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Twitter Shakes hands with Bloomberg for a 24 hour rolling video news

Twitter is about to work with media firm Bloomberg to create a 24-hour rolling news channel for the social media platform.

The proposed live video stream will be made up of original programming as well as feeds from Bloomberg bureaus.

As per the reports, the deal could also help Twitter compete more with giants such as Google and Facebook, which already make a lot of money from video ads.

Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg stated that the video stream would be “broader in focus” than its existing output. He explained that it would build on the habits of many Twitter users who send tweets as they watch live events.

In a statement Smith said, “Viewers have already embraced a multi-stream experience with live events and marrying those experiences seemed like a very powerful thing to offer to consumers.”

Anthony Noto, COO of Twitter said that the stream would be designed for mobile audiences so people can focus on it when they see something interesting to them.

The deal builds on other efforts Twitter has made to beef up the live video streaming available via its service. In the first three months of 2017, Twitter broadcast about 800 hours of live video. Many of those streams were connected to specific events.

Twitter and Bloomberg restrained from disclosing the terms of the deal. The ad-supported, 24-hour service is expected to be working by the autumn.