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Improving Metrics: Offering Highly Advanced Google Solutions To Elevate Businesses

Improving Metrics

It is no secret that Google can uplift businesses with its highly advanced and customer-centric technology solutions. The various products and services offered by Google have the potential of bringing mobility, scalability, and flexibility to the business. Gmail, Google Analytics, and Google Docs have become the most essential parts of organizations along with its various services such as web-based products that include search tools, advertising services, communication and publishing tools. There are development tools that comprises of security tools, map related products, and statistical tools. It also helps businesses by offering operating systems, desktop applications, and mobile applications. Google has developed tremendous impact on today’s business ecosystem and its integration has become almost vital for organizational growth. However, to leverage the full potential of Google’s offerings, enterprises partner with companies that have deep expertise in this domain. One such company, with whom leading enterprises prefer to work, is Improving Metrics. Improving Metrics with its high-class solutions and expertise has emerged as one of the leading companies in this sector and has helped multiple corporates grow by providing advanced Google solutions.

A Ruling Tech Company with Splendid Proficiency

The Tech Company—Improving Metrics with specialization in data analytics, QA, artificial intelligence, development and optimization of digital business strategies was established in 2011 in A Coruña, Spain and has offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

The company has expertise in digital analytics, cross-platform data, data quality, digital strategy, web analytics, mobile apps, online marketing, AI, in store analytics, and many more. The team focuses its efforts on certain vital areas like digital marketing, data science, digital analytics, quality of the data, business optimization, and artificial intelligence. Improving Metrics always intend to provide valuable information to the clients to improve decision-making. To ensure the confidence in offered information and analysis, it has developed its own QA data quality technology. Improving Metrics, at the moment, considers everything related to IoT, AI, Smart-cities, and data privacy crucial. This is due to the fact that these technologies are making their presence felt in the day-to-day lives.

Team Improver: The Squad of Improving Minds

Improving Metrics is a fine team of talented and enthusiastic young professionals. The individuals of the team are called as Improvers and their personal development is primarily kept in focus by the firm. These Improvers are provided with customized training projects to cultivate them at the pace of technology. The organization believes that taking care of people is taking care of the product as it knows that the quality of data is due to the people working behind it. Not only to their work, but the team is also committed towards the sustainability of environment and follows the guidelines for waste management, conservation, and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the Improvers get Pilates and English lessons along with multiple services like work/family reconciliation, parking lot, tax advisor, and private medical care. To get best out of its employees, the company also offers facilities like flexible timing, summer schedule, restaurant card, training and development, annual team building etc.

CEO Striving to Spread Ethical Use of Technology

Jesús Echarri, the Founder and CEO of Improving Metrics established the firm with the aim of helping large and small businesses to meet their goals. Being passionate about technology, he always goes for innovation and excellence with the clear roadmap of the future strategies and tries to see beyond the current times. Along with his expertise in digital transformation, especially in digital analytics and online business strategies, Jesús has earned great knowledge in data science, data quality, and optimization using various technologies.

Being in the industry for a significant amount of time, he has observed that modern businesses are striving to make a positive impact on the world and are focusing on sustainability, thereby leaving their mark economically, socially, and environmentally. In recent times, technologies are being used unethically and hence Jesús (Co-founder, Good for Humans) and several IT executives took the key initiative and launched the ‘Good for Humans’ (GFH) project. This is the first international certificate that links technology with people’s values. This certificate ensures that the technology—either a service or a product—meets the ethical standards of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Improving Metrics has the similar philosophy as that of GFH to make an impactful difference in the world.

Showcasing Performance to Win Clients

Improving Metrics works with renowned international companies, primarily aiding the e-commerce companies who need to know and control the events in each country. Improving Metrics successfully stands up to their clients’ expectations and educates them about each product line along with the information that empowers them to create personalized experience for all their users. The company further collaborates with the top-notch technology partners to constantly upgrade their products, which keeps its clients ahead of the technology curve. Impressively, the superlative performance and high-class solutions of Improving Metrics has helped in adding eleven new clients in the last five months from diverse sectors such as banking, insurance, fashion, online betting, and the public sectors.

A Glimpse into the Current Projects of Improving Metrics

Improving Metrics is currently engaged in a 5 million € project called Brain-IoT, with twelve well-renowned partners from 5 European countriesThis Project, focused on IoT, is targeted to develop a methodology that will help in connecting different platforms to internet to work together in a decentralized, compatible, and dynamic way and will also look for a solution to collaborate with several autonomous devices with each other to share information in simple and safe way through open standards.

The firm has designed ISA, an artificial vision system powered by 25 cameras and showcase at the Trison Digital Experience Lab in Barcelona. These high-tech cameras are designed not only to capture movements around the showroom but also provide the opportunity of subdividing customers’ profile based on gender, age, feelings, and mobility in the room.

Improving Metrics, as per the name is always striving for improvement and is currently developing a Data Quality tool that purposes to allow the customers and even competitors to have better, faster, and simpler implementation. The tool also promises to control the whole value chain of data.