Craftbot: Manufacturing Revolutionary Solutions for Comprehensive Workflow

Craftbot: Manufacturing Revolutionary Solutions

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As an innovative additive manufacturing method, 3D printing is quickly developing. Many sectors are choosing 3D printing as a powerful alternative to conventional manufacturing methods and solutions due to its benefits including higher speed, improved accuracy, quicker time to market, etc. With the largest professional plug-and-play 3D printer in the market, Craftbot is one of the best 3D printing firms that offer a variety of printers suitable for first-time makers and extend to industrialists and manufacturers.

Craftbot (previously CraftUnique) is a Hungarian firm based in Budapest that was founded in 2014. The company is a leading additive technology pioneer, developer, and manufacturer with an emphasis on the medical, industrial, and educational areas. The market saw the launch of Craftbot’s first FFF 3D printer in August 2014, and the product was well received. Since its founding, Craftbot has created and produced 10 distinct 3D printer models, selling more than 10,000 machines globally.

Craftbot’s Value Proposition

When compared to the current market offerings, Craftbot’s print quality is superior and offers enhanced technical characteristics, and usability at a fair price. The Craftbot Flow Generation was introduced in addition to the 4th generation of the original Craftbot Plus printer as a consequence of the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate. It includes single and twin-head printers with regular and XL build volumes.,

Craftbot offers more than a machine due to having a comprehensive internal development capacity and research infrastructure  The company provides solutions for its customers in all segments of the FFF 3D printing ecosystem, including customizable printer formats, slicer & firmware features, IoT access, and technology integration support.

Revolutionary Solutions

The credo of “Let’s raise printing efficiency, enable high-quality printing, and boost manufacturing productivity” has been adopted by Craftbot as an industry leader. Thanks to its incredible team of behind-the-scenes employees, Craftbot’s innovative and entrepreneurial DNA has placed it among the top 3D printer manufacturers in the world.

Craftware is a lightweight slicer software that makes the setting and optimization of the most relevant printing requirements quick and easy for crafters, teachers, and students. Craftware PRO, with its entirely redesigned core, and fully customizable slicing workflow, is a potential game changer on the slicer market. Its productivity boosting tools, tweakable feature complexity and clean user interface meet the needs and expectations of totally beginners and seasoned professionals too.

Some of the features of Craftware PRO are:

Automated pre-settings: Offers novices a user-friendly, simple-to-use, and condensed workflow experience.

Increase effectivity by saving money & time: Smart features enable business users to access the maximum level of printing process optimization by cutting back on both printing expenses and turnaround times.

Personalization tools: CAD features let you alter and customize objects in a variety of ways, improving the printing preparation process.

Intelligent solutions for IDEX printing: Users can maximize IDEX printing performance with the help of intelligent solutions for IDEX printing.

The revolutionary Craftware Pro is ideal for:

Beginners: a simple-to-use slicer with fundamental CAD features that can produce individualized, high-quality prints in only a few clicks.

Advanced users: The innovative settings optimize prints and produce the best results possible.

Experts: Using a software tool called a printing optimizer, experts may enhance productivity by cutting down on printing expenses and turnaround times while still retaining total control over the manufacturing process.

Printer Management Platform

In order to increase the functionality of the printers, Craftbot has replaced its remote telemetry application to a brand-new IoT platform called FlowConnect. FlowConnect enables remote access to Craftbot printers anywhere in the globe and handles Craftware Pro licenses and filament usage. With an IoT printer management platform, it is now simpler to monitor filament use, remotely operate Craftbots, and do a lot more. With this innovative platform, managing printer farms becomes simpler.

New features are now available for the FlowConnect and FlowAdmin interfaces too. The Flow printers can be remotely monitored and managed, courtesy of this printer’s web management interface.

World-class Leadership

The success of Craftbot depends on its extraordinary leaders, who are driven to develop world-class technology advancements and innovations to meet consumer wants and boost the brand’s profitability in the years to come. János and Attila Horváth founded Craftbot in response to their discontent with desktop 3D printers on the market in 2014 owing to their limited printing size limitations. They sought to produce a 3D printer that would be simple to use and have the capabilities of a more sophisticated device as they, themselves were software and hardware developers.

As the current CEO of Craftbot, Csaba Mákos brings his vision to reality with over 27 years of experience managing production facilities and directing automotive corporations like General Motors as a Managing Director. With the revolutionary technology it is creating, Craftbot, in his opinion, offers a rare opportunity to advance toward a better and more sustainable future.

Craftbot adheres to a lean manufacturing standard, has a high level of standardization, and places a particular emphasis on environmental impact; all of these activities are the result of Csaba’s extensive subject-matter knowledge. Csaba also adds a global perspective for a very effective distribution network to make Craftbot’s entire solution for additive manufacturing available all over the world.

Growing Globally

Craftbot operates two plants in Hungary, one in Budapest’s Szabadkikötő island industrial district, and the other in Kecskemét. Budapest serves as the combined headquarters of the executive and administrative teams.

Being a global brand, the corporation has subsidiaries outside of its Hungarian headquarters in Canada and the United States. As Craftbot grows, so does its network of partners. Craftbot’s network strives to offer the end-user a comprehensive solution, including support service activities and has more than 50 resellers globally.

Craftbot’s excellent quality and affordable price are attested to by a number of international awards:

  • Craftbot Plus was chosen by 3D Hubs, one of the most significant online trade portals, as the best Budget category (i.e. best value) 3D printer in 2016.
  • Craftbot received back-to-back “Best Plug&Play” awards by 3D Hubs in 2017 and 2018.



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