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BigLook360: Producing Immersive VR Content And Applications Powered By Extensive Expertise

BigLook360 VR Content

For years, the world of virtual reality was hidden from people or most of them had very little knowledge about it. But today, a leading VR company, BigLook360 is spreading awareness about VR by leveraging extensive expertise in creative design, advanced camera technology, software and hardware integration to develop and produce immersive VR content and applications.

As pioneers with over 20 years of experience in VR, BigLook360 provides innovative and engaging 360° VR video content, AR applications, VR live streaming and immersive solutions. Their end-to-end services include content and application development starting from conceptual design to complete production and delivery.

BigLook360’s Contributions to its Clients

BigLook360’s end-to-end services include content and application development starting from creative conceptual design to complete production and delivery.

Following are the extraordinary solutions that BigLook360 provides to fulfill clients’ requirements:

  • Professional 360° VR Video, AR Creation & Production
  • VR Live Streaming
  • VR Training and Interactive Platform
  • Immersive Video Systems for Television Broadcasting
  • Immersive Content Design, Development & Integration
  • 360° Video Mapping Applications

Recently, BigLook360 developed and started a pilot with the National Safety Council where it produced a VR safety training application, Forklift360™ for operating heavy equipment. One can use this application’s training video during lift truck operator training. User can drive and the whole group can interact with it as well.

BigLook360 has been awarded a patent on “System and Method for Recording and Training Athletes from Multiple Points of View”, which it incorporates with their interactive VR training programs.

Live Television Broadcast with T-Camera (Total View)

The T-camera from BigLook360 provides live 4K immersive video that covers the total view of a field of play, court, rink, ring, stage or area of interest and allows the operator to pan and zoom within the video while broadcasting. The T-Camera also enables instant replay capabilities for TV broadcasting so the shot is never missed.

The live streaming online interactive experience essentially turns the user into the director with total viewing control.

Tour from Research to Establishment

Prior to the establishment of BigLook360, the talented members of the company had been working together on VR projects since 1998 when they pioneered the first ever commercially used VR video for General Motors.

Today, the team members of BigLook360 are the leaders in immersive 360° video content production. They are a uniquely experienced team of content creators and production experts, delivering dynamic, immersive and interactive video experiences for applications customized according to clients’ needs.

BigLook360 innovated and developed the T-Camera (Total View) system, delivering immersive 4K video for television broadcasting and live streaming. As well as the Pro41VR™ interactive training platform using its patented VR technology.

BigLook360 has successfully delivered VR live streaming from events like the Academy Awards, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, the CMA, and SAG Awards in addition to the demolition of Texas Stadium.

Working Closely with Clients to Assure Best Quality

Unrivaled experience and success in creating and developing professional immersive content and solutions, BigLook360 takes the extra effort to understand client’s needs and requirements and work closely with them to assure all objectives are met and the highest quality product is delivered.

The well-versed team of BigLook360 knows that while developing VR videos, one type camera or rig isn’t always the best solution. Therefore, they use the best setup when feasible, but even to this day, they still build custom rigs and modify others. The vast field experience of BigLook360’s team helps them to shoot extraordinary shots to deliver the optimal final content, while staying within the client’s budget.


CEO’s Multi-work Handling Capabilities

“Learn fast and adapt to all the changes in technology, never make sacrifices to deliver quality, and be sure to incorporate the best business practices in running your company”, says Lance Loesberg, the Founder and CEO of BigLook360 when asked about his advice for young entrepreneurs. Moreover, according to the highly experienced CEO of BigLook360, he likes to be in the field, working together with both clients and team. This dedication of Lance and advanced techniques developed by his team keep the Texas-based company ahead of the competitors.

While working at a management level, the most important thing is bringing together the best talented, creative, and passionate people into a collaborative environment and work as a team. As the responsible CEO of BigLook360, Lance handles all work with full dedication and puts his clients on the top of the priority list by directly working with them, ensuring proper communication to deliver the optimal product or solution possible.