Nova Jane: Redefining the Cosmetic Industry with Atypical Solutions

Nova Jane

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Entrepreneurship acts as a strong wheel of the economy that drives tremendous growth and upliftment. Various traits like persistence, dedication, passion, drive, and most importantly, a fearless approach lead successful entrepreneurs to achieve their dream destination. Despite constant odds and new challenges and trends in the path to success, these charismatic leaders pave the way to unrivaled success. Nova Jane (Founder and Principal CEO, Fitcover) is one of such resilient and courageous leaders who has revolutionized the cosmetic industry with her innovative ideas and optimism.

Intriguing Journey

Prior to Fitcover, Nova worked as a full-time dental nurse in Melbourne for about six months. Later, she moved to New Zealand Queenstown with her then partner and helped him build his own company—an indoor snowboarding centre. As the couple could not find an affordable rental at that time, they had to move into a caravan while building the company. Moreover, she was expecting a baby and simultaneously daily dreaming of starting her own company.

Nova always had a love for sports and fitness in her entire life. However, she faced and struggled with bad skin as well as felt self-conscious about training barefaced at the gym. There, she saw a gap in the makeup and fitness industries; there was merely any product that would not aggravate her skin or run whilst training. Moreover, she felt insecure about her acne and realized that other girls might be facing the same problem.

Besides, she could not even find a perfect product specifically for training and sweating that could cover the acne whilst not clogging up the pores and aggravating the acne more. This situation sparked the idea of new business and entrepreneurship in Nova’s mind. In 2017, she took a plunge and established her own company, Fitcover. Over the years, the company has achieved remarkable business growth driven by its very niche marketing strategy and loyal following among fitness lovers and professionals globally.

Fairly-traded Body care Products

When it comes to providing products and services, Fitcover leaves no room for excuses. The company was established to boost confidence in active lifestyles and it has propelled so much more than that. Fitcover proudly boasts that it is the first company that created makeup products to be worn while exercising. All the products are sweat-proof and act as skincare and everything is digested as makeup. They also allow sweat to pass through without blocking pores on the skin. Fitcover’s products not only do wonders for the skin but also the ingredients are naturally derived, nourishing, and cruelty-free. Additionally, the application is easy and effortless, giving more time to reach fitness goals.

Passionate Personality

Being at the helm, Nova shoulders various responsibilities and keeps the staff creative, and gives inspiration. “As the CEO of the company, I have my fingers on everything!” adds Nova. From product ideation and marketing to handling customer relationships, every day brings new tasks and challenges, and being the leader of the company, Nova strives to fight them. Moreover, she keeps the staff motivated by being a positive and passionate person in the room. According to her, her tremendous energy rubs off on everyone and this in turn makes them feel excited to do the best for Fitcover.

Empowering Beauty

According to Nova, the beauty industry is saturated. Though there are many new brands emerging in the cosmetic industry now and then, Fitcover is the only ‘Fitness-focused cosmetics’ brand on the market. The company persistently motivates, inspires, and empowers men and women to live more positive, healthy, and active lifestyles. It has always stayed in its lane and will continue to have a fitness element at every business and brand touchpoint.

Trusted Customer Relationships

Customer feedback is very important for any organization as it is the main reason behind development and growth. For Fitcover, clientele review is everything. The company has a staff member who is solely responsible for customer relations. It always takes into consideration all the complaints, positive feedback, or customer needs that are not being met. They maintain two-way communication with the customers in order to build trust and a relationship more than just a B2C relationship. “For me, you can launch a brand with a vision but then it’s your customers who will parve out the pathways you need to follow,” adds Nova.

Challenging Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, people always face challenges. According to Nova, she would have never established Fitcover if she knew the odds and difficulties in the path as they were overwhelming. However, passion always prevails and Nova assures that her passion and love for Fitcover will always get her through everything she will face and fight against.

Building Future

Fitcover has become an exception in the cosmetic industry with its unique and quality products. For the future, the company has lots of projects in the pipeline. However, the next most exciting will take everything the customers know and love about the company’s award-winning products. They include Active Mineral Powder Foundation and its Sweat-Ready Mineral Infused Liquid Foundation in a press powder format. Moreover, it really wants to be the go-to business brand for the perfect sweat-proof base. For that, it is important to give the customers different makeup bases to choose from and this feedback will be helpful for upcoming products.

Keeping the Right Mindset

Being a successful leader in the cosmetic and beauty industry, Nova has an appreciable experience in the respective field. Suggesting aspiring leaders, she tells that if the mindset is not in the right place, one cannot succeed. For that, she invests in professional coaching and mindset training ensuring that she always supports herself with the business decisions in the past and forthcoming future. She also advises entrepreneurs who wish to start a brand not to think too far ahead or dissect any idea too much as it is overwhelming.


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