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Nearly 10 years ago, when blockchain technology was introduced, it was bound to be one of the most revolutionary techs with many applications yet to be discovered. Till date, blockchain’s full potential is yet to be discovered. However, with time we sure can notice the involvement in many industry niches. Nadav Dakner, the CEO of MarketAcross shares his view on the evolution of blockchain technology and how Market Across is at the forefront of this evolution.

Blockchain is starting to mature as an industry and you can really see the evolvement in the prism of marketing,” said Nadav.

In 2017, the first big bull run, we could see that the marketing gimmicks and plays were mostly focused on “How to generate FOMO” quickly through different channels and mediums. But today, such marketing gimmicks do not exist—and even if they exist they’re considerably smaller, referring to the Telegram bots, Airdrops, Bounties, and upcoming ICO website alerts. Presently, marketing has become far more professional. The aim is to present good and stellar content (inbound and content marketing), top-notch PR and strategic exposure, thought leadership for C-levels that distinguishes them among the competitors, well-placed social media presence in real-time and influencer marketing. The goal has shifted from quick shill to more long-term growth and consumer retention.

The inclusion of technologies in marketing has introduced us to a new spectrum of opportunities. However, the full potential of modern marketing can only be utilized by veterans of the industry. Since 2014, the team of MarketAcross has been working with blockchain solutions. Nearly two years later, the company was established and delivered premium content marketing solutions for start-ups and cryptocurrencies.

Team of Experts

MarketAcross distinguishes itself amongst the competitors with several aspects. To name a few, the company existed before the “blockchain boom” and so have more established and better connections. Besides, the team of experienced marketers has worked in start-ups way before blockchain so they encompass diverse marketing expertise. Nadav adds, “We work performance-based in the sense that we guarantee media exposure and certain results and we get behind it.”

As a leader, his responsibilities are far diverse, from managing the finances, relationship with publishers (media outlets, bloggers, and journalists), employees, growth, technology, and the campaigns. Though he supervises all the operations, he believes the success of MarketAcross is due to the team effort. The only recognition he would assent to is hiring the best employees that care about the business and brands the company works with.

Together the team has surfed through the very long bear market. This market separated between the more novice agencies and the premium ones that already had bigger and more stable clients. With sheer dedication and excellence, the company built a name for itself in the market. As it delivers premium service and had worked with the biggest and best in the industry it attained the attention of publishers and funds. “We also get recommended due to our service so all of that really helped,” said Nadav.

Tailored Holistic Marketing Services

From Content creation to content placement & content amplification, MarketAcross is the one-stop-shop for content marketing. It includes a wide-ranging portfolio of services that help in the expansion of the clients’ online presence and garners more attention. This wide-ranging bouquet includes,

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    MarketAcross performs strategic keyword research, optimizes the content, and strengthens the organic online footprint to generate inbound leads on auto-pilot. It uses a combination of link building and off-page SEO to help clients’ websites rank higher on all major search engines and ensure qualified leads are easily finding their business, reducing their ongoing advertising costs.

  • Blockchain Public Relations

    The blockchain PR strategies & tactics are built on personal relationships with some of the world’s leading editors, writers, and content producers. Allowing the company to secure feature coverage in both top-tier publications and some of the most respected channels on YouTube.

  • Blockchain Content Marketing

    MarketAcross’s robust network of relationships with top-tier media outlets, influential bloggers, and website owners, is leveraged to boost clients’ online presence. The team does not rely on breaking news to drive traffic and can obtain press even during industry downtime.

  • Online Reputation Management Services

    Blockchain communities can be relentless—with MarketAcross’s ORM services, rest assured that it will authentically protect client’s company image from any negative online feedback. The team will audit current digital results and optimize accordingly. The goal is to boost clients’ positive footprint and work tirelessly to ensure the conversation around clients’ company is engaging and exciting.
  • Thought Leadership

    MarketAcross’s team will work with client’s C-level to turn them into thought leaders and content influencers. This means the team will ghostwrite great content on their behalf or refine the content they write. Then, outreach to editors and use the network of exclusive connections to post these articles under their name. The team will shoot for top tier crypto and mainstream respected publications to feature them as contributors or a columnist.

  • Content Distribution

    The team works on the tech, crypto, finance, and business media pieces for weeks to hype everything as much as possible and get a lot of reputability to the project and great traction to the post. It will secure one on one interviews and project reviews to expose everyone from the crypto community to clients’ project. The team makes use of a combination of software, power users, and its wide network of Reddit and YouTube top influencers to create massive discussions and hype to get viral discussions.

  • Community growth

    Helping the customers to build communities while monitoring and improving their social media performance, protecting their reputation, and providing better customer care. The team comprises both technical, marketing, and investing backgrounds. Thus the team has built tech-supported mechanisms to be able to filter the traffic that’s coming in (MarketAcross can block specific GEOs, it has also created its analytics tool, which is a SaaS that is included for free in each campaign.


Digital Revolution and Pandemic

Staying parallel to the digital revolution, MarketAcross is looking at opportunities to integrate advanced technologies in the services. These advanced services will help to keep track of the campaign as well as infusing social growth into MarketAcross’s campaign—for instance, platforms like Reddit, Quora, YouTube, StackOverflow, StackExchange, GrowthHackers. Recently, the team had success with the 4Chan campaign.

While blockchain is a decentralized industry, I believe working together physically has a big benefit,” said Nadav highlighting the new norm of remote working.

COVID-19 outbreak’s countermeasure has somehow hampered the economic well-being. Yet, businesses managed to stay afloat by shifting the services to the virtual platform. The team of MarketAcross was forced to work from home for a long time, so Nadav could sense the difference—especially when the team was together brainstorming, collaborating, bonding, etc.  “I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of working remotely, but one thing we’ve learned from the new normal is that it’s great to have office presence but for a business to succeed you also need to know how to WFH,” he adds.

Prepping for the New Normal

MarketAcross has spent 2020 on enhancing their skillset and knowledge. The team is aware that the new normal will demand a different and better approach to sustain the challenges. Harnessing their skills and utilizing their expertise, the team has managed to scale the company to new heights. For 2021, Nadav is hoping to see the restrictions being lifted and the team can be together again happily striving to achieve the best. He concludes, “The key really is hard work (and a bit of luck).


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