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Core Progression

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Fitness today has become more than a lifestyle choice. Due to this trend, the health and fitness industry has therefore prospered significantly. The modern cardiovascular and resistance equipment, specialized fitness training styles, and luxurious surroundings are fueling the growth of the industry by attracting more clientele. Consequently, public awareness about fitness and wellness has escalated due to the shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

The increasing demand for health and wellness services has propelled the emergence of several new players in the fitness and training industry. Incepted in 2007, Core Progression is one such provider that is focused on helping people reach their goals through personalized training plans as well as nutritional counseling and wellness education. The Colorado-based company takes a customized approach to each client’s needs and goals. It provides an ultimate training experience in a boutique setting, giving its clients the focus and attention they deserve to achieve unparalleled results.

From Apartment to Big Brand

Core Progression was established in 2008 as elite personal training began with an idea and belief. Jon Cerf (Founder and CEO of Core Progression) completed his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Baylor University. After college, he joined the 24 Hour Fitness and that is when he encountered the gaps in the generic approach to fitness. He witnessed that the large corporate gyms neglected the need and rewards of personal training. Jon noticed the vast potential for improvement and thus led down the foundation stone of Core Progression on the pillars of three core values— customer service, results, and cleanliness.

Initially, the journey started from his apartment with limited equipment. Due to word of mouth and popularity among the peers, the venture quickly outgrew the initial location within three months and the expansion is yet to slow down.

Ultimate Training Experience

Core Progression offers the ultimate training experience in a private boutique setting giving its clients the focus and attention they deserve and achieve unparalleled results. “We take a 360-degree approach to our clients’ fitness and wellness needs,” says Jon. It unifies rehab, recovery, training, nutrition, and supplementation all under one roof. Jon had first handedly noticed the gaps and thus understands that all of the aforementioned components are vital for its client to achieve the desired results.

Core Progression offers programs and services that incorporate Total Body Wellness concepts. These programs not only help the clients reach fitness goals but also supply nutritional knowledge and exercise regimens. Its certified staff helps the client to walk through the programs and curate a personalized plan. Clients can choose from a wide-ranging portfolio of 12 Programs or create a custom Total Wellness Plan based on the needs. These programs are categorized into 3 sections,

  • Physical Training
  • Health and Wellness
  • Nutrition

The team strives to provide the best personal training at an affordable price. The goal is to let everyone experience a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. Despite the pandemic, Jon found a way to make the services available for its client. In COVID times, the government of several countries imposed a nationwide lockdown which limited the commute. Consequently, this also affected the gym and fitness.

Immune to New Normal

COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating to the majority of the fitness industry and fitness franchise companies. Due to total lockdowns and 10% capacity restrictions, most companies in this industry would be completely bankrupt. However, Core Progression has been able to navigate all the challenges and still thrive in the industry. Core Progression came up with an innovative online training app and platform which helped the staff to work with clients remotely long before a pandemic took place. “We were also doing streaming workouts but have increased this revenue stream as more client’s comfort levels have changed,” said Jon.

Core Progression is uniquely positioned in the market to handle all these restrictions. In the lockdown, the platform was successful in gaining 70% of viewership for its streaming and online workouts.  The ‘new normal’ did raise concerns throughout the industry, however, on the contrary, Core Progression did not notice any change in their operations. Cleanliness has been one of its core pillars of establishment and thus it has always emphasized cleaning and maintain a clean environment for its clients.

Jon acclaims that the team’s mantra is “Never Plateau” and they constantly work to make a reality in business and their clients’ results. Considering this as the lockdown was lifted, the company noticed a massive shift and surge in people wanting a private clean boutique training environment.

Aiding with Opportunities

Since the day of its inception, Core Progression has only prospered towards growth and success. Even the pandemic could not hinder the growth of the firm. Due to its unique experience, entrepreneurs and fitness experts globally have continually requested franchise opportunities. The growth of Core Progression Elite Personal Training has truly revolutionized the industry. “Providing members with unparalleled results-driven training, education, and nutritional counseling adds up to satisfaction and success,” proudly asserts Jon.

Core Progression offers its franchisees an opportunity to combine the passion for health and fitness with financial success. The franchisee is aided with an opportunity, support, low investment, minimal overhead, and achievement of goals. Core Progression is a concept built for the long term, helping the franchisee owners with long term financial assistance. Likewise, it offers multiple revenue streams and a low stressful business model. The fun and empowering culture along with the streamlined equipment package have ranked Core Progression amongst the leading franchisees in America.

The Three Vital Factors

I originally was servicing clients training sessions and have been able to grow and scale the business to now be in a role to focus on the franchise expansion and vision of the brand and company,” Jon affirms. Having built one of the fastest-growing franchisee chains, Jon has propelled as a franchise leader. Likewise, he shares his perspective with the aspirants by listing the three important factors that one should look out for while buying a franchise.

  1. Interest and Passion: Even though there is a proven business model, it takes sheer efforts to make the business grow further. That is why the franchise one chooses must align with the passion and interests to make the work more enjoyable.
  2. Does it solve the problem: Customers fuel the business, if the industry or company does not offer a solution that people want or will need, the business will not thrive.
  3. Culture resonates personality: Once the industry has been identified it is important to align the brand and culture fit with your personality and style.

Demand for Private Gym Spaces

2020 has demonstrated the need for persistence and resilience. “If you want to be in business you have to be able to constantly bounce back from adversity and press forward,” adds Jon. He anticipates that the future of fitness will be significantly revolutionized and there will be a shift to smaller and private experiences. The corporate gym and big-box concepts with group fitness concepts will soon have to pivot and discover different ways to deliver a fruitful fitness experience. Core Progression is already ahead of the curve and Jon is optimistic that pandemic will not hinder this progress.

Core Progression

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