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Apptivo:Building Advanced and Affordable Solutions For SMBs

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The CRM industry has been extremely fragmented as is the case with all evolving industries. There are over 500 CRMs covered by Capterra alone. This will change over the next few years. Not everyone is going to be successful. Only companies that have a strong vision, customer focus, disciplined execution will make it to the next cut. There are several niche services, that are good at just one aspect of CRM. Essentially, those features will get absorbed into larger players. But in the case of Apptivo, these features are already integrated into a single platform which is far easier to get access to than its counterparts.

Insights into Apptivo

When Apptivo was established in 2009, the intention behind its inception was to provide an “all-in-one” solution, affordable for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs). SMB’s usually have several budget constraints, while at the same time, same or higher level of needs when compared to larger enterprises. They had the challenge to provide the same features to SMBs, but at affordable prices.

Now that Apptivo has crossed these hurdles, they have made it to #596 in the Inc. Magazine’s 37th Annual list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies- The Inc. 5000. This list has been considered the national hallmark of entrepreneurial success which has previously awarded the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Yelp, and many other well-known names.

Apptivo has made its name in the industry as a leader in cloud platforms for integrated business apps designed for companies of all shapes & sizes. Companies can manage nearly any business task using Apptivo’s Apps, from sales & marketing to billing & support, and everything in between. With Apptivo there is no per-app pricing, the customer can get access to the entire platform starting at just $10 monthly per user. Whether the customer uses Apptivo for a single app, or to manage their entire business, it will deliver incredible value to the entire organization.

Hands-on Leader and Successful Entrepreneur

Bastin Gerald, Founder, and CEO believes that when software is affordable and easy to use, small businesses run faster, better, and cheaper. Before the creation of Apptivo, he spent five years at Cashedge, building applications that are currently being used by eight of the top ten US banks and major brokerage firms. He has eight years of experience at Oracle, the gold standard of business software, creating applications for supply chain management, product lifecycle management, and financials.

Gerald has drawn together like-minded individuals whose extensive collective resume includes top talent from Fortune 500 companies. Together they are devoted to working with startups and changing the way small businesses are managed. Gerald knows that people can’t change the world alone. He opines, Apptivo is a prime example of that synergy, powerful innovation that comes from people working toward a common mission, becoming more than the sum of their parts.

A cluster of fields that Apptivo offers its services in –

CRM is a vital tool for newly incorporated businesses who need consulting in about every aspect to get and retain the customers. They do not have any market experience regarding customers. To help these small businesses, Apptivo’s apps cover the complete customer lifecycle:

Marketing Companies can create targeted lists of contacts, build & deliver email campaigns, and track analytics.

Sales Complete CRM capability with robust contact management, sales pipeline, automation, and reporting.

Help Desk A powerful ticketing system with email integration, web portal, and time tracking.

Project Management Manage project schedules via Gantt charts, track time & milestones, and invoice for effort spent.

Field Service Work order assignment & dispatching, mobile photo, time, and materials capture, and billing.

Quoting & Billing Build professional quotes & email them to your customer with integrated billing & recurring invoice capabilities.

Order Management – Turn quotes into orders, track inventory & shipments, and bill the customer for your product.

Procurement & Supply Chain – Manage your vendors, track purchase orders & invoicing, and manage inventory.

Benevolent partner for Small businesses

Apptivo is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses from 193 countries around the world and can accommodate independent consultants up to billion-dollar enterprises. The flexibility of Apptivo is one of its 3 primary differentiators: Affordability, Flexibility, and Capability. With Apptivo’s entire suite of business apps available for a single price, it offers rich and powerful features across a wide set of apps that offer the unparalleled capability for their value, with best in class configuration capabilities that make the system flexible for any type of business. Without Apptivo, these SMBs would have to buy expensive software suites, which they couldn’t afford.

Apptivo’s secret to staying at the pinnacle

According to Apptivo’s management team, the only way to stay afloat is to continue listening to customers and incorporate their feedback in everything that involves in the process. Customers are put first when it comes to decisions on product roadmap and customer service processes.

Apptivo’s product strategy was always distinct from its competitors. The company is one of the few players who offer a wide horizon of apps when compared to their competitors. This continues to be at the core of their strategy – to differentiate from the product offering itself. As long as Apptivo continues to back this strategy with customer-focused execution, they’ll stay well ahead of the competition.

Hiring policy of the company

Apptivo has a big team, which operates on the principles of trust and results. Here, employees get a chance at professional as well as personal development. As employees with a great attitude towards work, tend to work hard, apart from the individual skills needed to do the job, they look for a great attitude while hiring someone.

Translating vision into reality

Apptivo’s management foresees themselves to be a dominant player in the SMB segment. They offer a broad set of apps and features that are not typically offered by a single player. Continuing to build product depth and increase market awareness around this will help them to sustain their growth.