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Marketing PR agencies earn industrial recognition through a distinctive ability to build brands. By establishing a robust brand image through core values, creativity and strategy, these values are bound by factors that include business ethics and an authentic brand voice.

Creating and nurturing brand face-value via strategic marketing, Gotham PR has positioned, launched, and promoted businesses by developing approaches which deliver results—by building uniquely developed business roadmaps.

Gotham PR clients comprise a roster of high echelon talent, each distinguished in their respective fields of expertise. This agency is known for its first in category leadership, high standards — and a unique differentiation that makes it one of the recognized PR and business development consultancies globally. Known for partnering with firms and organizations, the agency is unique in its ability to market talent, grow awareness and drive new opportunities.

High-Profile Experience and Business Network

Courtney Lukitsch (CEO and Founder) established Gotham PR in 2002. The agency’s origin dates nearly back to 20 years during the aftermath of 9/11, which was a tough time in New York. Fast forward to 2021, and the city is facing yet another new era of business challenge. This moment heading into 2022 calls for a sensitive evolution in communications and marketing, complemented by empathic client management.

With 19 years of ongoing high-profile work in New York, North America, and Europe, Gotham PR has been setting the creative tone for both emerging as well as legacy businesses. It continues to successfully create custom campaigns and partnerships aligned to each unique set of opportunities, challenging each to reach newly identified goals, elevated press profiles and increased profits.

Paramount Innovation through Creative Strategies

Possessing a niche in representing top design and development firms, Gotham PR works across all creative brands and ideation—investing attention to innovation. As a consultancy, the agency generates strategies, business development, planning and top-tier global media features for brands and organizations. It is an extended partner with its clients with respect to several factors—uniquely identifying and securing new business opportunities, creative partnerships, and increased high-level visibility.

The Gotham PR client roster looks like no other, as a unique mix of multimedia technology, cutting-edge design and architectural innovation within the built environment.

Gotham PR offers specific services in various business-driven and impactful solutions:

  • Design and Architecture (Art, Design, Infrastructure, Business Development)
  • Tech and New Media (Strategy, Positioning, Branding)
  • Influencers and Thought leadership (Creative, Collateral, Messaging, Media Training)
  • Retail and E-commerce (DTC, Platforms, Audience analysis, Concepting)
  • Business Development and Marketing (Global Network, Brand Partnerships, TV)

A Prodigious Leader

At the helm of the company, Courtney Lukitsch ensures Gotham’s consistent growth. Having built a global practice, she emphasizes that her responsibilities continue to evolve beyond 3 offices and clients in 30 world cities. She and her team are presently working with client businesses in multiple areas, including TV, film, social, and podcast capacities; in addition to the press, marketing, and digital communications. Additionally, she recently authored a business book– Creating Significance– where she describes how to design a career while establishing a lasting brand.

Secret Weapon at Work

A robust team of experts works at Gotham PR, significantly contributing to its growth and ongoing development. Courtney reiterates that she has never solicited for clients nor talent—both have found Gotham PR. She adds that maintaining consistently high standards, possessing advanced understanding of blockchain technology, change management, and strategic marketing — has driven annual growth for Gotham.

Best-known as the secret weapon behind the business and competitive branding advantage within the worlds of design, architecture, development, and emergent technology, the consultancy works with brands that are distinctively ranked among the top of their respective categories, globally.

Go-to Consultancy

When it comes to clientele portfolio, Gotham PR is recognized for being uniquely selective and is popularly known for its highly curated client roster. Over the years, it has worked with clients belonging to various sectors such as Art and Design, Architecture & Interiors, Digital Entertainment, Retail & Fashion, Hospitality, Mixed Use Real Estate, Urban Master Planning, and many more.

The agency has become the ‘go-to consultancy’ for inventive plans, marketing connections, big ideas, and impactful editorial and business-driven solutions.

Seize new possibilities, surround yourself with experts and secure increased brand awareness with Gotham PR”—is the brand motto of the agency.

Gaining Insights from Advancements

Advancements in technology and its other aspects such as software, AI, etc., have landscaped the entire sphere of marketing. This has not only reformed the definition of branding to greater extents but also has opened various DTC opportunities and doors for businesses and organizations to adopt more creative ways of operating B2B business.

With respect to the latest trends in the industry and the adoption of new practices, Courtney highlights that Gotham PR consultants place an emphasis on building a brand or firm with a sophisticated visual identity—one with a sustainable mission and a culture of inclusion, as well as doing good in the world, by adding lasting value. This core value is seen throughout the practice.

Gotham PR plans to co-produce a new design TV series, a global design conference, and masterclasses in Marketing PR in the near future.

Reasserting Success Parameters Elaborating on the parameters of success in the PR and Marketing industry, Courtney defines success by significance— ‘creating something of lasting value.’ She further elaborates that rather than a transactional business model, creating a trusted relationship with the clients and their businesses is paramount. She believes that forging a trusted relationship with clients requires three factors: investing time, talent, and tenacity in all.

Gotham PR

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