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Cloud Computing has revamped the entire IT landscape. It has offered motility, flexibility, agility and high accessibility to the workforce. Cloud has been responsible for increased enterprise economies and high tech computing infrastructure, thereby reducing IT expenditure. Enterprises and companies of all sizes are swiftly adopting this new wave of digital transformation by utilizing cloud based software, platforms, operational systems, enhanced visibility and lower IT entanglements.

HashedIn Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a leading cloud services solution provider and an Amazon Web Service (AWS) Advanced partner. Incepted in 2010, the company was founded with the vision to help businesses create a unified digital experience by translating ideas to market ready products at speed, and innovative ways. Till date, it has been highly successful in building, transforming and launching 105+ products for customers in the US and APAC region. The cloud solutions provider, specializes in building creative software products for enterprises using cloud-native architecture, micro services, and agile processes.

The company’s strength lies in leveraging digital technologies, by integrating applications and thereby providing a seamless, efficient and intelligent platform. Their business accelerators and software engineering process helps in deploying digital technologies to create a unifying customer experience.

Role Model & Peoples’ Leader

Himanshu Varshney is the CEO of HashedIn Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Himanshu is an Alumni of IIT Guwahati and has been an active leader and volunteer for the IIT-G Alumni Bangalore Chapter. He was termed as an All-Rounder in his graduate batch for being excellent both at academics and extracurricular activities. Himanshu has 14+ years of experience in the software industry.

He started his career with Trilogy Software and further climbed the career ladder very quickly to the role of Director, Global Service. In his capacity as the Director, he headed delivery for Trilogy Inc, that consists of working with 50+ vendors from 10+ countries delivering technology solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises. He has been largely instrumental in driving 100% customer success rate and in bringing guaranteed outcomes for businesses.

Before starting HashedIn, Himanshu had clarity and determination of how, what and where he wanted to take his dream company. In his current role as the CEO, Himanshu wears multiple hats at HashedIn and has led the team from its inception. Known as the people’s leader by Hashers, he follows the philosophy of ‘Lead by Vision.’ Himanshu is one of the best advocates for customer success and inspires everyone around him with the same. He has received many accolades and recognition from the customer, and his Alma-Mater for the same.

Remarkable Range of Cloud Solutions

HashedIn has been offering a unique range of cloud solutions since its establishment. As part of their DevOps as a service, the company is focused on providing a host of cloud services for small, medium and large enterprises. Over the years of their association with AWS, the cloud solutions provider has helped 40+ organizations in creating reliable, scalable and robust cloud infrastructure. Few of its applications hosted on AWS handles have garnered around 1M+ hits per day. Over the last few years, HashedIn has played an important role in educating and migrating multiple legacy enterprises to AWS. Below mentioned are few of its solutions.

As part of HashedIn’s AWS offerings, the company-

  • Architects highly available and reliable systems on AWS.
  • Help large/medium enterprises in moving to AWS cloud or adopt new AWS services.
  • Optimize the existing cloud infrastructure in terms of cost, scale or performance.
  • Unifies AWS systems with external services like dockers, on-prem systems, 3rd party services integration, CI/CD, SaaS systems etc.

Key Reasons Behind HashedIn’s Success

Hashers (Employees): The decision makers of the company credits their employees for taking timely initiatives, delivering successful results and staying loyal to the company.

Partnerships: HashedIn has a strong partnership with RedisLabs and is one of the leading technology service providers from the APAC region. It is also an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has 50+ AWS certified engineers working on major projects.

Core Values: The team functions on strong core values such as customer success, growth as well as fun.

Philosophy: Every employee acts as an owner and use their judgement to make the right calls for themselves, their team, the company and society as a whole.

Upcoming Projects

Himanshu, and his team of Hashers will be betting and investing next on Voice. The entire Hashers group has been doing experiments and PoC on the new project. This is being supported by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the cloud service provider in looking to innovate conversational business intelligence by using AWS services and Alexa: Amazon Lex (Build Voice and Text Chatbots) and Amazon Polly (Turn Text into Lifelike Speech). Since this is the current and growing space, HashedIn has been anticipating to conquer these challenges over the next few months.

Words of Wisdom

Himanshu Varshney advices the budding entrepreneurs to follow their passion, remain physically active, happy and create a positive environment around themselves. As there are many opportunities in the market, the seasoned CEO suggests the young generation, to stay firm about what they believe in, and take ownership of all the tasks by giving their best shot.

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