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In hospitals and clinics, documentation is an essential vehicle for conveying patient medical information regarding diagnosis, treatment, and results as well as for communication between physicians and payers. Earlier in the past and even today, in many areas of developing countries, medical documentation involves tremendous paperwork, which is time-consuming. The documentation is handwritten or typed on paper and occupies much space in healthcare institutes. And in the first place, to retrieve any particular patient records from the huge bunch of papers and files is the biggest laborious task.

The documentation maintenance of patient records is not only a burden on hospitals, but also on physicians and staff of that healthcare institute, which has created a demand for a medical documentation digitization process involving less manpower, space, and processing time.

One of the leading companies providing this idea of digitizing medical documentation is 75Health. The organization provides an all-in-one software product with a variety of offerings, which eradicates the use of paper documentation in healthcare institutions. The idea of establishing 75Health came from the own experience of Founder and CEO of the company, Kumar Subramaniam. Kumar realized the essence of reducing paper documentation and with a vision to simplify such hectic documentation work; he strived to empower people with digitized medical records systems, which were far better as well as convenient. Ultimately, Kumar and team launched an innovative Electronic Health Record Company, 75Health.

Convenient Services with the Adaptation of Cloud

75Health immensely focuses on building practice specific healthcare software services that ease the work of physicians and related staff, which in turn, increases the physician efficiency and safety of the patient. The major clientele of 75Health comprise the medical institutions and clinicians who aim to digitize their paper documentation and enhance the practice profits. The biggest advantage of using 75Health solutions is that it offers exclusive intelligent software systems in the most simplified and convenient form. 75Health has adopted the advanced cloud-based information management system, and implemented it in their comprehensive software, including 75Health EMRs, 75Health PMS, and 75Health My Health Records, which are HIPAA-compliant, adhering to the latest reimbursement model and legal mandates. The multi-benefits of 75Health’s EHR software are Patient Demographics, Vital Signs and Symptoms, Medical History in Complete Form, Diagnoses and Medications, Administrative and Billing Details, Allergies and drug information and the list is growing continuously as per the new upgrades in the 75Health EHR program.

Quality Offerings Satisfying Client Needs

The 75Health team has thrived towards success by eliminating errors at all stages while making the products free of cost, scalable, and customizable according to the customers’ needs. 75Health seeks to satisfy client requirements with the prime mission of achieving high-grade accuracy, efficiency, and speed in their system. The inventive organization ensures the quick access to vital patient information for the team of medical professionals and their supporting staff with secure access to the confidential sensitive medical records and compliance reporting. 75Health provides an all-inclusive data, including patient information, physician notes, medications, allergies, lab results, immunizations, and multiple other details, which helps the physician to readily and accurately understand the condition of patients and provide the most optimum therapy and care possible.

Dynamic Involvement of Founder in the Company Development

The Founder and CEO of 75Health, Kumar Subramaniam is an alumnus of the renowned P.S.G. Group. By introducing 75Health software systems, Kumar provided a practical healthcare documentation system that is completely reliable and convenient for busy medical professionals and medical practices. Kumar regularly takes part in the operations of the organization. With his team, Kumar implemented a clean user interface in the 75Health product, specifically tailored to the client requirements. Furthermore, after utilizing improved upgrades, the 75Health team has succeeded in reducing the efforts and time taken for entering data, ultimately increasing the care quality, assuring that the clinicians and patients will be fully benefitted from the technology.

State-of-the-art Services Keeping 75Health Ahead of Competitors

75Health’s continuously evolving software service has found a new path for healthcare by reducing the medical expenses; thereby, increasing efficiency and it will soon replace its paper counterparts. Moreover, with their exclusive and reliable offerings like 75Health EMR Software, 75Health Practice Management System, and 75Health Personal Health Record Software, the organization is making a drastic change in the healthcare service industry.

The next advantage of their My Health Record Software is that it can be managed and operated by individuals or their relatives, making it more astonishing and user-friendly. In addition, the Medical Billing Software enables practices and healthcare professionals to prepare their claims in an accurate and prompt manner, easing the reimbursement procedure. With brilliant options such as White Labeling, clients get the flexibility to use all the 75Health products while using their own brands. These distinct and consistently improving offerings are the key things which make the company a unique service provider.

Ceaseless Evolution and Focus on E-Prescription Integration

75Health’s legal mandates and incentives attracted a large number of clinicians from the U.S., who have adopted the unorthodox product range. 75Health has a large and strong clientele base in the U.S. and also managed to have a considerable share of Indian markets. Currently, the organization aims to provide its unique services to radiology and imaging centers across the world. To achieve that, 75Health is focusing on e-prescription integration and lab order integration, which in turn will aid a large group of medical professionals and pharmacies. In the future, 75Health has all set to launch new innovative services for the healthcare industry.

Supreme Advice by the Founder for Youngsters

Having the 3 decades of industry experience, Kumar has been crafting and orchestrating the success of the organization. Kumar has the essential advice for youngsters to enter the industry; Kumar says, “The healthcare industry has been undergoing constant evolution. The last few decades have brought about tremendous changes, thanks to technology and innovation.” Stating the importance of client satisfaction, Kumar asserts, “It is through dedicated service and by fulfilling the specific needs of the medical community and the patients that entrepreneurs and technology companies can succeed in achieving their business goals.”

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