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Cloudbakers: Reshaping Businesses With Cloud-Based Solutions


In the modern business landscape, Cloud Computing is a significant technological development leveraged by SMBs to multinational companies. Through its adoption, organizations can streamline business operations, access data from anywhere at any time, update and receive data in real-time, and easily connect with an in-house team. For organizations, cloud technology is making it easier than ever before to move data where and when they need it. By leveraging this go-to technology, Cloudbakers utilizes cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) products to provide technology solutions for Mid-Market companies across the nation and beyond.

Helping Organizations Embrace Cloud-Based Solutions   

Cloudbakers offers cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) products including messaging and collaboration (G Suite), business process optimization (CRM), and application development (using Google Cloud Platform). In order to survive in the highly competitive world, organizations need to embrace and adopt the latest technologies & trends and that is precisely what Cloudbakers offers its clients. Since its inception, the company has thrived due to its strong core values that are — be authentic & be yourself, coach & be coached, remain lifelong learners, maintain integrity & accountability, and stay solution focused, which basically drives its ethos.

Cloudbakers develops custom solutions as well as provides side-by-side support to organizations so that they can embrace the freedom provided by cloud. The cloud productivity solution provider’s experienced team offers clients their cloud expertise as well as helps them manage and adjust to their cloud-based solutions. Moreover, they completely handle user adoption of G Suite migrations, CRM configurations, cloud applications development, data analytics, and machine learning.

Supporting Diverse Industries through a Wide Array of Services

Cloudbakers serves clients who are beginning to plan a migration to the cloud and need an adoption plan. The company leverages productivity tools available in Google Cloud’s ecosystem to meet the clients’ business objectives and increase their ROI. In 2018, the company heavily worked with healthcare, financial services, technology, and media organizations. These organizations needed its services in anything from consulting and strategic guidance to solution implementation to post-support and strategic account management. The Chicago, Illinois-based company’s most successful technology projects include multiple roles, beyond IT, partaking in the conversation. For projects, the CIO/CTO is often the main point of contact for communication and Cloudbakers works with them to create innovative ideas, collect information, and train those departments that are directly impacted with a change.

Leading the Pack with Innovative Solutions

Cloudbakers is always on the brink of the next big thing. The company is developing the latest processes in cloud implementation, which is a trailer of its future developments. It always keeps an eye out on futuristic trends so that its team can utilize their knowledge, create the ideal solution according to clients’ needs, and then bring them to life. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner from the very beginning, Cloudbakers’ relationship with Google has fully cultivated, matured, and is stronger than ever before, helping them truly advocate for its clients.

Along with this, the company ensures that its employees always have the most up-to-date Google Cloud certifications while attending educational events to stay current on the overall cloud market. Additionally, its hiring process helps them stay ahead of the competition. The company seeks talented individuals who have a passionate personality and expertise. The employees hired by Cloudbakers share the same core values, keeping them aligned to its focus on continuous learning, solution building, coaching and being coached, and maintaining integrity and authenticity.

Roadmap for Future Development

As a top partner across Google Cloud, Zoho, and others, Cloudbakers will continue to innovate cloud-based services to fulfil customers’ needs. It continues to invest in engineering, sales & customer service resources to keep up with the demand for Google Cloud. Due to its profitable business and a strong team of employees, the company is expanding its U.S. presence.

A Visionary Leader Making a Difference through His Experience

Mitch Greenwald, Founder and Managing Partner of Cloudbakers established the company to help others create a better way of working together. Previously, as the CIO of a $400M company, Mitch has a deep understanding of Cloudbakers clients’ needs and their daily struggles. Mitch with his team has developed solutions for their pain points and made a difference in the way they work with their clients. Mitch is always ready to help his clients and stay in tune with their needs, constantly bringing that human touch to technology.

G Suite: Enhancing the Revenue and Productivity of Organizations

Every organization is different from each other and has different business needs. Organizations want a solution, which can streamline their daily chores, and that solution is G Suite. The products within G Suite continue to expand year after year. According to Forrester, customers are experiencing a 1.5X top-line revenue growth and increased months’ worth of productivity per employee. Although Mitch cannot confirm the revenue number, he has witnessed that switching to G Suite is often billed as a strategic initiative, not a technology project and clients have been pleased with their return on investment. It does not matter how organizations start their adoption of Google Cloud, whether that be a move to G Suite, remodeling their infrastructure, building intelligent analytics into their processes, or developing applications. Mitch believes that their ability to integrate with additional solutions on Google Cloud will allow them to scale exponentially, increasing efficiency and this leads to more productivity, and ultimately achieving success.