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The MarTech sector is changing everyday. The latest advancements in technology are providing more dynamic and personalized ways for businesses to effectively engage with their prospects and customers.

In the last few years, the MarTech industry has seen an increase in popularity in Artificial Intelligence tools that can help businesses automate and personalize a wide variety of their marketing, sales and customer service initiatives. Specifically with Chatbots on social networking websites, smartphones, and more, businesses can engage with customers and prospects at a rate that wasn’t possible in the past. In addition, there are some unique tools that can personalize email marketing and marketing automation efforts leveraging AI to increase the impact of typically traditional marketing efforts such as email.

With the mission to help organizations deliver personalized and relevant inbound campaigns that focus on the entire buyer’s journey, Arizona-based Prism Global Marketing Solutions has successfully delivered and implemented all aspects of the Inbound Marketing Methodology for their clientsThe inbound methodology is the most proven and effective way to build your digital brand identity while turning website visitors into qualified leads, and qualified leads into customers and promoters of businesses and brands.

Fetching HubSpot Expertise to Deliver World-Class Marketing Results

As a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, Prism Global Marketing Solutions provides top-notch marketing results and helps their clients achieve success through a combination of inbound marketing best practices, strategic planning, and HubSpot expertise. The leading marketing solutions provider company has also received several HubSpot Impact Awards for providing unique and innovative marketing, sales and technology integration services to their clients.

The team of Prism Global Marketing Solutions work with their clients to utilize HubSpot to its full potential for inbound campaigns including marketing, sales, and customer service. Along with effective analytics, this approach assists clients to connect with their community faster and at a deeper level of engagement,allowing them to continually improve their programs and offerings.

HubSpot Certified Trainer at Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Inbound marketing and inbound sales are not always easy to implement or sustain. It requires building an inbound program around a methodology and platform that will grow with user’s team and business. HubSpot Certified Training offered by Prism Global Marketing Solutions provides the necessary expertise and tools to help their clients successfully implement and manage inbound marketing and sales programs to drive the greatest results. These Inbound Marketing Training Programs include: Inbound Strategy Development, Inbound Marketing Fundamentals, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging & Content Development, Lead Generation & Conversion Paths, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation.

As HubSpot Certified Trainers, the team at Prism Global Marketing Solutions delivers the necessary training for teams to design and implement world-class inbound campaigns. They are also completely customized to the user’s needs and business needs, and can include in-person workshops, online programs, individual coaching sessions, or a combination of all of these for the most effective program for the business.

Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, Elyse Flynn Meyer, has a wide range of experience in marketing and sales management both on the agency side, as well as in-house. Her areas of expertise are specifically in online marketing, inbound marketing, strategic marketing planning, branding, as well as sales & marketing alignment. Prior to founding Prism Global Marketing Solutions, Elyse worked in various industries with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

A Trusted Business Partner for Clients

Established in 2013, Prism Global Marketing Solutions thrives on the customer journey as it works as a strategic partner for clients. The marketing solutions provider is focused on strategizing and implementing the inbound methodology, which includes marketing, sales, and customer service to drive business growth and increase revenue for their clients.

Prism Global Marketing Solutions ensures that all projects are customized and tailored to meet clients’ unique business objectives. Keeping its promise to provide client-focused offerings, the Arizona-based company has proven to be a true extension of customer’s team to deliver the digital marketing skills, education, and ideas, thereby helping clients take their inbound programs to the next level.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Clients’ Integrated Marketing

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner and HubSpot Certified Trainer, Prism Global Marketing Solutions provides strategic, integrated, and comprehensive inbound solutions by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Attract:

This piece of the inbound methodology puts clients’ brands in front of users when they are actually looking for them. This is different from the traditional type of advertising, and truly helps individuals through creative content to reach their audience. Prism Global Marketing Solutions helps their clients with this initial part of the strategy by using: Search Engine Optimization, Blogging & Inbound Content, Social Media Marketing, and Buyer Persona Development.

  • Convert:

The next piece of the inbound methodology focuses on converting those website visitors into leads through helpful content and resources that are beneficial for the user search for them. Some of the offerings that Prism Global Marketing Solutions provides their clients are: Lead Generating Offers, Conversion Paths, Progressive Web Forms, Dynamic Content, and Website Optimization.

  • Close:

This part of the methodology also means revenue, where Prism Global Marketing Solutions turn leads and visitors into customers for their clients. This is a critical piece of the methodology because it helps the marketing team tie revenue and ROI to their marketing initiatives, which contribute to the bottom line. For this, Prism Global Marketing Solutions leverages: Marketing Automation, Account-Based Marketing, Email Marketing, and Sales Alignment.

  • Delight:

Inbound marketing and inbound selling is all about providing remarkable content to clients’ leads and customers. But once someone becomes a customer, it is still critical to engage with them, however, it is often overlooked. Focusing on this part of the methodology allows Prism Global Marketing Solutions to work with their clients on ways to grow their business and referral channels by communicating with their customers in unique ways including: Channel & Partner Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Email Marketing/Automation, and Dynamic Web Content.

The Team at Prism Global Marketing Solutions

The team at Prism Global Marketing Solutions focuses on all aspects of clients’ digital marketing, sales alignment, and integration with their entire customer experience. Having a consultative team of inbound strategists, the team at Prism Global Marketing Solutions are digital marketing problem solvers who work with clients to develop ideas and solutions for specific marketing and sales campaigns to drive awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement. Most importantly, the team learns about their client’s team and business model before they begin any engagements. This ensures all campaigns and initiatives tie into customer’s overall mission and goals of the business.

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