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Lawrence Gerrans

Lawrence Gerrans: On A Nobel Life Quest To Obtain Breakthrough Cure For Cancer

Lawrence Gerrans, Co-founder, Chairman, CEO & President of Sanovas, Inc., is a multi-faceted personality, who began his medical device career as a Total Joint Replacement Specialist for Depuy Orthopaedics (Johnson & Johnson) and further went on to play an active role in the innovation and deployment of MIS techniques, devices and implants for the burgeoning endoscopic market. Lawrence also pioneered the Endo-Suite and Digital Operating Room technologies for Stryker and Smith & Nephew, respectively.......

Expert Opinion

Genetic Engineering by Tania Mercado

Genetic engineering is the manipulation of DNA to alter an organisms phenotype in a specific manner.  It is also referred to as genetic modification.  We are seeing more...

Leadership Strategies

How Leaders could lead an Effective Team

If you are a team leader, are you aware when was the last time you have one on one conversation with your team members? When you keep lines of communication open, you...

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