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Himanshu Varshney | Hashedln Technologies

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In the tech-driven era, Cloud computing services have substituted the hard-drive technology. Today, they are also utilized in our daily routines such as email services, watching movies through the internet, editing documents, and storing pictures. In addition, the use of cloud technology has paved a way for us to design and create new applications, store and recover data, and host a website. Therefore, an astounded look into the future of cloud computing showcases that cloud computing is seen as a combination of cloud-based software products and on-premises compute that will help to create a wide range of hybrid IT deployments. Such promises are enabling organizations to make a broader shift towards the automation of monitoring, resource allocation, and troubleshooting within the cloud. Upscaling this automation process into versatile artificial intelligence is the next step, one that will likely take hold this year.

Another major development would be the growth of Edge Computing. With the increased number of devices connecting to the cloud, the on-going trials of the technology, and the growth of 5G, edge deployments could trace out to be an upcoming trend. In order to survive in the competitive world, organizations need to adapt to the advancements of the cloud culture. HashedIn, one of the leading cloud-based service providers is offering innovative cloud-solutions to organizations so that they can gain a competitive edge.

Himanshu Varshney | Hashedln Technologies

Growth Journey of the Leading Cloud-Service Provider

Founded in 2010, HashedIn is a product development services company focused on building, accelerating, and managing SaaS products and design-led product engineering. Leveraging its SaaS development expertise, the company has been transforming enterprises using its cutting edge technologies. The iSaaS vision of HashedIn has been built on 4 major pillars namely, Integrations, Analytics, AI/ML, and Modern UI/UX.

Moreover, the company’s team has grown from four founders to more than 470 hashers in the last two decades, without any outside funding or investment. In these years, it has continuously made efforts to maintain the practice of three things All Hands Meeting, Open House and a yearly Company Outing, that was implemented from the day of inception.

Customer Centricity is the Mantra

HashedIn platform portrays the value of product design thinking, agile delivery, modern software engineering, and DevOps best practices. Additionally, it comprises of vast experiences in crafting digital products for customers in the form of an agile squad as a service; to help conceptualize, launch, and scale great software products. Over the decade, the company has successfully built 150+ products for customers globally. Now, it has also become an extended technological arm for many organizations owing to its solution-oriented approach and expertise in understanding the core business nuances, along with creating impactful solutions for the customers.

With such a focused approach, unique practices, and technology expertise, HashedIn follows a customer centric mantra by celebrating customer success and constantly endeavours to provide customer delight. The company has also developed reusable modules, proprietary tools, and processes that quickly help realize the client’s ideas by giving them a competitive advantage.

One of the main challenges for many enterprises today is to modernize existing software assets. HashedIn’s modernization offering is focused on ‘re-inventing’ existing software assets to make them more aligned with the business needs. This is done by focusing on SaaSifying and Cloudifying the product, enhancing agility through DevOps automation, transforming UI/UX, and the complete rewrite of the application code by leveraging its RAPiD framework when required.

HashedIn thrives in a culture of innovation and partnerships to scale to greater heights. The most scalable cloud service providing company believes in growing everything that ought to grow; be it customer success, its accounts, or the hashers. In expanding its enterprise, it has partnered with firms like Amazon AWS, Redis Labs, Salesforce, and a few more to build and scale high-performance SaaS products.

An Instinctive Individual Aspiring to be an Entrepreneur

Himanshu Varshney, the Co-founder and CEO of HashedIn Technologies, is an individual who has always aspired to become an entrepreneur. During his journey of more than a decade, he learned that one could only achieve success if he is open to change, encourage ideas, and empower the people to act like owners. His vision was to build things that could potentially make life better with advancements in technology, and this led to the foundation of HashedIn Technologies.

Before co-founding the venture, he had an experience of more than a decade in the software industry. He started his career at Triology Software, and with time moved up to the role of the Director of Global Services. He also had the privilege to head delivery for Versata (aka Triology Inc), where he worked with 50+ vendors from 10+ countries, delivering technology solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises.

Choosing the Right Hashers for Driving Continued Growth

Himanshu believes that one of HashedIn’s biggest strength has been its employees. Irrespective of the size of the organization, it’s the employees who are the ones who deliver profits for the firm. So, HashedIn believes in attracting and hiring the right talent for the company and doesn’t mind going the extra mile to give them an atmosphere where they can thrive. Therefore, while selecting any employee, Himanshu and his team considers the top three qualities i.e. learning, passion, and ownership.

At HashedIn, the work culture is innovation-driven which includes an intensive training program. In this program, the candidates undergo the training session at the HashedIn University. Apart from the specified training, the firm also provides opportunities to take up AWS training and certification courses. The team is also equipped with sophisticated tools and resources to power their advanced developmental capabilities. This venture is indeed an epitome of how a leading cloud-tech company creates exhilarating experiences for its customers with jovial teams and happy employees.

Over the period, HashedIn’s growth trajectory has been slow and steady, which was a conscious effort of the team to have a solid establishment. At present, HashedIn’s team is striving to expand and grow at an exponential rate across the globe and hopes to become the go-to company for building and managing iSaaS Products and Platforms.

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