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10 Most Prominent Personalities in the Security Industry

Tim Eades: Creating Simple And Intuitive Application Security For Hybrid Cloud

“While hybrid or multi-cloud adoption may cause short-term security concerns, modern cloud-native security companies will help make security and its operational elements easier and more effective,” shares Tim Eades, when asked about the current scenario of the industry. Tim is the CEO of vArmour, a Silicon Valley-based leading security solutions provider company.With over 20 years of leadership experience in sales, marketing, and executive management, Tim has deep expertise in driving high growth for companies that deliver computing, security, and software to enterprises. According to him, in today’s digitally advancing world, enterprises move to more agile and dynamic infrastructure to reduce cyber-attack surface.........

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VerseOne Digital Transformation

Both within the private and the public sector rightly there’s a healthy interest in properly and effectively embracing what is labelled “Digital Transformation”, in...

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