks which helps the clients in saving a lot of capital. It provides independent and third party certification along with verification checks such as Financial Screening/Credit Report, Bankruptcy, Lien, and Judgments Search, Validate Insurance Certificates, Business Ownership and Tax ID Number, Reference Verification, Validate Applicable Licenses / Certifications, Government Watch List Screen, and Background Checks.

Advanced Vendor and Contract Management Platform

ProfileGorilla offers powerful suite of Network Management tools to its clients managing all the vendors. The tools provided by the company offer number of advantages eliminating all the drawbacks related to the supply chain management.

  • Initial Collection – ProfileGorilla helps in maintaining a complete record of vendors which results in eliminating the tedious data entry process. It also cuts down the documentation processing efforts of the client allowing them to focus on the core business activities.
  • Organizing and Storing – After collection of the data, it is important to maintain the record in a proper manner. The tool offered by ProfileGorilla is tailored for each client allowing them to record data of each client with 100% accuracy.
  • Locating and Reporting – Storing vast amount of data is not an easy task. The data should be stored in an organized manner. ProfileGorilla’s system allows each client to apply as many custom category filters on their Vendor records, as well as, a robust Advanced Search Tool with options like Zip Code Radius lookup, makes finding the Vendor such an easy task.
  • On-going Maintenance – The stored data needs to be constantly updated with new and latest figures. The Automated Reminders provided by ProfileGorilla reminds the Vendors when critical credentials like Insurance Policies, Licenses, Certifications, Contracts, Background Checks are about to expire and need to be updated. The Custom Reporting engine helps data across the Network very easy.

PreQual+ Program: Meeting the Client’s Requirement


Along with the advance solution, ProfileGorilla offers PreQual+ program that allows small, medium as well as large enterprise with thousands of vendors to focus on its core business activity. The tailored version of PreQual+ offers discounted background checks that run and track for the client on the employees and subs. ProfileGorilla’s insurance concierge service where it directly works with the Agent, ensures that the Insurance meets all of the clients requirements. It also takes care of providing updated versions to all of the clients when policies renew. The pricing plans provided by ProfileGorilla are based on the size of the business.

Award Winning Vendor Management System

ProfileGorilla is the Insurance Industry’s leading expert at both credentialing best practices, as well as State-by-State compliance requirements. It supports all its clients across all North America. ProfileGorilla unleashes vendor management innovation with award-winning, market-proven solutions that enable companies to simplify how they on-board and manage their Vendors, improve operational excellence, significantly lower risk, and increase profitability. With ProfileGorilla, and its Service Provider ecosystem, companies can revolutionize the way they recruit Vendors, maintain credentials on them, and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Beyond the solution offering, ProfileGorilla provides a ton of expertise through committee and consulting opportunities to give back the knowledge. With its experienced leadership and team members who back themselves on learning new techniques that can enhance the over all process.

Accepting the Future Challenges

As a supply chain company, ProfileGorilla deals with many challenges. The company regularly needs to keep an eye on the both national and regional regulation changes that occur frequently, impacting the vendor contractual compliance issues like background checks and licenses. With all these constant changes in the industry, ProfileGorilla inspects all the aspects of the future and prepares itself for the upcoming challenges. It leverages technology like AI and machine learning to stay at the forefront of the industry.

In order to deal with all the challenges in the supply chain industry, ProfileGorilla is integrating the platform with the latest technology. Leveraging technology will not just increase speed but also lower the risk and increase growth rate. Utilizing the latest technology enhances the performance of the company.

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