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Axsys: A Specialist in Digital Manufacturing Technology

Steve Braykovich | Axsys

The manufacturing industry, just like many other industries in today’s quickly-shifting marketplace, has been confronting uncertainties in the face of digitization and new customer expectations. The industry has reported that the lack of skilled labor is a major problem. There are numerous cases where both low skill-level and high skill-level jobs are available. These jobs include line workers, machine operators, CNC/robot programmers, CAD part, tool & fixture designers, machine maintenance, and many more. But, there are no skilled candidates available to fill these jobs. Moreover, the manufacturing industry would certainly be devastated without these skilled workers and major losses would befall on overall production and revenue.

To tackle this challenge, Axsys is working with local governments to understand what form of assistance is available for companies to train their employees or potential employees. Besides this, it is informing manufacturers of these programs and guiding them throughout the process of applying for and collecting the funds available. The company is also working closely with middle schools, secondary schools, ISDNs, community colleges, and universities to keep them updated with the latest technology. At the same time, it is ensuring that their training labs have the most up-to-date computers, software, and machine technologies. Axsys offers free CAD/CAM programming classes for displaced workers looking to move into the digital manufacturing world.

Leveraging 40 Years of Experience

By leveraging its over four decades of “digital manufacturing” experience, Axsys is allowing manufacturers to grow or expand their capabilities into new markets where they may have had no previous experience. The company’s goal is to provide high-quality, complete solutions to its customers while offering the best possible pre- and post-sale training and support. For its customers, it is an independent professional services company focused on providing the best possible hardware/software technology, training, and services available for the design, manufacture, and inspection of products, parts, and tooling.

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The manufacturing service providing company offers customized training, consulting, and support for customer-specific CAD/CAM and CNC based manufacturing applications. It focuses on delivering CAD, CAM, CNC, and inspection solutions to manufacturers in virtually all industries. To deliver such solutions, Axsys blends quality products along with tooling and experienced industry support specialists. These solutions are integrated with operating systems, applications, and enterprise software as well as hardware ranging from workstations to machine tools and inspection devices.

Presently, it is serving a multitude of industries such as automotive, aerospace, eental, medical, electronics, consumer products, jewelry, and woodworking industries.

A Manufacturing Innovator in the Industry

Currently, Axsys is celebrating its 25 years of manufacturing excellence with a special online sales promotion. The company specializes in digital manufacturing technology and offers a full-line of CAD/CAM software, scanners, milling machines, furnaces, hard and soft materials, and FDA-cleared implant components. Because of its innovative, flexible solutions and top-notch network of support, Axsys’ software is the most widely used in the industry and education.

To ensure it remains a manufacturing innovator, Axsys stays close to its existing customers to understand their businesses, technologies, workforce, pressures to advance and improve their quality, lead-times, and costs. The company focuses on helping its vendors create and debug new products and product features. In addition, it also participates in various seminars, trade shows, workshops, etc. As a result, Axsys has been the leading integrator of CAD/CAM solutions to the engineering and manufacturing communities for over the past two decades.

A Veteran Leader With Diverse and Extensive Experience

The CEO and President of Axsys, Steve Braykovich, came into the world of “digital manufacturing” in 1978 as an NC/CNC repair technician. Since then, he has held numerous positions in front-line, managerial, and executive positions in many aspects of service, sales, development, and marketing. Using his prior experience and skills, the veteran leader with his expert team is working hard to solve customers’ complex business issues.

The competent leader wants to further improve the company’s capabilities, profitability, and ability to compete in the marketplace. In parallel, he wants to enhance workers’ personal and professional development so that they realize their hopes and dreams while caring for their families. “In the end, all that matters is that everyone grows and develops to become the better version of themselves,” says Axsys CEO Steve.

Upcoming Plans for Expansion in Different Areas

For the future, Axsys is planning to expand into automation, which includes robot integration, cell development and in-process inspection. The company is also working on expansion into the world of digital dentistry which has significant growth opportunities.