Webscale launches Cloud Image Manager

Webscale launches Cloud Image Manager

Improving Performance and Reducing the Cost of Content Optimization and Management

Webscale, the E-Commerce Cloud Company, announced the launch of Cloud Image Manager, an automated image optimization and management solution fully integrated with the Webscale Cloud Hosting Platform, for e-commerce businesses wanting to improve user experience and site performance as well as reduce costs.

Key Benefits of Cloud Image Manager:

  • Better performance through automated image optimization features: Cloud Image Manager can automatically resize, reformat, or compress images based on end user latency, device type, screen resolution, and browser type.
  • Reduced costs: As images are manipulated dynamically and on-demand, there is no need to store different variants of an image statically on the origin server, thus reducing storage costs. In addition, automating this task reduces the need to hire costly in-house teams.
  • Better shopping experience: Cloud Image Manager enables site administrators to perform customizations on product images, such as zoom-in, logo or text overlays, and color changes on the fly, greatly enhancing the shopping experience across platforms and improving engagement.
  • New device compatibility and management: Cloud Image Manager ensures that the best-suited image is dynamically delivered to every device, including smartwatches, tablets, and smartphones, every time.
  • Better visibility and analytics: Webscale’s Cloud Image Manager is deployed in close proximity to the application infrastructure, thus enhancing visibility and analytics.

Jay Smith, Founder and CTO of Webscale stated, “Responsive web design is now a necessity for any modern e-commerce site that wants to deliver a personalized digital experience. Online storefronts must therefore support a large number of user devices, browsers, screen resolutions, and viewing options to serve the ‘right’ images, fast. Improving the size and bandwidth usage of these images is critical, and Cloud Image Manager has been designed to address these challenges.”