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Large enterprises possess the resources to quickly adapt to the latest technologies. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) struggle to relish the benefits of advancements. These struggles are often caused due to inadequate finances and other resources. Nonetheless, Epos Now is a company that was founded on a belief that all businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to leverage the power of both cloud computing and modern technology to power their businesses.

The company was established in 2011 by Jacyn Heavens, a bar owner frustrated by the lack of quality EPOS systems available to SMEs. Jacyn, who remains the sole investor, decided to set up the business to equip SMEs with the tools required to achieve profitability.

About the Company

Epos Now is an award-winning point of sale software and hardware provider committed to providing industry-leading technology to SMEs in the hospitality and retail sector. Epos Now has ensured the profitability of over 30,000 SMEs. The aim of this service provider is to bring the technology that has been available to large multinationals to independent businesses at an affordable price. Vacuum for such noble source has already allowed the company’s platform to process over £9.5 billion of transactions by their clients.

The dignified set of solutions is enabling business owners to take ownership of their data, with an access to hundreds of detailed reports. These analytics ensure SMEs can make informed business decisions, allowing them to make actionable changes to save them time and money. This insight into their business not only safeguards their profitability, but gives them the opportunity to thrive against corporate competition in a difficult economic climate.

The technology provider is based in Norwich with offices in Orlando supported by 250 employees across both offices. Epos Now’s dedicated software team created the UK’s first POS AppStore, which was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2016. This ensures the cloud-based POS system is infinitely scalable, allowing their small and independent business customers to download befitting features to their need and finances from Epos Now’s industry-leading partners

Initiator of Epos Now

As aforementioned, the innovative company is a brainchild of multiple entrepreneurship-based award winner, Jacyn Heavens. Jacyn initiated the company to deliver cutting edge technology solutions to small and medium sized enterprises, and remains the sole investor in the company.

Since the inception, there has been a huge demand for the system, leading to the company’s annual growth of 156% year on year. Jacyn reinvested all profits back into the business, establishing a small team to build in house software. They developed FeatureVote allowing customers to suggest and vote on features they wanted. This customer engagement, paired with Jacyn’s unparalleled customer insight ensured product development was customer centric from inception.

Owing to Jacyn’s expertise, Epos Now customers can create their own bespoke POS experience to manage and streamline all aspects of their business; Inventory managements, accounting, marketing, workforce management, customer loyalty, ecommerce and integrated payments. Taking pride in offering a comprehensive support package throughout their EPOS journey Jacyn asserts, “If we empower these businesses to be the masters of their own futures, we can protect the diversity of the high street. If corporations keep swallowing up small businesses, local restaurants, corner shops, independent retailers, we end up with clone high streets, identical in every city. All business owners are entrepreneurs and we want to protect their investment and help their business grow.”

Innovative Cloud Solutions

Epos Now is built on the cloud platform, making it incredibly versatile and apt for scaling businesses. The team offers a wide range of flexible hardware options depending on an evaluation of their customers’ needs. This can include the complete solutions that come with a terminal, receipt printer, and a cash draw. Additionally, they avail optional hardware of scanners and display poles. Some businesses opt for android/apple tablet solutions and some opt for software only. They also have POStoGO, which is a mobile POS, with plug and play capabilities straight out of the box. All these solutions run the innovative Athena software, which is highly intuitive affording quicker transactions and reduced training times. All products come with unlimited access to the Epos Now AppStore

Furthermore, the AppStore’s flexibility allows their customers to be agile and react to changing market trends with ease. Epos Now’s ‘Click & Collect’ facility is an example of this, a feature which enables SME retailers to offer this service as part of their ecommerce store in the same way as their corporate competition. Similarly, Epos Now’s loyalty module allows SMEs to reward loyalty, in the same way as their competitors,  such as points and promotions recorded on their EPOS system via apps and loyalty cards. Running a loyalty module encourages repeat business and establishes customers as brand advocates.

Customer-centric, Versatile and Scalable Products

Epos Now products are customer-centric to the core, built and designed in response to customer feedback. The team actively invites customers to feedback on their product through their FeatureVote app. To evaluate areas of the business/product which need improving, they operate NPS scoring (Net Promoter Score). “By temperature checking customer satisfaction ratings in this way we have seen a marked improvement in our scoring on independent review site, Trustpilot, with a 5 star excellence rating,” shares Jacyn.

The products are undeniably a good fit for growing businesses. However, the versatility and scalability of the products are even praised by big enterprises, allowing Epos Now to add large corporates to their client lists. Some of these giants include the innovative retail park, Boxpark, the National Ice Centre, the University College of London, Nottingham Forest football club, and Swalec Stadium.

Suggestion to the Budding Entrepreneurs from Jacyn Heavens

“If you are dreaming about starting a business, just start it. There is never the perfect time. Do your best to prove the concept and limit the risk, but ultimately failure is a part of success. It took me failing a bar business to become a global SaaS provider.

Agility is the key for technology based companies, as technology is always advancing. Listen to your customers and prepared to pivot to meet the demand. The only way you can make products your customers want is by being receptive to their needs.

Lately, leverage technology to make your life easier where you can. This will allow you to focus your efforts on your business rather than getting caught up in the nitty gritty admin. Be prepared to work harder than everyone else, accept it’s going to be hard and don’t forget to look after your health!”

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