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Brash 3D:Transforming Businesses with Impactful AR and VR Solutions

Brash 3D

Since their first application, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have made their presence count in almost every business sector. The multiple usage possibilities of these technologies have revolutionized the business world. The smartphones having gone through multiple disruptive advancements has become a medium for AR and VR to reach in hands of a common person. Currently, every other person has got familiar with both the technologies and as a result, AR and VR are no longer the future but present.

People’s changing attitude and tendency towards technological developments is undoubtedly making the world witness biggest breakthroughs. Consequently, AR and VR development is becoming the factor of focus for businesses today. Not only tech giants but also several emerging startups are coming up with AR/VR centric offerings.

Established in late 2009, Brash 3D is a technological studio that generates high impacting solutions to enhance clients’ brand recognition. It implements new technologies in specific areas such as simulation, mobile applications, augmented reality, and 360° virtual experiences. Applications of AR and VR in the field of marketing have made it a simple, effective, and customer engaging activity that transformed the way brands publicize their offerings. Further, as a result of immersive nature and innovativeness, businesses are including AR/VR to their marketing activities at large. Moreover, with such a shift in promotional activities, several companies are providing technology-based marketing campaigns as offerings, and eventually, it has become a major part of promotional services market. Having delivered advanced solutions, Brash 3D has become a leader in advertising agencies and marketing areas with clients from different sectors.

Delivering Impressive Experiences

The Bogota, Colombia based organization believes in its values— passion, innovation, teamwork, and quality, which are important ingredients of an enduring relationship.  It envisions creating better experiences every day for its customers and employees. The team of Brash 3D believes that their knowledge of technologies will change the way to see other products and experiences. With a mission to deliver great experiences and content, Brash 3D offers multiple benefits to its clients. With its technology expertise, it ensures success in delivery of customer solutions; simultaneously it also provides great quality in terms of experience when mixed Animation with AR and VR.

A Versatile Array of Quality Solutions

Brash 3D’s prime offerings are AR app solutions for mobile and VR simulation solutions for training processes. Its whole range of services includes 3D Animation, Digital Cinema Advertising, Video Mapping, VFX, architectural visualization, and Development & Web Design. Moreover, it plans, designs, and develops customized applications and video games. Apart from that, Brash 3D also provides digital marketing services like email marketing, social media promotion, and SEO web positioning.

Brash 3D’s AR and VR offerings vary from ludic experiences, education, and training to complex simulations. By delivering excellent AR and VR solutions, it strives to change the way knowledge is served and accessed.

The Craftsman Leading Brash 3D by an Example

In this technology-driven hour, to have umpteen knowhow of technology is momentous. When it comes to leaders, to keep up with the fast-moving business world they must possess technical expertise and a creative mindset to run, grow, and maintain their venture.

The Founder and CEO of Brash 3D in Colombia, Luis Martinez, is a technology enthusiast who seeks novel ways to innovate. At Brash 3D, he creates, researches, and organizes the development of new ideas. Being the leader of Brash 3D team, he uses this opportunity to integrate knowledge, experience, and responsibility—making customers and the friends happy.

The innovative personality aims to make Brash 3D’s competent solutions reach worldwide. Keeping eye on the future, he desires to be the leader in creating great content and experiences through simulators for VR in the USA and European markets. Moreover, knowing the elevating importance of AR in educational sector, Luis looks forward to dive deep into AR-based educational products. In order to accomplish this goal, Luis and his teammates try to level up their offerings day by day. Moreover, considering the importance of customer satisfaction, they always keep their clients delighted with surpassing services. With such a multi-perspective improvement, Brash 3D never drops an opportunity to leave a positive mark with its deliverables. Besides, the passionate and goal-oriented CEO focuses on not only customers but also his employees, which he considers as friends. Furthermore, while explaining how important it is for him to achieve the set goals, Luis says, “Accomplishing all the goals is the reason to wake up every day.”

A Powerful Advice to Dream, Believe, and Conquer

While cultivating innovation in an organization, an innovator can face various internal and external challenges, which hinder the progress of innovation. Moreover, entrepreneurs, specifically in creative space face problems like fear of failure, a team inhibiting changes, and immeasurable outcome.

The entrepreneur with a highly transforming professional journey, advices people to believe in their ideas and dreams. Summarizing the takeaway from his experiences, Luis says, “Mistakes and obstacles will be part of life during the innovation process. Being a dreamer will be the power to accomplish goals in every moment of your life.”