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The internet is taking over every platform, which also has affected the education sector as digital medium of education has gained quite popularity in the market. As e-learning is inherently flexible, it becomes easy for users to juggle commitments with studies. With a mission to improve the education system through innovative e-learning platforms, CYPHER LEARNING is providing platforms that not only offers e-learning solutions for the students but also for businesses and entrepreneurs. This innovative approach has made them gain popularity in the market.

CYPHER LEARNING started with NEO in 2009. NEO had a fast growth rate; in mere five years, it bagged around 1 million users and became the LMS with the most beautiful and user-friendly interface in the market. Later in 2010, CYPHER LEARNING launched MATRIX, an LMS for Businesses. In 2017, the third product INDIE was launched, which is a platform for entrepreneurs.

Beautiful, Powerful and Innovative features

CYPHER LEARNING is a unique company that specializes in providing learning solutions for individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations around the world. The key features of the products are a beautiful design, powerful features, and ease of use. Other than these benefits, the services are cost-effective with great value for money and have a professional support staff.

Currently, CYPHER LEARNING is the only company that provides learning management systems in all major e-learning sector: education, business, and individuals.

Finding the Way Back To His Educational Roots

The Founder and CEO of CYPHER LEARNING, Graham Glass, created an innovative learning platform that utilizes cloud-hosted technology. He was tremendously passionate about education from a young age. After completing his formal education, he started teaching Computer Science at the University of Dallas to fulfil his passion. The drawback of not having a proper Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate teaching and engage young learners with their studies lured him towards this sector.  His idea was to pack all his instruction materials up in a scalable way and make it available for millions of people.

CYPHER LEARNINGWith his teaching experience, Graham built his first company and he ventured to corporate training and software products. Later, he founded two more companies related to computer tech and training. He spent most of his career in the enterprise software space but was still connected to educational components, whether it was teaching at University, writing books, or providing training in corporations. Eventually, he was drawn back to his educational roots because he believed that there is a better way to help facilitate teaching and learning.

Graham’s view on traditional and digital education

Having an experience of more than a decade in the educational sector, Graham shares his opinion on traditional and digital education. On differentiating between the traditional approach to education and e-Learning he highlighted the most important points. He explained that e-learning is a more student-centred approach which is suited for active learning, whereas, traditional education is still focused on lectures and offers less interaction. Enlightening the benefits of e-learning he said that teachers can make use of multimedia tools to make lessons more engaging. In addition, e-learning helps to deliver synchronous and asynchronous classes. He further adds, “Another important aspect is that the traditional way doesn’t work anymore since nowadays information is at our fingertips. The role of the teacher needs to change, meaning that they have to be able to teach students important skills, such as digital literacy.”

Spotlight on the Opportunities

Where many companies focus on the competition to keep up the company growth, CYPHER LEARNING’s team has a completely different perspective for its competition. The success mantra is to keep the spotlight on the opportunities, rather than worrying about the competitors’ next move. Graham shares his wisdom by explaining the tactics to survive in the competition, he says, “I tend to concentrate much more on opportunities than threats. It is actually a common error, to focus too much, on what the competition is doing. As long as your product just keeps on getting better and better, you are just naturally going to grow, regardless of what your competitors are doing.”

Forthcoming Innovative Projects

CYPHER LEARNING is striving to create new ways to innovate through its products. Presently the new addition to the platform includes adaptive learning and team games. The team is also working on offline mode functionality for its native mobile apps w/sync and making 10,000+ third-party courses available via its built-in course catalog.

Fulfilling the mission of delivering the best intuitive, powerful and innovative solutions, CYPHER LEARNING aims to create a Personal AI assistant that could help to measure the current competencies and also develop new competencies, totally based on the job the user might have and the job he/she would like. The AI assistant is planned to be sub-divided into two—one for business for job development purposes and other for schools for career planning activities.

Encapturing the essence of delivering the best solutions

With the goal of delivering the best outcomes, CYPHER LEARNING is offering intuitive, powerful, and comprehensive solutions. The dedicated team is continuously striving to make teaching and learning an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

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