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Toys ‘R’ Us, May Close 200 More Stores

Toys ‘R’ Us, May Close 200 More Stores

Toys ‘R’ Us, wants to close its 200 stores, in fear of having bankrupt and return to financial viability.

The toy retailer has not recovered from a dismal holiday selling season, making the company’s difficult situation even worse. Now, it is under pressure to demonstrate to its lenders that it has a realistic strategy for flourishing in the ultra-competitive toy industry.

Sales in November and December reportedly declined 9%, one of the biggest holiday drops on record for the company. The weak fourth-quarter results apparently are triggering deeper cuts, including expected layoffs.

In a message to their customer’s Toys ‘R’ Us, said that they will make the shopping easier for their customers, in both the ways online and offline. As customers want fair and competitive price, so they had made a necessary change for the betterment of their customers. Soon they would be going to start the loyalty program for their customers so that they could be in touch with their customers communicating through various social media websites.