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Noble Digital is a leading, digital marketing company that uses advanced digital mediums like AR/VR to take clients’ brands to the top of the list. The Founder of Noble DigitalAllen Martinez, has seen the evolution of digital media from the rise of the internet to the current big bangs like AR/VR. Allen believes that AR/VR is the latest tool to encourage customer engagement and it represents an exciting departure from the standard legacy tools that we currently use for digital marketing. It’s not just new, it actually packs a lot of new potential if used correctly. This innovative technology not only complements existing digital tools but it changes the marketing game completely. Over the years, AR/VR platforms like “core-kits” now allow to focus more on the story and less on time-consuming development phases. Corporate giants like L’Oreal and Ikea are starting to integrate this digital technology into their marketing and sales strategy.

Key Features Behind a Great AR/VR Experience

The digital media guru, Allen Martinez, shares an important aspect to creating an engaging user experience. He states that while creating great content is important, it is essential to keep the end-user experience relevant and appealing. The user experience is the major drive behind captivating the audience. Ultimately, the right strategic development and creative team will play a prime role in creating the best experiences.

Users not only seek a great experience but a personalized one too. Allen asserts that the development team needs to understand all the elements of the story built around the audience. This starts from explaining the customer’s journey, the sales cycle, creative execution, and development to housing content and the translation of AR/VR goals. The right content with a direct connection is essential in making an impactful AR/VR experience. Regardless of the complexity of the experience, it needs to be focused on connecting with the viewers’ emotions and expectations. Users enjoy inspiring content but they also crave content that grabs their attention and keeps them hooked.

How to Utilize Content and Frameworks to Save Resources?     

Noble Digital emphasizes on establishing an inbound funnel, which includes high-end content and videos around a creative message. This is an initial step to measure most of the brands and businesses’ needs.

Recently, Google and Facebook have confirmed that the creativity behind a message holds 80% of a campaign’s success while only 20% is from the reach and timing. At Noble Digital, Allen and his team follow this smart strategy to optimize resources. The Noble Digital teams act as an extension to any brand as they often have to integrate with large marketing teams.

In his speech at ‘Hubspots Inbound18’, Allen stresses on content’s role in the current marketing scene. He explains that one needs to pull genuine data and insights as the starting point to begin to exceed users’ expectations.

Delivering Clarity in a Complex Digital World

For a simpler approach in this digital world, the Founder of Noble digital affirms that a company needs talented employees who understand both “art and commerce”, either in-house or outsourced, as needed. Therefore, the teams of designers, engineers, and business analysts work hand-in-hand, as one. Allen goes into depth on the actual things you need to focus on to make AR/VR marketing relevant to your audience.

Using its local Hollywood film production world as its business model, Noble Digital taps into the very best talent on the planet. Noble has a friendly environment where networks of teams collaborate together to get the best results. Consequently, this atmosphere brought an understanding of integration within the company.

With its co-operative team, the California-based company starts with the organization’s point of view then analyzes its users’ issues and requirements. This approach enables both the organization’s leaders and team to be on the same page and establish a direct, comfortable connection. These customer-centric decisions provide a clarity and common understanding between all teams as they work in concert to support stories and responsive actions that they create, so that tracking and internal KPIs are accurate and in alignment with goals, while simultaneously creating engagement with its users. The support begins from taking the client’s branding and merging it with responsive elements, or as Noble calls it, the brand-response.

The Founders Guide to Progress & Business Success

During his time in college, Allen Martinez learned web design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena from Lynda Weinman, of fame. And in 1995, Allen moved over into film making and compositing breakthrough 3D animation to elevate the film industry. His bright and impressive work as a student is in the permanent archives at the MOMA NYC and got him a scholarship from the VFX shop “Rhythm and Hues”; they were in charge of special effects in major motions like Life of Pi, 300, and X-MEN. His award-winning work encouraged them to offer him a position as a director at their Los Angeles studio, but instead of focusing on VFX, he took a position as a commercial director at Quentin Tarantino’s company A Band Apart.

After a long career in production and directing commercials and films, Allen established Noble Digital in 2012 with the focus of expanding the market reach for growing companies. At Noble Digital, they research client’s data to focus on the most valuable insights to make actionable. He quickly became an expert in analyzing business info. As a TV commercial producer/director, he has always been on the edge for creative challenges, looking for the future of any given vertical. Today, after years of doing strategy and unlimited imagination, Allen and his team bring the client’s vision to life, as a result of thinking outside the box to solve a problem.

Allen believes that to create eye-catching content, you need a strong, dedicated, and creative team. Noble Digital offers just that. Often, clients don’t realize the amount of time and effort exerted in the strategy and concept development phase before building anything. Allen supports his team, trusting they will deliver their greatest efforts and do all it takes, as he guides them to crafting the best content for their clients. When the clients experience the efforts and results of Allen and his team, they rest assured knowing that their vision is in good hands to creating the inbound customer acquisition flow for websites.

Noble Digital’s Upcoming Plans: Strike Ahead of All Competitors

Noble Digital has surprised its clients with its extraordinary solutions and marketing strategies. In the upcoming years, the California-based company will continue providing value to its clients through planned work, creativity, and advanced technology. Their accomplishments vary from ingenious emerging AR/VR experiences and new brand launches to creating the customer acquisition flow for websites. Noble strives to always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and market updates.In fact Allen spoke on how to make AR/VR work for your marketing at the ContentTech Summit19. Allen and his team at Noble recognize that technology will never stop advancing; which is why they utilize Noble’s system using a brand’s vision as it’s canvas.

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