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Kaspa's Desserts

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The dessert and ice-cream industry in the United Kingdom has witnessed tremendous development that led to a huge investment of late. Numerous dessert companies across the country have come up with resourceful perspectives to break the mold and reshape the dessert industry. With its authentic and innovative product ideas and opportunities for franchise business expansion, Kaspa’s Desserts has been providing gratifying experiences to its clients and customers.

A Profound Establishment

Kaspa’s, also known as Kaspa’s Desserts—a chain of exciting new desserts started its first venture in 2012 in Purley. The inspiration behind Kaspa’s was intensive traveling in countries like Italy and the USA as well as researching for new ideas to create real dessert houses across the UK. With the vision of providing reasonable and toothsome products, the co-founders, Azhar Rehman and Qasim Ali Rehman opened another branch in Croydon, South London on March 7, 2013. The company propels in the industry with the mission of creating an environment where enjoying authentic desserts with family, friends, and loved ones is an unforgettable experience.

Palatable Products and Services

Kaspa’s strives to nourish the guests’ satiety with its irresistible products and unparalleled customer satisfaction. The parlor provides a mouthwatering selection of hot and cold desserts that include ice creams, gelatos, waffles, crepes, milkshakes, smoothies, and sundaes. As the waffles are the most popular attraction in Kaspa’s, it offers plenty of creatively decorated menus to whet the appetite of customers. This modern company is also known as the “King of Dessert”.

Moreover, the strong network of Kaspa’s allows for starting a franchise that provides a wider customer base and strong brand recognition. Investing in Kaspa’s is a highly profitable opportunity for ambitious leaders that gives a rewarding experience. Depending on the investor’s budget, the company provides enticing and exciting designs for franchisees. As of records, it currently serves 104 branches across the UK and an international branch in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Attractive Offers on Desserts

For constant engagement of customers, Kaspa’s has applied amazing strategies. Clients can find various alluring offers on desserts and other products. For Thorpe Park and Warwick Castle’s offer, the company has partnered with Merlin Entertainments and allows customers 2 for 1 entry with important terms and conditions applied. Moreover, they provide the following exciting offers

  • Coffee and Cake: This is valid for all weekdays, subject to working hours of the stores, and only applicable on regular-sized products.
  • Free Shakes and Cakes: This offer enables customers to redeem a FREE milkshake or a cake piece on their birthdays.
  • Everyday Hero’s: This is dedicated to fighting heroes in the country like Armed Forces, police officers, doctors, nurses, etc. 

Value-added and Transparent Trade

At Kaspa’s, every member is dedicated to serving a memorable experience. All the franchises guarantee that all these products are handmade, suitable for vegetarians, and do not contain artificial preservatives. The company also boasts its modern and value-added brand that appeals to a wide audience including the younger generation as well as families. Moreover, it holds a goal of helping third-world countries, ensuring that they are treated fairly and paid well. By providing real factual data to the world, the company remains true and follows transparent behavior. 

Important Support and Help

Along with the permission to open a franchise, Kaspa’s offers numerous perspectives to investors. The company provides a tried and tested operating system that has already been successfully rolled out to approximately 80 stores. It also gives unmatched and market-leading products as well as competitive royalty and marketing fees. Moreover, comprehensive onsite training, ongoing support for maximizing the profits and developing the business, access to nationwide funds as well as global marketing and PR support, turn-key store setup, and profitability workshops are included in the support system.

Extensive Training 

Ensuring the best Kaspa’s Desserts Journey, the company provides outstanding training sessions to the members for starting the venture. This extensive training includes:

  • Support and guidance throughout the process
  • A training package that contains comprehensive manuals, reference guides
  • Site selection assistance
  • Staff recruiting and training
  • Help in choosing the right interior based on the budget
  • Local marketing activities 
  • Support in handling day-to-day operations

To start, the initial capital must be $10,000 USD and after acquiring the franchise ownership, a 5-6% royalty fee is expected from the owner.

Noteworthy Achievements

Kaspa’s attracted not only customers across the country but also the food and dessert bloggers and gourmets. Many food lovers have tried this nationwide restaurant and written their experiences in their blogs. Frusher on Food blog has appreciated the big menu and variations in desserts. The blog has also shared some attractive images of food items and quoted “Kaspa’s exceeded my expectations and certainly seemed good value”.

Another interview by Your Local Guardian admired the journey of the founder and congratulated Kaspa’s by saying “Kaspa’s does really offer a fantastic indulgent treat and seems to be set for international success”. Moreover, over the successful span of seven years, Kaspa’s has been awarded various significant awards such as Bfa Associate Member in 2018 and Deliveroo’s best dessert-only restaurant, Restaurant Awards (Nominations), etc. in 2019.

Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

Azhar Rehman, the director and co-founder of Kaspa’s, is a highly-skilled and well-spoken personality. His vast experience in the dessert sector is valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to make a mark in their fields. Guiding such individuals, Rehman advises not to be scared of taking risks as these business ventures require a lot of resources and hard work. Further, he suggests that despite numerous clientele problems, in the beginning, everyone must give a try to create the best products to give outstanding customer experiences.


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