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What’s the Best Table Boom Lift Option: Rental, Used, or New?

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The proper heavy equipment for the job is critical when tackling a new construction project. Over 840,000 new family homes were built in 2022, and heavy machinery was necessary for those projects to help them get completed on time and under budget. A towable boom lift rental is one of the best pieces of equipment when working in high or hard-to-reach places.

The dilemma begins when deciding to buy a new or used boom lift or stick with renting heavy equipment for your future projects. Determining which option is best for your budget will help you make an informed decision for your company.

Luckily, you’re in the perfect spot to learn more about the merits of used, new, and rented towable boom lifts. Continue reading to learn more today!

Buying a New Boom Lift

There are several benefits to buying a new boom lift for your next construction project. You’re paying more upfront but saving money in the long haul when purchasing new heavy equipment. You can also finance your purchase by making payments in installments and maintaining your cash flow.

Another reason to consider buying a new towable boom lift is the convenience of having it when and where you need it for your projects. You won’t get that luxury when using a towable boom lift rental. You can also capitalize on tax credits and benefits for your company when buying new.

Buying a Used Boom Lift

Many consumers view used equipment and cars as worse than new options, but it’s an excellent chance to take advantage of the market and get what you want at a better price. Buying used equipment from a heavy equipment seller is wise if you need a new boom lift but don’t have the budget.

A used boom lift is more affordable and provides the same convenience you’ll enjoy when purchasing a new one. It’s the perfect option if your boom lift will get used for several tasks on the job site. Visit EquipmentShare boom lifts to explore your used options.

Renting a Boom Lift

Your other option is to pay for a towable boom lift rental for your heavy equipment needs. Renting is cost-effective when you find that you’re using the towable boom lift less than 65 percent of the time. Renting allows financial flexibility so you can have cash to cover vital investments and emergencies.

You’ll also avoid maintenance costs when renting boom lifts instead of purchasing them. It’s a chance to test new technologies and developments without risking much of your money.

Consider a Towable Boom Lift Rental Today

Buying a new or used towable boom lift is a viable option if it’s an essential piece of heavy machinery needed daily on your job site. You can finance a new boom lift to make payments manageable and use tax credits to lower costs.

Used boom lifts are more affordable, providing a viable way to use the heavy equipment you need within your budget. A towable boom lift rental offers the chance to test drive new technology and avoid the cost of ownership.

Building infrastructure and tackling construction projects is essential for a happy and healthy society. Read more of our Business and Technology blog content for the latest updates and advice to help your company do its part!

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