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In the present technological environment, there is an urgent demand from customers, employees, and end-users for developing responsive and user-friendly software applications that will help to improve areas of communication, business and entertainment. While the previous decade has seen an overwhelming evolution of the software testing industry, modern software testing is witnessing a paradigm shift with the testing processes scaling to a higher degree of maturity. Apparently, with the foray of agile development practices, QA was forced to transform into QE to manage the Agile juggernaut. Moreover, the rapid influx of open source tools in the market has reaffirmed the usage of automation tools. With digital transformation being a key game changer for enterprises, there is a growing consensus amongst C-level executives that QE holds paramount importance due to the profound impact it has on the business outcomes with continuous delivery and integration.

Innominds is a leading provider of digital transformation services for building industry solutions through digital innovation and engineering services focused on devices, apps and analytics. The QA solution providing company renders expertise in the field of product engineering, cognitive analytics, connected devices & Cloud apps, as well as, assists enterprises in their digital transformation initiatives. The skilled team of Innominds is responsible for building better outcomes for its clients through reliable, advanced technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and enterprise mobility among others. Headquartered in San Jose and with more than 1200 employees, Innominds is the partner of choice for its clients in innovation.

Multidimensional Leader Behind Innominds

Innominds, as an organization, was the end-result of a drive for innovation. Divakar Tantravahi, Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Innominds, believes in the concept of disruptive technology and the potential it has to change the way one does business. Disruptive innovation is one of the reasons for the establishment of the organization. Divakar, with his vision for innovation and belief in the concept of enterprising technology, brings focus on product engineering, sets goals for global strategy and contributes to building a sustainable business over the long run. Divakar co-founded Innominds with the guiding principles of focusing on customer needs, their success and delivering a platform of freedom and growth for employees.

Remarkable Range of QA & Testing Services

With Innominds deep expertise in testing and strong domain knowledge, it helps enterprises in addressing challenges in the field of growth, sustainability, cost and adoption of rapidly changing technology trends. Innominds provides end-to-end testing solutions in the field of digital transformation, which makes a difference to an organization’s success. It also addresses the business challenges and industry problems through continuous innovation and industry knowledge.

  • Innominds’ intelligent test automation framework (Harmony) is capable of providing insights on defect trends, build failures, test coverage, code changes & impact analysis, history of past defects and end-user interactions. These insights help QA teams to strengthen shift left practices and helps in generating new test cases, test data and business process scenarios to prevent potential defects.
  • Innominds’ unified framework enables end-to-end test automation of thick client, web, mobile and any other custom applications without compromising on the quality testing. Its unified, intelligent platform seamlessly and flawlessly integrates with a wide variety of upstream and downstream SDLC tool suites.

Customer Satisfaction Services

Innominds is a customer-centric organization that believes in providing its clients with the best in the industry. It is one of the few organizations that possess integrated expertise in apps, device technologies, and analytics. Innominds provides the right solutions to its clients for their business requirements, which, in turn, assists them in achieving their business goals. This intuitiveness helps the organization in building a strong relationship with its customers.

Innominds reposes great importance to the philosophy of time-to-market along with its real differentiator ability to inherit the complexity and confusion among client’s product development teams and deliver clarity. Innominds is uniquely positioned in the market to offer accelerated solutions through its combined services with accelerators iFusion, KiteBoard, Harmony and Enigma.

Major Factors Contributing Towards Innominds Success

Over the years, Innominds was able to foresee and made strategic investments in accelerators and partnership to innovate in devices, apps, and analytics for the digital era. It has helped its clients in designing & building products, integrating & managing systems apart from solving business problems for enterprise business transformations. Innominds has played a stellar role in the digital shift of various enterprises across industries and has helped them in staying ahead of their competitors.

Overcoming Pitfalls & Challenges

The shift to digital transformation is the biggest challenge, which enables enterprises to create new applications and solutions that are based on the demands of the market. To meet this challenge, enterprises are expecting testing teams to retain the quality of delivery features without compromising on the application’s quality while adopting advanced development practices such as Agile and DevOps.

To overcome these challenges, Innominds has set up an internal road-map to build a robust framework to develop a smart test automation framework to address real business challenges. This framework will be built on the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Smart Technologies that provide solutions to rapidly changing technology, emerging trends, and business demands. By adopting this unified framework, organizations can reduce costs, operational expenditures and improve agility & accuracy.

Recommendations for the GenNext Entrepreneurs

For the younger generation who want to enter and excel in the field of technology, Divakar’s cognitive advice is to possess strong technical and analytical skills, predominantly in software development vis-à-vis software testing. In the current context, they are called Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET).

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