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Quality Assurance (QA) industry is a very fragmented industry, where most of the companies are small, with large competitors having less than 3% of market-share. In spite of this, it is also one of the multi-billion industry, where many companies are operating offshore, most of them in India, with severe language and time zone difficulties. Nowadays, the QA industry is experiencing a quick transformation with a very clear trend towards automation and AI, coupled with numerous opportunities for more mature and innovative processes. Another trend that is becoming increasing significant and necessary is developing proper customer relationships, and 24/7 availability.

BRISA America Corp is part of an IT company founded in 1988. BRISA offers a wide range of software products, services and solutions to the telecommunications, consumer electronics, commercial appliances, government and media industries. Nowadays, the leading QA company has about 300 full-time employees dedicated to software testing, embedded software development, complex software integration, automated calls and IT consulting services. BRISA America has been established in Florida and has the support of the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Soft Landing Program. BRISA’s 200+ specialists have been performing software testing in the USA and the whole Latin America area for over 10 years, with more than 10 million test cases executed.

BRISA’s futuristic vision is to bring the best of the human assets by providing an environment for grooming, nurturing, and growing talent to foster human growth, thereby providing services and solutions to the IT companies globally and creating value for its customers. While BRISA’s core business practices are built around providing industry leading solutions and services to its customers, the testing specialist company strives to keep themselves on the cutting edge of technology by fostering R&D culture in the organization. Through its diverse embedded systems expertise and service delivery experience, the company provides rapid quality deliveries that reduces project costs, & risks significantly and accelerate time-to-market. This classical approach facilitates significant improvement in the client’s business processes and development life cycles.

Insightful & Learned Leader

Mr. Paulo Toledo is the Founder & CEO of BRISA. Toledo is an engineer, graduated in Electronics, with a MsC in telecommunications and a Master of Business Administration degree. Toledo is a board consulting member of FDC (Fundacao Dom Cabral – considered one of the best business school in the world, for the last 13 years. Toledo’s professional experiences includes the participation in several international standardization groups, the participation in the creation of many technology based companies, and participation, as executive or conseler, in several companie’s internationalization processes. He has a total of 35 years of industry experience, having been working in several different countries.

Toledo founded BRISA to cater services in the area of software development. Soon the company has specialized in embedded systems software and integration of complex softwares, like new telecom technologies that have to work transparently with the already established telecom networks. BRISA started with software testing about 15 years ago, and very quickly achieved the highest levels of certification (process and professional certification, as well). In a span of a very short time from its inception, BRISA had key Fortune 500 companies as its privileged clients. Since the beginning of the company, Toledo’s vision has been to lead a company that is recognized for offering the best quality and most differentiated IT services, at competitive pricing, in order to retain all clients that experience their service. The present retention rate is greater than 98%.

Distinguished List of Solutions

BRISA provides a wide range of 360-degree testing services as follows.

  • Functional tests
  • Nonfunctional tests
  • Test automation
  • Field testing

BRISA’s innovative SOFTWARE FLASH TESTING ( ) is a cost-effective option of QA designed for the specific needs of software test validation for medium and small companies, independent developers, entrepreneurs, and for companies who need to perform tests, or support their own testing teams during a peak testing season. It complements traditional service models, such as onshore, nearshore and offshore, bringing in-depth results in just one day, with quick notifications about critical issues.

Flash Tests include;

  • Functional testing module
  • User Experience testing module
  • Performance and Load testing module
  • Compatibility testing module
  • Security testing module

Catering to the Clients Requirements

BRISA always adapts its offers and working plan for each individual client’s needs. It develops testing services based upon the last international standards, deploy testing results every single day, and adjust their way of working to meet the client specific needs. BRISA is MPT. Br/TMMi certified (level 5), which is the highest certification level in the testing industry. The majority of BRISA’s testing specialists have ISTQB certification

Major Factors behind BRISA’s Success

The QA solution providing company delivers quality services and commitment to fulfill its clients’ specific needs through multidisciplinary teams, continuous training system and unique experience in field testing. BRISA is now bringing to the US market a ‘full-service-offer’ including offshore (close time-zone), near-shore, onshore services and also hybrid solutions that best fit our clients’ needs.

Future Challenges & Plans

BRISA America plans to continue being the ‘best in class’ and updated company, equipped with the latest testing tools and methodologies, as well as innovative testing solutions, a very well-trained testing team, and cost competitive pricing. R&D and continuous training is the way BRISA will be facing challenges over the coming years.

Key Recommendations

Suggesting to the young entrants, the Founder & CEO of BRISA, Paulo Toledo asserts, “You must be updated to the last methodologies and technologies; You must be certified in your area; You must stay hungry for new knowledge and dedicate time for continuous studying. You must be innovative to overcome the competition.

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