How To Throw A Tomahawk Throwing Axe?

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There’s something different about holding an axe in your hands. And, as seen in many movies, a Native American easily takes their enemy down by throwing a tomahawk throwing axe in the air. But, if you are wondering how to throw an axe like a pro, we have got you covered!

Here’s how to do it. Also, read on to explore what you’ll be needing, how to hold the axe and what safety measures you should be following. 

What Do You need? 

To throw a tomahawk effortlessly, here’s what you’ll be needing: 

Tomahawk: You can use a small hatchet you already have to practise throwing, but it’s best to invest in a set created just for practising your throwing skills. The learning curve isn’t as high as it would be if you were just using a plain old hatchet because they are weighted to make throwing simpler. Nice, hand-forged throwing hawks can cost quite a bit, but for a start, you can always go for something less expensive. 

Target: Next, you’ll be needing something that your throwing hawk will stick in. For starters, it is best to obtain a sizable circular tree stump and making a slice that is at least four inches deep. After cutting your round, you must season it to ensure that your tomahawk sticks perfectly. Simply place one side of the stump face down on the ground to season your target. Give it a couple of months to sit there. Place the target on a tripod platform made of metal or tree limbs once it has been seasoned. 

The Safety Thumb Rule

When throwing anything with an edge, always put your and others’ safety first. In short, abide by the following rules to ensure you don’t compromise on safety. 

Rule 1: Never hurl a tomahawk at someone who is in front of, behind, or next to your intended target. 

Rule 2: Maintain a dull blade. Your tomahawk doesn’t need to be razor-blade sharp to stick in the target. So, keep the blade dull enough so that it won’t easily cut through the skin for added protection and the protection of people around you. 

How To Hold A Tomahawk? 

Take a hammer-like grip on the tomahawk. We call it “shaking hands with the hawk.”

Verify that the hawk’s head is not turned to the left or right. You want it to be precisely straight to ensure that it flies through the air without swaying from side to side. 

You may place your thumb on the top of the handle if your tomahawk has too much spin when you release it. This causes the tomahawk to start spinning later and slows down the overall spin by moving the axis point at which it turns up to the handle. 

How To Throw A Tomahawk?- The Sum Up

It’s simple to throw a tomahawk that sticks into your target. The way you hold the axe should resemble pitching a baseball in many ways. The distance between you and target is essential for proper tomahawk throwing. Count off five typical steps toward the target. The head of the tomahawk will stick in your target after having had time to revolve twice. Once you have paced it off, mark your target. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing it right: 

Step 1: Look at the area of your target where you want the tomahawk to land. Swing your throwing arm down by your side once you have settled.

Step 2: Swing your arm back up once the axe’s head has passed over your leg.

Step 3: Bring your arm forward again, as if you were throwing a baseball when the axe blade has passed over your head.

Step 4: When your arm is straight, just let go of the handle. The hawk will flit from your grasp. Let your arm continue to descend naturally. This guarantees appropriate implementation.

Step 5: Watch your tomahawk stick into your target.

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