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Ambiguity is synonymous with the business world. With the rapidly increasing business all over the world, the ambiguous nature of business questions the ability of both organizations as well as the leaders. To avoid this, management plays a vital role in keeping businesses on track while offering services/solutions to their customers. Correspondingly, the steep rise in the number of organizations demanded the quality of process and project management. Both process and project management are extensive and require detailed attention. With the arrival of advanced technology and digitalization, the need for upgrading along with current industry requirements is crucial.

Due to automation in the process and project management, the issues were solved that traditionally the industry lacked. Incepted in 2009, ISETIA offers a powerful, globally trusted cloud-based online cooperation platform with an innovative approach to process & project management. It helps clients with planning, managing, cooperating, executing, and reporting programs, projects, and portfolios.

The Ideal Management Platform

The ISETIA platform helps to automate consistent and repeatable processes to increase efficiency, improve visibility, and better utilize resources, resulting in improvement of productivity, reduction in operational costs, and mitigation of risk. Its unique character is based on covering needs in the same high standard of all levels of organization in micro and macro planning, with multidimensional visualization and in an interactive way.

ISETIA runs on the cloud and offers several pre-configured modules aligned to different project environments and needs, to immediately benefit the users. The platform has been constantly developing and can be tailored to a particular organization’s specific needs. It consists of modules such as—Document Management, 3P Management, Cost Management, Process Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Change Management, Lessons Learned, BIM Module and ISETIA Analytic. These modules transfer ISETIA into a multidimensional world.

The company takes responsibility for ISETIA distribution as well as implementation, training, consultation, and maintenance. Moreover, by cooperating with the FND Partner Network – an exclusive group of international solution provides, ISETIA ensures local support to customers all over the world.

A Digital Business Transformation Expert

Iwona Bogucka (Co-founder and CEO at ISETIA) is at the helm of the company’s operations. She has two decades of management experience, which she is leveraging to drive ISETIA’s growth. She believes that being the co-founder and CEO at the same time allows her to navigate towards strategic business goals as well as her aspirations. “It’s very much a creative part of my life and I do appreciate it that way,” she adds.

Over the years, her role has become centered on strategy mapping and public-facing. Along with the general roles and responsibilities, dealing with adversities is one of the most important roles for an entrepreneur. Particularly in the current times like the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of this role is signified. With the ISETIA team, Iwona is working hard to supply help to companies that urgently need to develop digital space for remote functioning. For these companies, Iwona added that Common Data Environment is the solution.

Accelerated need for Digitalization

COVID-19 has forced industries to work from remote locations which raised challenges to the majority of companies. Strategically, remote working has always been a part of the businesses but the intent was absent. The outbreak of COVID-19 drastically accelerated the time frame of remote working, which gave ISETIA lots of development opportunities. Likewise, with the help of digitalization, companies finally witnessing a true understanding of unstoppable Business Digitalization need.

The company remained unaffected by the crisis as it has been utilizing digital documentation and communication processes every day for its internal collaboration with the international ISETIA team. This has helped the company to overcome all the challenges that presently the world is undergoing in its work culture. Backing its experience, it offers digital documentation and communication along all company processes catering to the current needs. “ISETIA delivers not just single improvement but complete digital transformation and is not just an individual system but ecosystem,” asserts Iwona.

Enhancing the Digital Environment

Currently, there is a high demand for online services as there is a limit to personal contact and change in a working scenario. ISETIA understands the exact needs of the industry in case of documentation processing and management. Another important factor is that presently, the industry is stressing more on the improvement for all types of data analyses and reporting. Outfitting the needs, ISETIA has improved its ISETIA BUSINESS INTELIGENCENCE by expanding the capacity of ISETIA ANALYTIC MODULE. It helps people across the organization to build a data-driven culture with a powerful, visually stunning perspective. This helps to enhance the whole digital environment of data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, and dashboards boosting the effectiveness.

Assertive For the Future

At present, several companies are struggling to keep up with the unprecedented digital world. ISETIA—offering simple and resilient solutions—is aiming to help these companies and assist them with immediate benefits. The company has always committed to help its customers with a complete digital transformation platform. Iwona is assertive about the future with strategic development roadmaps and is looking forward to integrating AI.

Acknowledging the current uncertainties, several budding entrepreneurs dubious about entering the industry. Iwona is positive about the growth of the industry and advices’ emerging leaders to invest in learning about the futuristic techs and adhere to the changes. “The most important quality for becoming a successful entrepreneur is passion and dedication combined with an endless will to learn and develop in business but also private life,” concludes Iwona.

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