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Beyond Media Agency: Leveraging The Power Of Google To Deliver Cross Channel Media Campaigns

Beyond Media Agency

The marketing industry transformation is underway as customer relationships with brands and products have now higher service expectations than ever. For brands, their main concern is to connect with customers through all digital properties while maximizing their reach and scale through media campaigns that work across social media, display advertising, and e-commerce options. Therefore, Google has developed a marketing platform that provides a unified solution for cross channel marketing and integrates a set of tools that lets advertisers manage their entire customer’s journey. These tools can upgrade a brand’s digital media operation and yield great returns if they are merged correctly. To enhance brands’ value, Beyond Media Agency, a prominent digital media agency, offers a wide range of marketing services to organizations and delivers cross channel media campaigns across display, video, programmatic, social, direct media and search.

A Comprehensive Range of Services  

Beyond Media Agency specializes in a wide range of marketing services that involve digital media, advertising, creativity, performance media, innovation, data & analytics, paid search, display media, programmatic media, video, social media, creative and production. The company leverages Google’s technology to offer top media, creativity, and BI solutions for its clients. The BI solutions provider develops customized solutions according to clients’ needs, whether it is reflecting site performance, or media campaigns on all the digital media platforms, channels, and devices. In this way, it supports clients throughout their entire process of media advertising and product sales and acquisition.

Furthermore, the company utilizes Google Campaign Manager that has become the spinal column of its client’s media executions. The campaign manager tool helps clients manage their digital campaigns across websites and mobile. However, Beyond Media Agency uses it as a central measurement point and audience management technology for massive cross channel campaigns that are Direct Media, Programmatic Display and Video, and Search and Social.

For future advancements, it is eyeing the new ventures and clients that want to leverage Google’s Marketing Platform technology and wish to integrate its analytics, creative, and paid media ecosystems in their marketing to drive automation, directed messaging & a robust search, and social media strategies.

Transforming the Clients’ Culture with Digitalization

A team of specialists who have been running global media agencies in LATAM over +14 years has created Beyond Media Agency to help clients dominate the dynamic digital landscape. The company’s mission is to transform the culture of its clients, empower them to go through the digitalization of their business, communication, vision, and execution in the media. Therefore, the digital media agency has developed an amazing working and collaborative culture within its talents, giving them a very low employee turnover. It concentrates on implementing the best of the best media strategies with strong performance focus and efficient implementation. To deliver better customers’ experience, the expert team of Beyond Media Agency stays updated with the latest technologies and digital trends. Correspondingly, the company recently became certified in Display & Video 360, Google’s Programmatic technology and in both Facebook’s Planning and Buying certifications.

Aiding Diverse Organizations to Deliver Better Customer Experience  

For clients, Beyond Media Agency is always ready to provide its assistance with their cross channel, publisher and vendor paid media campaigns. The company offers exceptional marketing services to large-scale brands as well as to agribusinesses, FMCG, financial & insurance, retail, pharma, and travel. However, at the moment, it is assisting clients such as Santander Group, Sura Insurance Group, and First Data in their brand marketing. Also, Beyond Media Agency is planning to spread its presence in Mexico and the US Market (Miami & San Francisco) to gain more clients.

Understanding the Clients Issues and Helping Them Tackle

What set aside an organization from its competitors are the values, tactics, and culture it follows. Similarly, what makes Beyond Media Agency so unique and different from its competitors is its authentic foundation. The company is originated from global agencies ecosystem and has assisted them in developing their products and services. While helping them, it was able to understand the obstacles and pain points faced by other companies. Apart from this, the company observed that due to global agencies’ scale and compartmentalization, they were restricted to provide valuable services across the world. Therefore, it offers flexibility, speed, and traction to its clients that should be provided by them for the LATAM market. As a Facebook certified partner, Beyond Media Agency believes that its people are the biggest asset. Hence, they work very closely with them and constantly educate them in all digital platforms, certifications and in delivering the finest clients’ services.

Providing Brilliant Advertising Strategies by using his Expertise and Experience

Federico Risso, the CEO and Co-founder of Beyond Media Agency has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has earned numerous skills that include digital marketing, online advertising, digital strategy, digital media, SEM, mobile marketing, media buying, media planning, mobile advertising and marketing strategy. Prior to Beyond Media Agency, Federico worked as a LATAM Chief Operating Officer at iProspect. Presently, as the CEO of a leading digital marketing agency, Federico runs its routine operations. To satisfy his clients’ business needs, Federico remains close to them, thinks ahead of industry trends and maximizes the value of new technology integration. In addition to this, he invests time to understand the industry scenarios, identify business challenges, and provide his solid recommendations for client’s advertising strategy.