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In today’s fast-moving life, the term healthcare has also evolved with time. Today, it is more about fighting against issues such as obesity, mental health, along with issues related to physical activity and nutrition and several other. Previously, these issues were less talked about in the healthcare industry. But, with changing priorities and lifestyle patterns, these health issues have risen. Concurrently, some similar changes can also be seen in the healthcare industry. Many standard practices are replaced with more advanced ones. Similarly, the healthcare facilities are becoming much accessible as compared to earlier.

Healthcare is more accessible but at the same time it is also one of the most costly engagements. The organizations today are taking initiatives to make healthcare cost-effective. Healthcare is a big industry that is complex and well-funded, which means staying abreast of the rapid changes that are likely to impact it. Factors such as technological advancement, change in government policies, funding, and financial regulations all play a huge role in shaping the healthcare industry.

Addressing Health Issues since Ages

Both health systems and employers are assuming more risk to control and reduce health care costs.  Addressing such lifestyle behaviors is one of the prime concerns in today’s time.  Incepted in 1980, StayWell is eager to play a central role in putting efforts to address all the changes and drive 30 percent of all the health care costs. Over the last 40 years, health issues such as sleep, stress, and weight are being amongst the prime concerns. Being a healthcare transformational leader, Nicole Latimer, CEO of StayWell, has effectively managed these issues through proven behavioral science principles.

On an everyday basis, the company helps people address lifestyle behaviors that impact individuals’ health. Using proven experience and clinical research, it guides patients, employees, and plan members with engaging programs to improve health journeys. Issues such as smoking, sleeping, stress management, dietary choices, and physical fitness are continuously impacting peoples’ life. StayWell provides individuals with important coping skills to develop happier and healthier lives. It has developed proven programs and expert educations in formats and delivery channels that are most accessible.

Encouraging People to Pursue Their Own Well Being

Nicole actively encourages people to pursue their own well-being and spend time investing in areas of life that help them feel renewed and recharged. For her, that comes in the form of daily exercise and mediation. For others, it may be getting outdoors, prayer, yoga classes or spending with their children. She believes in promoting fitness. As a company in the healthcare industry, StayWell instituted a daily 30 minutes wellness break during the middle of the workday named “Bean Time.” Nicole wants to create a healthy environment where all the employees are living up to the company’s value. Furthermore, she wants each and every individual to feel supported, respected, engaged, and passionate in their roles.

Nicole enlightens on company values, she says, “More employees are gauging potential employers with how the company’s values align with their own, and if a company’s culture isn’t one that respects its own employees, recruiting and retaining top talent will always be a challenge, which in turn affects all other aspects of the business.”  She believes that her journey has always been about working with people that she admires and respects. Through elements such as bean time, participating in a culture advancement committee, conducting quarterly employee engagement surveys and taking time to connect with people at all levels throughout the company. She has always gravitated towards organizations that had a strong and positive culture, and those are typically the result of great people.

The Year of Introductions and Strategies for the Future

At Present, the year 2020 is a pivotal year for StayWell. The company will be introducing some major advances in the digital delivery of patient education, as well as making advances to improve accessibility to more individuals. Within the first month of 2020 it has more than doubled the number of users on its My StayWell platform, lifestyle risk management solution. On the road of uncertainties, the company expects that number to continually grow as it introduces advanced tools for participant engagement and education which will extend the reach among individuals, as well as various organizations.

The future holds many uncertainties so it is important to plan ahead. In the next five years, Nicole hopes that StayWell becomes further integrated among employees and health systems, helping to close gaps in the digital health space to create a more connected patient journey. Through these touchpoints in patient’s lives, it can supply the right guidance and support to make a significant impact on the health of others and a seismic shift in the culture.

Analyzing the Common Mistakes

Addressing the common mistakes done by the patients and healthcare institutes, Nicole asserts, “A missed opportunity that I have made myself is not asking for clarification so that I can truly understand the information shared by physicians and nurses.” Furthermore, she adds, “Patients are often intimidated by medical language because it is so different from our normal conversational language. Even those who work in the industry themselves, often forget to ask extra questions or clarify when we are patients, to ensure we understand the information and care directions.” As health settings can be intimidating for many people, but health education leads to health empowerment. She always tell friends, family, and colleagues to feel comfortable asking a physician or clinician to speak more slowly or to explain something in more simple terms, and to always ask more questions.


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