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In order to improvise the skill development of employees, organizations are practicing eLearning for organizational training. The benefit of utilizing technology in training is that it is cost-effective and can be delivered at convenient times without affecting the work. The leading eLearning solution provider, KnowHow is leveraging all the advantages that come with technology to deliver organizational training to its users. KnowHow develops exceptional training sessions for the all-round skill development of employees.

Know-How is the number one solution to managing organizational training and promoting staff development. From one fully interactive and intuitive interface, managers can easily create and deploy engaging media-rich training content for their staff that will empower learners to achieve their business and personal goals.

The Establishment of KnowHow

Incepted in 2001, KnowHow is an eLearning platform that has provided its learning management system (LMS) to organizations. Though the primary service was LMS it was later modified and several other offerings were added to the platform. In addition, it also offers Custom System Development Expertise.

The ever-developing platform has been altered over the years, to offer the solutions and services that are spread across a wide spectrum of organizations that perfectly cover the client requirements. It caters to almost every organization, irrespective of large and small or local and global scale. KnowHow successfully has demonstrated that eLearning can be cost-effective and can be executed with minimal interruption to employees’ workday.

The Tactic to Survive In the Competition

Focusing the total attention on the clients, KnowHow ensures that the services are timely upgraded and tailored according to the client’s needs. The company holds Road Map sessions frequently, in which the clients participate to perceive the current trends and requirements in terms of functionality, security, and best of the breed. The key behind the efficient and effective products is the Quick turnaround times and exceptional support.

eLearning is a single element of a learner’s skill development, which KnowHow smartly combines with an employee’s career achievements via Personal Development Action Plans, Performance and Check-in reviews, Individualized Training Goals, 360 feedback, Competency, Talent Identification, and Continuous Professional Development to deliver excellent results.

Bringing Change in the Employee Training System

Richard Kleyn the Director at KnowHow states that eLearning can be built via Brown bag lunch sessions with small groups and the knowledge shared throughout the larger organization.

Richard belongs to the retail and financial backgrounds, and this background exposed him to the limitation of training in the sectors. He found out that training was limited, inadequate, and formal in nature. He observed that employees had a little ownership of their training and development path, and HR was unable to confidently report and monitor such interventions. This led to more expenses in regards to training budgets. Richard explains, “Training was often seen as a double cost to the organization, in terms of financial, and loss of productivity, with a curriculum that was not tailored to their specific environment or industry.”

In the process of overcoming this limitation, Richard joined KnowHow which was a platform primarily focused on employee development through continuously improving and updating its platform. On explaining the features of the company, Richard said that it offers a fully themed bespoke look and feel for those looking for a custom platform. He further added that the look and feel are designed on the basis of the client’s corporate identity and takes into account its user base and ethos.

Providing Seamless Extendable Offerings

KnowHow was initially developed as a Learning Management System with the primary focus on delivering eLearning. Shifting its focus from eLearning, the company expanded its services to offer Event Management, Performance Development Reviews, Training Goals / Catalogue, Content Creation, and much more in its platform. This expansion of services contributed to the positive growth of the company. In addition, in order to provide the seamless extendable offering, the KnowHow platform assimilated add on modules for Competency, and Talent Management, which are specifically integrated for better performance. Upgrading from the traditional LMS platform, it has transformed into a complete Employee Development Management.

Seven Key Pillars of Know How Model

Based on the experience of client engagement, the company understands that the clients’ operating in regulated environments need to demonstrate that they have adequately trained and up-skilled employees in the dynamic industries. These industries include Finance, Logistics, Engineering, Energy, Environment, and FDA regulated industries, to mention a few. KnowHow blends a learning approach that incorporates external vendor training with internal eLearning courses.

The e-learning typically starts primarily as an induction program. KnowHow believes that induction for beginners at organizations should be achieved fully, prior to the fresher entering the field on the first day. This helps to increase efficiency and reduce the impact of existing staff. The manager or HR evaluate compliance and HSEQ requirements, for the employee. Later a Personal development Action Plan is reviewed and implemented for the employee. A relevant/required training course is made available for the employee, as well as additional training courses can be assigned through a training catalog. Frequently a performance development review is evaluated to set company and personalized objectives for the employees. However, the performance of the employee is constantly measured via micro stats.

To support this approach, there are seven key pillars, which form the base ground of this learning approach.

Intuitive Design—> Create —> Evaluate—> Plan—> Growth—> Performance—> Monitor

The Forthcoming Innovative Projects

In order to upgrade the platform into a more reliable one, KnowHow is all set to integrate webinars with automated session recording and conversion for shareable eLearning. In addition to these automated sessions, the platform plans to provide an online subject matter expert, which can be linked to specific training material via built-in question routing on a content level.

KnowHow understands that the use of bots and machine learning is ever-evolving. The company utilizes the novel tech in improving user experiences, increase interaction and provide a real-time source for customer feedback. It is also creating a One-Click-Build, which would offer users the ability to upload Word, PDF, and PowerPoint documents. The system then converts these documents into eLearning that can be accurately scored, durations recorded and bookmarking saved.

Richard’s Message for its Customers

Richard believes that skill development is an important element for the employee growth that requires structured planning and continuous re-invention, on both content and strategy levels. This balance is the key to being successful. To maintain efficient and effective results, organizations need to constantly practice skill/learning development. He adds, “Skills / Learning development is equally owned by the employee and upper management — the more its encouraged and reinforced above, the more efficient and effective the results will be.”

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