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In today’s fast paced world, people wake up in the morning and ask Google Voice for the weather forecast before they even get out of bed. Running on parallel lines, the document world too, is seeing similar leaps made available since tablets and smart phones are a dominant way to read documents, complete forms and even order food from McDonalds, etc. The increase in usability, convenience, control and the transformation from paper to digital is all about customer and user experiences.

Ideally, the modern enterprise document solutions should be focused on features like omni-channel delivery, which automatically changes the delivery and presentation based on the users’ device in accordance to their preferences, instead of the providers’ preference. Likewise, adaptive HTML forms and documents grow and shrink to provide maximum viewing pleasure and ease of reading on any device. Millennials and even the majority of the baby boomers want to see summarized presentations with charts and graphics that brief them about the detailed information at just a glance. Presently, no one wants to wade through page after page of text-based line items, when they can look at the information that is most important to them in a mere glance.

Eclipse Corporation’s flagship enterprise software, DocOriginTM, improves communications with customers, partners and employees. It’s Business Communications Center (BCCTM), powered by DocOriginTM, is managed by marketing, HR or customer service while compliance related control can be managed by legal and IT. With BCCTM, the design and delivery of transactional documents that serve as a vehicle for custom marketing and messaging are put in the hands of the stakeholders within the business. All this can be done without scripting or modifying clients’ line of business software. Moreover, its license model allows users to replace their existing forms and documents one at a time or through a complete replacement.

Customers can buy a single document license for the design and generation of a single highly visible customer facing document. Replacing hundreds or thousands of form and document templates can take months or years. However, with DocOriginTM’s license model and technology, customers can replace their most critical documents and phase them in without having to wait for months or years. DocOrigin is a single solution for enterprise-wide, interactive forms, documents, labels and high-volume production mail rooms. Omni channel global communications provides HTML adaptive, PDF, PDF/UA, PDF/A-3, PS, PCL or Print, all to reach customers when and where they want to be reached.

Steve Luke: Demonstrating the Art of Leadership

Steve Luke is the Founder & CEO of Eclipse Corporation. Steve’s role at Eclipse is to be the visionary and dreamer, who is constantly encouraging his customers and employees to help Eclipse build a better mouse trap (forms software).

Going back to his core background, Steve has been a part of the computer industry for over 30+ years and to date, has never stopped looking for advanced and innovative ways to improve every product and every company that he has worked for. He is full of energy, enthusiasm and determination, focused on bringing out the best outcomes from his team as well as from his organizations. Furthermore, Steve feels fortunate working with a team of seven advisory board members who are the most experienced forms software creators in the world. This highly skilled team has the experience and knowledge that makes Eclipse Corporation’s customers’ dreams come true. They also have the ability to bring Steve back to earth when he is headed down the wrong path.

Brief Highlights of Eclipse Corporation’s Services

  • Any Industry: From Financial to Healthcare to Government, Factory, Insurance and Telco, Eclipse has all users’ special document generation software needs covered.
  • Any Data: Multi Platform Deployment for AIX, AS/400, IBM i, Linux, CentOS and Windows is also offered.
  • Any Delivery: Additionally, any interactive or batch files can be sent to DocOrigin for omni channel presentation and delivery to print, email, fax, text, portal, mobile and archive.

Leveraging Powerful Technologies For Business-Critical Document Management

The technologies Eclipse Corporation leverages include being able to run its software on the most current platforms i.e. AIX, IBM i, Linus, Windows. Eclipse’s software only uses open source files and template formats for their data and forms templates, other than that, no proprietary file types are used in their software. Steve and his team also standardize on Java Script when scripting is required, since it is by far the most commonly used scripting software in the world. The Founder & CEO of Eclipse Corporation strongly believes that this open platform provides great comfort to his clients.

Key Differentiator In the World of Document Management

Integration Without Modification® is and has been at the forefront of Eclipse Corporation’s business methodology since Steve came up with the idea in 1994. Steve, along with his team, has worked with large companies and small, but their focus was the Fortune 500. These companies used the leading ERP vendors to run their business and according to him, the fastest way to lose a sale or get kicked out after one had the business, was to try to have the tail wag the dog. Here, the tail would be the forms software and the dog would be the ERP system. Since, Steve couldn’t ask his customers to make modifications to their ERP systems, he had to find a way to give the clients the types of document presentation and delivery methods they expected, without asking them to modify their ERP systems. In this way, for the past 24 years, Integration Without Modification(R) has been the key differentiator that sets Eclipse Corporation apart from its competitors.

Serving Clients with Excellence

Eclipse Corporation has Fortune 10 customers and SMBs as its cherished clientele base, made possible by its scalable license pricing model. Eclipse is fortunate to have customers like 3M, AT&T, GE, Guidewire, Konica Minolta, Legal & General, Tyler Technologies, etc. However, Steve and his team wanted the value of their software to be available to SMBs also. In order to make this happen, the pricing model of Eclipse allows it to sell the software based on the amount of documents, forms or labels they generate, so a small company can also get the same reliability, performance and features that the Fortune 10 customers receive.

Setting Future Milestones

The team at Eclipse Corporation is continuously making upgrades and improvements in their products, as the leading document management company is here to stay in the market and serve its valuable customers for a long time. A few years back, Eclipse Corporation’s primary milepost was to expand its worldwide footprint, and since then, its software has supported multi-lingual and multi-currency for years and has its software installed in 60+ countries. Now, Steve and his team wish to offer their software in each country throughout the globe.

Steve’s Key Message to Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

“Look for mentors; people that have found success in the industry, and ask for their advice. This industry is ever changing, but those that have found success have weathered the changes before you. They may have expertise to pass along to help you maintain or gain success as well.”

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